Animation Fans React to Glen Keane’s Resignation Animation Fans React to Glen Keane’s Resignation

Animation Fans React to Glen Keane’s Resignation

The Twitterverse reaction to Glen Keane’s resignation from Disney is all over the map. Many fans are wishing him well and excited to see what he’ll do next, while others are bawling their eyes out and some are blaming Disney for his departure. Here’s a sampling of the animation fan reactions on Twitter:

  • James Madison

    I look forward to what Mr. Keane does next.

  • Some of those people appear to think he has died or something. Congrats to Glen Keane, I’m sure he’ll do something amazing.

  • Becka

    You would think Glen Keane had died by the reaction of these posts. I personally loved Glen Keane’s work and he was my inspiration, and that should be more important of extending his animation rather than helping Disney. I hope for the best for him and eager to see his works!

  • I’m not sure who told me this – but wasn’t Dreamworks wooing Mr. Keane last year? He was even threatening to leave then. Can anyone verify this rumor?

  • barney miller

    He almost left Disney a year ago, so I’m not surprised by this. People shouldn’t be sad, they should be happy that such an extraordinary artist is going to explore new things. I’m very excited to see what’s to come. After all, look at all the artists who’ve left Disney to “explore new territory”: Brad Bird, Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois , Henry Selick and Rick Heinrichs to name a few. Things turned out ok for those guys;). Good luck Glen!

    • Funkybat

      I will be happy if Glen goes on to do new work, either on his own or with another studio. If he is going to retire completely, I will be sad, but grateful for all the

      years of great art and inspiration he has accomplished. I think most people are worried that Disney will once again drift away from 2D, which is already very much on the back burner compared to 3D. This is a sad milestone for many people who love 2D animation, though I certainly can’t blame Glen for doing what is best for him at this point in his life. It may feel like he “belongs to all of us” but it’s his life to live, and I hope he goes on to do whatever he feels most passionate about, in whatever way he prefers. Thank you, Glen.

  • A Painter

    I’m sure he didn’t agree with that supposed “new secret animation film” disney is creating. I heard it is absolutely off the charts. will see. I can understand tho

  • Nico

    ohmygod I was just skimming through this very quickly and my heart almost stopped because I thought Glen Keane had passed away

  • Jams

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  • Tony McCarson

    We Walt Disney fans wish him good luck on looking for new opportunities. He should be hired for Blue Sky Studios (Horton Hears A Who) or Industrial Light & Magic (Rango), but that’s just my opinion.

  • Tak

    Wowie Zowie. News doesn’t travel fast enough!
    Is Claire (his daughter) still at the House of Mouse?

  • Tak

    Jeeze, there’s No Andreas Deja, No Glen Kean, No Tony Fucile, No James Baxter… I hope Eric Goldberg still be there at DeezKneez. Meanwhile they’re making talented young 2D folk like Andrew Chesworth re-train in 3D-CG animation. Well at least they’ve got the good sense to actually keep someone like him in house rather than have him sit at home & do it at his own expense through Animation Mentor or I-Animate etc… like SOO many of the talented young folk who worked on Princess & the Frog have/are.

    I know there are more than enough Artists & folk at Disney who love & are Pro 2D animation (including Lasseter (ihope)) So hopefully future 2D endeavours won’t only be resigned to what folks like Minkyu Lee, Austin Madison (pixar)& Matt Williams (dreamworks) happen to do together in their downtime.

    Yes Disney, this is basically a great big love letter with a F*** YOU on the end of it. Get your act together. Go to France! Spain! South America! Then maybe you’ll remember Drawings maaaan, when did you forget?

  • mnmears

    Good luck and godspeed, Glen Keane.

    I hope the fire in his belly to create is rekindled yet again. I look forward to his next project and wish him nothing but the best.

    Thanks for using your God-given talents so well.

  • Adam

    The TAG blog reported on this repeatedly, if I remember correctly.

  • d. harry

    The next announcement is Glen joining up with Dreamworks. Done deal. Like someone else said, it is sad that he could not see Disney being the place to offer up great animation features. The Company needs to remember WHY it is such a successful Brand. John L. has certainly done little to bring back the glory and pride to the Animation division.

  • omg glen keane left disney??? is the golden age about to end??? disney, plz don’t lose “the magic”!!!

    • Tak

      HaHaHa! All true.
      Nice way to put it all in the proper perspective.
      Thanks nick!

  • Toonio

    Guess he and many less known are leaving their posts in discontent for the current situation we are all living: canned projects, terrible bosses, awful work environments, cheapening to overseas sweatshops or plain tiredness of being fed so much crap from every possible flank.

    If anything, I’m very happy for him. He has the drive and talent to wow anyone anytime.

    Thank you Glen, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • Hannah

    an artist retiring?? LIES

  • Mac

    Disney is a toilet that squanders the best artists in the world. They suppose that animation is expensive, and this must make schlocky mass appeal mediocre garbage with little risk. Even Pixar doesn’t operate with this mindset on the executive level.

    Glen has always been held back, and times and technolgy have changed during his career. He’s not close to being dead yet, and his best days could be ahead of him. I mean, animating the robot arm guy in treasure planet? A diva dog? From his interviews, and hearing him speak, this guy is a future minded, formally(form) progressive artist and all of his work gets traced over and boiled down into something worse because it matches the rest of the mediocre context of the crappy movies they make. I hope he’s not going to dream works. He could go paint the roof of the Sistine chapel in his own way.

  • Conor

    It’s certainly the end on an era. Glen Keane is my favorite Disney animator of all time, and in my personal opinion, the only one who ever managed to deliver an animation performance from a Disney princess that really felt like a fleshed out human being. I only hope that he keeps on working on something more amazing, and more personal than what he’d be able to do at Disney (i.e. really hoping he doesn’t just end up at Dreamworks).

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Surprising to see how folks still think it’s the animators who make the films. I think the idea of “the Nine Old Men” has a lot to do with that.
    In any respect, Glen is a great animator, like a great actor. I’m sure he’s up to something interesting… good for him!

  • SpanielDayLewis

    I don’t see how the era of Glen working at Disney has anything to do with the era of Disney producing good films. That ended a long time ago. The sooner the reliable old artists like Glen stop letting Disney push them around and go do something worthwhile with their talent and fame, the sooner Disney are going to be forced to get their shit together.