All Hail our Mickey Masters! All Hail our Mickey Masters!

All Hail our Mickey Masters!

In honor of Memorial Day…

This clip is a relatively recent dubbing of “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo” (from Mickey’s Follies (1929), animation attributed to Ub Iwerks) off the German edition of Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Black and White Vol 1 (American edition 2002; German edition 2009). Enjoy your weekend!

(Thanks, David Gerstein)

  • James

    Not a bad dubbing job at all. Did all of the German Disney Treasures get dubbed, or is this some sort of exception?

    • There is a whole DVD series of old black and white Disney cartoons in German (the link is actually in Jerry’s article above). So everything that didn’t get dubbed in the past got dubbed recently for this release in 2009. The Technicolor shorts all have pretty good old dubbing.
      I wish they would put more effort and care into today’s dubs again. I heard some very dreadful stories about German actors not even reading a summary of the plot before they start recording.

  • Strangely enough the subtitles are quite different from the dubbing

  • Not to mention the animation is just so fun to watch.

  • Glen

    I feel like marching…

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Next Memorial Day,feature a Disney cartoon dubbed in Japanese.

  • Scarabim

    Mickey looks downright scary in that cartoon. Like a Mad Magazine parody of himself. Arrgh.