Bob Hope explains the Oscar rule Bob Hope explains the Oscar rule

Bob Hope explains the Oscar rule

I’m presently immersed in TCM’s marathon of early Hal Roach talkie shorts. Last night, during in an episode of Roach’s Screen Director Playhouse from 1955 (George Marshall’s The Silent Partner with Buster Keaton), Bob Hope makes a cameo as host of the Oscar ceremonies and tosses off this first line – which many would consider still valid today:

  • I laughed out loud when he dropped Walt’s name. They should get this guy to host the Oscars next year.

  • snip2345

    Nowadays, it’s more like DreamWorks or Pixar.

  • Bob Hope was the Master. No one could host the Oscars with his wonderful, cheeky style. Hope provided the perfect blend of dignity and zany fun. No one can ever match Mr. Hope, although Billy Crystal comes a close second.

    And, it’s no joke. Walt sometimes took home a handful.

  • Ahh, Oscar season… or as it’s known in the Hope household: “Passover”.

  • Treadwell

    Funny joke, and this might not be of consequence, but that was a staged bit on film, with an added laugh track to boot, and not a real document of an Oscar night.

  • David Breneman

    It’s hard to appreciate today what a pioneer Hope was. He got grief from the network “censors” for mentioning FDR in his monologues. Mostly *sympathetic* jokes, by the way. But the network’s attitude was “You just don’t make *jokes* about the president!” It was a lot like never showing Jesus in all those biblical epics. Unfortunately for future generations, Hope (just like Johnny Carson) traded a lot in topical humor, so his monologues only appeal to history majors today.