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A Talk About Ward Kimball in Ottawa

The Ottawa International Animation Festival will take place this week. At the festival, I will be speaking about the life, art and animation of Disney legend Ward Kimball. The talk is packed with artwork and film clips, and I guarantee you’ll learn new things about Ward, and perhaps even discover some creative inspiration. You have two chances to check it out:

Friday, September 21, 9:15—10:45PM – Arts Court (Theater)
Saturday, September 22, 1—2:30PM – Arts Court (Theater)

  • That sounds awesome. I can only think of one thing better. Back in the sixties, I had the opportunity to talk with Kimball about his years at Disney. Sure wish I had recorded that stuff.

    • Hah…you’re right Floyd. The real Ward is a tough act to follow. Hopefully this will be the next best thing.

    • Floyd, we are kindred spirits; I had the extreme good fortune (in the eighties) to spend time at his house and see his train and toy collections. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I often regret I didn’t record the interview. I asked him for advice and he said “get a girlfriend”; he was very wise. I wish I could come to Ottawa, but I’ll buy the book when it comes out.

  • Ken Coleman

    Is there any hope that a similar presentation may be done in the West Coast at some point in conjunction with the book release?

  • Gbop

    will it be recorded? would love to be there

    • Ken – Yes, I will speak on the West Coast. No dates or locations planned yet.

      Gbop – Don’t think it’s going to be recorded.

  • Tom Bancroft

    I had the honor of introducing Ward before his talk to the Disney Florida studio years ago. I’ll never forget it because he is my favorite of the Disney legends. I wish I could be there Amid, but have preordered your book as my second best.

    • Doug

      Amid – any update on the book? I’ve had it pre-ordered for a while. Thanks!

      • Official release date is November, but I’m not sure if Chronicle will meet that date.

  • Joe Horne

    im gonna steal wards wardrobe…why not invite john kimball.. his son…he is retired…but be warned ..he tells the worst punchlines…

  • No, it’s the puns! John Kimball has the worst puns.

    Actually, I’d love to see John dressed up as Ward. He could pull it off. He even looks like Ward.

  • I’m looking forward to this as much as the Bakshi talk!