Box Office Report: “Tangled” on Top Box Office Report: “Tangled” on Top
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Box Office Report: “Tangled” on Top

Mother Gothel

On the slowest post-Thanksgiving weekend at the box office since 1997, Disney’s Tangled unseated Harry Potter for first place with an estimated $21.5 million. Its two week total is now $96.5 million. The most concerning statistic is the film’s 56% drop from its first weekend. Comparably, other successful CG features in 2010 have dropped far less by the same point: Despicable Me fell 41.8%, How to Train Your Dragon 33.7%, and Toy Story 3 46.2%. Tangled will likely play strong through the holidays and may yet end up in the range of $160-175 million.

DreamWorks’ Megamind continued to fade fast. It plummeted 60% from the prior weekend, earning $5 million. Its total of $136.7M ranks it twelfth among DreamWorks releases, and it’ll have to work hard to pass the $155M of eleventh place Over the Hedge. Universal’s Despicable Me added an extra $217,000 in its 22nd weekend to reach the $250 million mark. Internationally, the film has grossed an additional $284.9M for a grand total of $534.9 million making it the 14th all-time highest grossing animated film worldwide.

  • James E. Parten

    I don’t think we need to worry about box-office “legs” for “Tangled”.

    It’s traditional for box-office figures to decline by a considerable degree during the week after Thanksgiving. Folks have other things on their minds right now. Everybody is going to be haunted by the ghosts of Christmas presents.

    It just shows you that an ebbing tide lowers all boats!

    “Tangled” appears to be getting strong word-of-mouth advertising from folks that have seen it. And, judging by what I’ve seen on this website, it’s pleasing unto the fanboys as well. Even Amid Amidi–friend to art-house orchids of all stripes, and apparently no friend to that which comes out of Corporate America–likes it, and in no uncertain terms!

    What does that tell you?

  • Tom

    That’s all well and good, but according to Box Office Mojo, the budget for Tangled was $260 million! Was that all because of production hell, per chance? Hard to say if it will make its money back domestically… worldwide, for sure, though.

    Either way, nice to know it’s on top. Very good movie!

  • “Tangled will likely play strong through the holidays and may yet end up in the range of $160 – 175 million.”


    I really liked Tangled. I’m glad it’s being tagged as a box-office success. I’ll admit that I’m a bit biased … I consider both directors (Byron and Nathan) and many of the lead animators on Tangled to be friends. But if Tangled had been a bad movie I wouldn’t have just blindly supported it. But I do think it’s a good movie. I’m thrilled that it’s doing well.

    However, the numbers would probably be more impressive if “Tangled” had cost what was reported for the hand-drawn movie “The Princess & the Frog” ($105 million ) , but if the reported budget number of $260 million is accurate then “Tangled” has a very long climb before it can be counted safely in the “profitable” category. I liked and supported “The Princess & the Frog” , too , but was sad to see it dismissed almost immediately as an “under-performer” at the box-office .

    “Tangled” is a good movie and deserves the good reaction it has received so far , but if it actually cost anywhere near the reported $260 million budget then it will be a very long time before it can be counted in the “made-a-profit” category.

    And yet Tangled has apparently been “anointed” by the Disney corporation PR machine as a “hit” , whereas the similarly performing ‘The Princess & the Frog’ was early on seemingly relegated to the also-ran category as an “under-performer” … so it makes me wonder if someone in the upper echelon of the present Disney Corp. is purposefully trying to kill off hand-drawn animation in favor of CG movies like Tangled , even though the box-office cost-to-profit ratio is similar ? I really hope that’s not the case , but it appears that something like that sort of “spin” may be what is occurring … (?)

    I’d hope that everyone who truly cares about Disney Animation will go see Tangled again this week , but if you haven’t yet purchased ‘The Princess & The Frog’ on DVD/BluRay then buy it . I’d hope that BOTH hand-drawn and cg animation (as well as stop-motion courtesy of Tim B. and Henry S.) can continue to flourish at Disney Animation Studios.

  • doop

    Wow, where is Despicable Me still showing? I’m actually yet to see it. Maybe Tangled again too…

  • Would it be a safe theory that “Megamind”‘s main fault was just that it came too soon on the heels of “Despicable Me”?

    Or is three Dreamworks movies per year approaching saturation?

    • Specs

      The fact that it’s a superhero film could also have hurt it…a lot of people have been predicting that superhero movies have had their day in the sun and will begin to peter out any time now.

  • Steve

    You cant really compare summer movies to Thanksgiving movies. Kids are out of school all summer long, so numbers are different.

    For a more accurate comparison, look at something like Toy Story 2 (released Thanksgiving), which had a 51% drop and 27 million its second weekend out, and it ended up rebounding around Christmas and its total lifetime domestic gross was 245 million.

    Tangled probably wont get 245, but I’d guess it stands a chance getting 190.

  • Steve

    The budget for “Tangled” was not 260 million. “Rapunzel Unbraided” + “Rapunzel” + “Tangled” = 260 mil. To be fair, Tangled was a complete reboot, and was made start to finish in 2 years…

    Its not an excuse, but that 260 million has to have an asterisk to be fair.

  • “The budget for “Tangled” was not 260 million. “Rapunzel Unbraided” + “Rapunzel” + “Tangled” = 260 mil. To be fair, Tangled was a complete reboot, and was made start to finish in 2 years…

    Its not an excuse, but that 260 million has to have an asterisk to be fair. “

    Steve – I’m glad you pointed that out. It’s difficult to know sometimes how accurate the reported budget numbers are, which is why I qualified my earlier remarks by saying “IF” Tangled cost anywhere near the reported $260 million…” it would be a long time before it would make a profit based only on the theatrical box-office that is being projected for it. On the other hand, like most Disney animated movies it will probably have a long shelf life past the initial theatrical release , so I expect it to end up making money for them in the long run.

    Maybe the most important thing right now is that it be perceived as a HIT (aside from the cost, whatever it was) . There’s been a lot of Disney Animation bashing going on for a while and it’s nice to see the animation dept. getting some kudos.

    • Mark

      As someone who’s worked at a feature studio for many years, it wouldn’t surprise me if the reported $260 million was considerably lower than the actual cost of all the different versions of the movie combined (which I think it’s entirely fair to include in the overall cost, since it took getting through all those versions to arrive at the movie that was made). Even if “Tangled” continues to perform really well, it may never actually become profitable in and of itself (but I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong). That said, I always thought that having this movie perceived as a hit was far more important than the actual short-term profits. The reviews are strong, audience word-of-mouth is strong, people can’t stop talking about how entertaining and beautiful it is, and repeat viewings (and strong video/merch sales) seem highly likely. All this means that all forthcoming projects from Walt Disney Animation Studios (and possibly from the parent company at large) will benefit from so much goodwill (even monetarily), and ensures, at least in the short term, that the animation division still has a future.

  • Iritscen

    Sorry to see that Megamind is losing steam. I finally saw it just recently and was quite pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to be decent, but I found it to be more or less on the level of a Pixar film (except taking itself much less seriously and being much funnier). Well, I bet it will bring in a nice sum in home video sales.

  • Justin

    For comparison here are some other post-Thanksgiving drops of animated/family movies. A 56% drop appears to be right in the middle of average.

    Toy Story 2: 52%
    Chicken Little: 65%
    Happy Feet: 52%
    Bee Movie: 62%
    Beowulf: 50%
    Enchanted: 52%
    Madagascar 2: 64%
    Bolt: 63%
    A Christmas Carol: 50%