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Aristo-Cat Food

I’m allergic to cats so I never wander down the pet food aisle. So imagine my surprise when I found a stack of Disney Aristocats brand cat food on display — and on sale (two for a dollar) — at my local super market this week. For the record, I’ve blogged about Disney Dog and Cat Food before, but the colorful kid-friendly label of this canned Aristocats product really grabbed my attention.

My question: I know the studios have stopped marketing unhealthy food products towards kids – so now they go after their pets? And speaking of healthy Disney food for kids, I couldn’t help but snicker at this awkward sounding item (pictured below) now being sold in England: Mickey’s Fun-Size Bananas!

Sometimes I think I should just blog about oddball cartoon merchandise…

  • In the UK the children’s items in Tesco’s ‘Healthy Living’ range are called ‘Tesco Disney Kids’ and have Disney characters all over them. In February this year Mickey was promoting the range by asking kids to help him design a superhero outfit – http://smarterthantheaverage.tumblr.com/post/25403574/ – while last month children who completed the supermarket’s “Halloween Quest” won a pamphet (to call it a book is too generous) of Disney-themed puzzles and recipes called The Creepy Little book Of Horribly Good Halloween Fun, which included a DVD with two episodes of Playhouse Disney and some PC games. Halloween’s never become any sort of massive celebration in the UK, and this is another attempt to turn it into something more profitable over here, although I doubt that images of Tigger with devil horns and pitchfork is going to have much effect. So much so, in fact, that on Halloween day itself the “Halloween Quest” idea had been abandoned and the prizebooks were just piled high at the check-outs for people to take as required. I took about a dozen.

  • Don’t forget about Donald Duck Orange Juice! Not all cartoon licensed food is unhealthy. (Do they even make that any more?)

  • “[T]o add fun and excitement to healthier eating” they write… with “Winnie the Pooh fun-size apples,” “Winnie the Pooh fun-size pears,” “Mickey Mouse and Friends fun-size bananas,” and, slightly different, “Mickey Mouse and Friends organic fun size bananas.”

    Does this mean I’ve been wasting my time eating non-fun-sized fruit? What have I been doing with my life…

  • Donald Duck Orange Juice is still made. Whether it’s sold nationwide I don’t know, but I can still find it in Maryland and for non-premium oj, it’s still genuinely good.

    A version of the bananas are also sold domestically in the United States. I’ve seen them here in York, PA, where the label is at least a little more product-specific—it shows Mickey enjoying the product with a monkey.

    “Fun-sized” means “teensy.” Just another method of making sure the Standard Characters brand appeals only to toddlers. It appealed to them already; why actively turn away everyone older for no obvious reason? Way to go, somebody.

  • Hey, why do bananas get all the attention when new Walt Disney Treasures DVDs are on the shelves?

  • Fred Cline

    My wife brought home some apples that had Pixar Toy Story characters on the little stick-on circle labels on each piece of fruit. The character images were so small on the stickers that I doubt it can help to sell the product.

  • Annie-Mae

    Wow I was thinking this would be a cute product to feed my cat, and then I remembered they were poisoned in the movie. Sure they didn’t die but the idea is still there.

    And shame on the Old Yeller dog food…that’s just sad.

    They still make Donald Duck Orange juice, but I’m not sure if you go to WalMart or a Safeway you’d find it, it seems to be a privately owned super markets because one of the local markets here still sells them.

  • Graham

    How about Finding Nemo cat food?

  • Keith Paynter

    Now with 10% more sawdust…

  • Killroy McFate

    …and lip-smackin’ melamine nuggets.

  • julian

    my cat loves this food —-me on the other hand i hate the smell of the disney brand…..i guess my cat likes stinky food.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Ad lines we need to see:

    “4 out of five cats prefer the smell of week-old roadkill!”

  • Bob

    I wonder if anyone has manufactured “Lady And The Tramp” Dog Food, yet.

  • Andrea

    They should also make “101 Dalmatians” Dog Food.

  • Debra

    I don’t know all the ingredients or should I say chemicals that go into your food but I was feeding my cat all dry food (healthy quality brand) and ONE small can of this Aristocat’s food until 2 weeks ago. Before I stopped the Aristocats she became overweight and slept most of the day. She tired very easily and drank water like crazy. Once I took her off your food she is like a kitten again. She’s full of energy, playful, easily woken and is jumping over a foot off the ground when she plays. Your food is like poison and was very addictive. I’m glad I’m no longer using your product. I hope you’ll investigate the ingredients and make a healthier product.