A <em>Really</em> Whole New World A <em>Really</em> Whole New World

A Really Whole New World

This video is impressive: a guy, Nick Pitera, sings both the male and female parts of the Aladdin song, “A Whole New World.” As the video has become an online sensation these past couple months, there’s been a lot of debate about whether it’s really him singing, and the consensus seems to be that he’s legit. Just to make this more animation related, Nick Pitera is also a computer animation major at Ringling College of Art and Design. Ironically, the last post on his art blog is about animating lip sync. More videos of him singing and some biographical info can be found on his YouTube page.

(Thanks, Dai Kun)

  • Fred Sparrman

    Wow. A guy with occasional pitch problems who can sing in falsetto. Astounding.

  • Chuck R.

    Looks real to me —hilarious!
    This also looks like a calling card meant for Pixar, where artists routinely do double-duty as voice-actors.

  • Kris

    That kind of range is impressive. His technique is sort of unprofessional (a lot of loud, inopportune breathing), so I have to assume the dude hasn’t had voice lessons either.

  • HowardK

    Why can’t he sing BOTH parts at once? I’ll be impressed when he can sing duet.

  • Tom Pope

    True, Howard K. How ’bout overlapping voices? No, it’s pretty awesome.

  • endekks

    Seems like this started as a dare while dunk at karaoke. ^___^

  • Kim

    I bet it’s mocap.

  • Sounds like he’s wearing nose plugs too!

  • Cat

    Wow, crazy to see this posted here! Nick is legit and is an acquaintance of mine here at Ringling. This was filmed in the sound room in the animation labs. People see the setting and tend to think the audio has been digitally edited. His voice is real.

  • Randy Jackson

    Whoa, that was a little pitchy dog.

  • Simon

    A bit over the top and cabaret.

  • I find that to be pretty impressive. He never sounded like a man trying to sing like a woman to me, and he seemed to hit every note (as far as my untrained ears could tell). Weird but impressive.

  • Pretty good. He is not a great singer but the range is pretty impressive. As others have said, he has some trouble with more subtle aspects of the singing. But, whether or not his phrasing or breathing is any good doesn’t change much. After all, the video accomplishes what it set out to do, right?

  • Gabe

    Not since Tiny Tim sang “Fill Your Heart With Love” has a male sounded so diverse in song.

  • greg m

    A one man vocal cast! He could do well in a boy band!

  • That’s cool, sounds like a guy trying to sound like a girl…What, that’s a guy? and he is trying to sound like a girl?

  • Bryan

    In the related video link under the menu where he is singing Little Mermaid’s PART OF YOUR WORLD, he’s dressed like you Amid! I did a double-take and thought you had hung out and had a song session with this guy.

  • Nick, you’re my hero. First digg, now Cartoon Brew? rock on man.

    oh and Howard, check youtube for a duet if you really want to ;)

  • Like, who HASN’T sang both parts of “Whole New World”? There’s no room for inhibitions in this guy’s world.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Yes, a good voice to do it that well but his princess is a little too Geraldine Jones. Can he do voices? Not imitations but voices? Good voice actors tend to be good singers.

    Oh…and very nice work on his blog.

  • Mr. James

    Aaahhh, the good old Ringling Animation lab recording booth! MAN! I graduated there in 2001 and I produced TONS of voices for animation majors doing lip-sync projects. I was a wise-cracking illustrator that could do voices so guess who got picked to do voices all the time? Trust me guys, its got to be real, those facilities aren’t good enough to produce a fake THAT good. It was ghetto then, its probably still ghetto now! HA!

  • The Real Deal

    Oh brother — I get a kick out of reading the cristicisms by a bunch of people who probably sing lousy, even in the shower. I think the guy sounded fine. He wasn’t auditioning for Broadway — just playing around in the studio. When you guys can hit higher notes, call me. LOL!