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Behind the Scenes of “Reluctant Dragon”

Reluctant Dragon

A photo during the production of Disney’s The Reluctant Dragon on November 7, 1940. I hope somebody will get a kick out of it. Actress Frances Gifford, who played a studio artist in the film, is the woman in the photo. The other people are, clockwise from Gifford: John McLeish, T. Hee, Ward Kimball, Fred Moore (back), Norm Ferguson (back) and Erdman Penner. Click on pic to biggify.

  • Hey, Jerry. Are you sure that the second one from the left, the man with a “stache”, is not Ted De Corsia?

    • He does look like character actor De Corsia, but I’m afraid its not him. However, De Corsia would turn up in Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fifteen years later.

      BTW, Francis Gifford, in this photo, was four months away from filming Republic’sJungle Girl, the film she is most well known (if at all) for.

  • uncle wayne

    I, for ONE, sure got a “kick out of it!” A great Mon. morning treat! Thank YOO! (What a great film! ….Remember when Leonard showed the entire film at class??…and as a surprize!?)

  • Jenny Lerew

    I’d pay good money to see the other shots from this day. The l/a cast! Some of them. Nice haircut and tailoring, Fred. And who’s the guy between Tee & Ward with the insouciant cigarette and the careless forelock?

  • bob kurtz

    it is always great to see a new photo of my mentor t.hee.

  • Ted

    Note that there’s a hidden man seated to Ward Kimball’s right.

  • Is Frances Gifford any relation to Lew?

  • I remember when T.Hee had an office on the third floor. Oh, the stories he would tell. What a great photo.

  • Brad Constantine

    Erdman?…poor fella.

  • Anybody know who the woman standing in the back is?

  • Katella Gate

    A lot of talented keesters sitting around that table.


    I remember when T.Hee was the Dean of Animation at CALARTS. He was such a kind and extremely helpful man. I wish I had got to know him better. So nice to see this photo.

  • Kathy Bateman

    Does anyone remember Carlay Gannon who was one of Ward Kimballs girlfriends back in the 70’s?

    • The Brewmasters

      No, how did you know her?