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Best. Disneyland. Photos. Ever!

Here’s a few Kodak Moments that I’ll bet Disneyland would rather soon forget.

Several blogs and news agencies are posting these photos of Disney characters being arrested during a protest rally this week at the Anaheim resort. Hotel workers there are demonstrating for a new contract that would allow for health care. It would be nice if “The Happiest Place on Earth” were also “The Healthiest.”

(Thanks Buzz Dixon and Scott Shaw!)

  • These are pretty good but I still think my favourite Disneyland photo is that one with the mother and daughter with Mickey Mouse boobs.

  • i am sad to see that Snow White seems to be on the Uncle Wayne diet!

  • I want to laugh, but having a job without decent health care (or without any health care) must really bite.

  • EasyReader

    I hope they get health care coverage if they don’t have any-not that they’d be alone in that in our current US job market situation-but I think dressing this way was tacky.

    Really hilarious if some little kids think something bad is happening to Snow White, isn’t it? And what exactly are the parents of those little kids supposed to do, on the spot, to help the situation for these workers? Cancel their vacation they just arrived for because of this dispute? Seen from a parent’s perspective these are far from the “Best. Disneyland. Photos. Ever!”.

    No, it’s a lame move considering the target audience of the costumed characters at the parks. But it clearly got them attention from the media, which is all that matters, right?

  • Tira

    I remember when the actors at New York’s American Girl Place were on strike and protesting outside. There were mothers on the news who thought it was inappropriate for their children to see. The mind. It boggles. -.-

  • I like Disney, but however, “Fairly OddParents” creator Butch Hartman needs to buy out the Redstone family’s National Amusements (CBS/Viacom) and rename it after him, plus restore the Famous/Fleischer/Terrytoons/Puppetoons library, and move the new “American Mall” TV movie to Nickelodeon, which Nickelodeon could be rename “Hartman Channel”, and build Hartmanland and Hartman World.

    Now that would spark some uproar.

    While he was a great man, I’m sorry, but Walt seems like some sort of a fraud.

    Max & Dave, Max & Dave, Max & Dave!

    Plus all of the Looney Tunes and MGM’s Tom and Jerry.

  • The Sun couldn’t let a pun opportunity like this get by!

    ‘US cops take the Mickey’


  • Earl B

    Just out of curiosity: did the cops arrest anyone *not* dressed like a Disney character?

  • ridgecity

    I can’t imagine the faces of all the little girls watching as Snow White is getting maced and thrown into the backseat of a police car…

    They shouldn’t have hired “El Raton Miguelito” since it seems he was the main organizer…

  • Sarah

    Thank you cartoon brew, you just made my weekend a little bit brighter.

  • OM

    …Considering the extortion rates that Disney charges for anything related to the Mouse House – especially the gate charge – one would think they could afford health care for their workers.

  • C’mon, you guys! Where’s your imagination?

    How about the evil Queen grabbing Snow White? What about Peg Leg Pete cuffing Mickey Mouse? Let’s bust these characters in true Disney style.

  • Fausto

    the picture of Peter Pan being put into the squad car is just classic!

  • GhaleonQ

    1. The union head is known for publicity-grabbing, and, apparently, some of those blocking the road aren’t employees there.

    2. “Here are a few…”

  • Quiet_Desperation

    Snow White in handcuffs sort of turns me on. Is that wrong?

  • Being arrested is just the start of these Disney employee’s problems. As we learned from past strikes, when the dust settles they’ll all be fired and labeled commy soviet spies!

  • Charlie

    I don’t mind that they are protesting, but it’s hard to take someone seriously with Mickey Mouse costume. And I wouldn’t be able to control myself if someone was in a Goofy or Dopey costume!

  • Quiet_Desperation: Not really, if anything it kind of looks like it’s turning her on a bit..

  • Jeff

    In related news, Winnie the Pooh was arrested for armed robbery in Japan…


  • Well what ever it is, i don’t like the man in the mockey outfit
    few days ago even, i don’t quite understand why can’t they leave these cartoons away

  • ridgecity

    If Jail can’t make peter Pan grow up, I don’t know what will…

  • JoeP

    But why were they arrested?

    I tried to read those faux news articles, but I don’t think it said why. Unlawful assembly? Throwing rocks at the police? Pissing off Disney?


    If only my company had some good name iconic characters to use as leverage and help better working conditions… alas no.

    BRAVO to the service reps…great idea. Shows IMAGINEERING at its very best! Got to give it to them. I hope it works!

    Why were they arrested…. Sounds like Tiananmen Square all over again…

  • cliffclaven

    I think price of place still goes to the “Yippie Day” back in the 60’s when you had riot police in front of the castle and old-school protesters raising a Viet Cong flag on Tom Sawyer’s island.

  • mawnck

    They were arrested for sitting in the middle of Harbor Boulevard blocking traffic.

    And any kid who would think that, uh, person is the real Snow White probably is way overdue for a reality check anyway.

  • melissa

    the dispute is over unpaid health benefits. it’s the same dispute that california grocery store clerks had a couple years back. not only do they want health benefits– they don’t want to have to pay for them. i’m a disney employee and i pay $14/week for my HMO. more power to them if they keep their benefits free, but i doubt they will. they’ll be paying in to it just like ime and everyone else has to.