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An Ugly Disney Poster

I’m still at Cinecon watching movies. Picked up a few nice stills and lobby cards in the dealers room. Here is something I got cheap: an incredibly ugly Spanish movie poster for Beaver Valley and some Disney cartoons, with the strangest drawings of Mickey, Donald and Goofy… err, Pluto, ever seen on studio approved publicity. I both love it and hate it. And that giant realistic beaver hovering above them doesn’t help. Click on thumbnail below to see larger image of the piece.

  • It’s not THAT ugly. It’s nice to see how Disney was represented in other countries. It’s his legacy!!! ;)

  • Nic Kramer

    Goofy? Don’t you mean Pluto?

  • Neil

    I think that’s supposed to be Pluto, not Goofy.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    I don’t understand the beaver’s face……

  • my god! I love it and hate it!

  • Technically that isn’t Goofy, it’s Pluto. Although it would help to understand what you mean when you say he’s the “strangest drawing” of Goofy you’ve ever seen.

    Well, if Pluto is no longer a planet but a moon, maybe Disney can finally explain how Goofy and Pluto can be of the same species and yet be so far apart in terms of intelligence…

  • Tom Pope

    That’s one crazy beaver. Look out, Mickey!!

  • Jason

    *Click on thumbnail below to see larger image of the piece.*

    Good god…why would I want to do that???

  • sean

    I say it’s about as equally ugly as the image from the Don Hertzfeldt short feature. Maybe badly drawn stick figure on the beaver would have jazzed it up a bit..

  • Steve Gattuso

    Heyyyy…. Nice beaver! o_O

  • I love this image; it’s like a Disney remake of NIGHT OF THE LEPUS, substituting giant beavers for giant bunny rabbits!

  • OMG it’s Goofy’s head on Plutos body….run away!

  • Dock Miles

    I think it’s all the weird, stubby limbs (including the beaver’s) juxtaposed with the weird, superlong ‘n’ lanky limbs on the GoofyPluto.

  • Knudsen

    Donald’s beak has long separated the men from the boys.

  • Here’s little audery with yellow hair and gabby in wrong colors in a ugly PD cover is awful crap C:\Documents and Settings\INTERNET\9ff2_1.jpg

  • Charles

    I love it!