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Boycott Disney’s “Aladdin”

Boycott Aladdin

The war against terror didn’t end with Osama. Now it’s time to go after the root of Islamic terrorism — Disney’s 1992 feature Aladdin. The Tea Party Youth LA is starting its campaign in Orange County, home of Disneyland and patriotic Americans fighting terror.

The video was created by Sameer Asad Gardezi, a staff writer for TV series like Modern Family, and Outsourced. He created the satirical piece as a response to the fervid anti-Muslim rally (linked above) that took place a few months ago in Yorba Linda, California, which is Gardezi’s hometown.

(via Angry Asian Man)

  • Jamil

    These kids are Oxygen thieves.

    • This comment sums it up pretty well. I have never heard the expression, I’m writing it down.

      Also note that cameras make most people inmmediately vulnerable.

      As if ObiWan Kenobi was using his mind persuasion trick

    • wait, are you honestly implying that because of their beliefs these people don’t deserve to live? Doesn’t that make you just like them?
      That kind of hateful response is equally bilious as the attitude of the people to whom it is responding.

  • Pustoolio

    As someone who grew up in Fullerton, I can honestly say that Yorba Linda is the klan city of Orange County.

    • Funkybat

      How could the birthplace of Richard Nixon possibly harbor bad people?!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Sadly, the people of Orange County are too stupid to recognize this as parody.

  • Charlie

    Can we boycott this boycott group?

  • Jesus H. Christ! Comedy (& common sense) Takes a Holiday!!

  • Chris

    I can’t even say how disturbing it is to see people spewing hate so blindly.

  • Bud

    REALLY funny. Love it. Great work!

  • ALADDIN was released nineteen years ago, before Muslims existed, so this video is just dumb.

    On a more serious note, this video is just dumb.

    • Daphne Yue

      I think Muslims and the Islamic religion have been around a lot longer than Disney’s Aladdin. o_O

      • “On a more serious note” has strongly implied that the previous comment was a joke for longer than Disney’s Aladdin has been around too.

    • Sarcasm…we don’t get that much around here. : )

      • Brianna

        Sarcasm doesn’t translate to well to text.

      • Funkybat

        In this case, I think it did. Only the “new Daffy” from the “Looney Tunes Show” would be stupid enough to think someone saying Muslims didn’t exist 19 years ago meant it in anything but jest.

  • He needs a brown shirt and an armband to really do that right.

    • B.Bonny

      Or an “Elect FDR” button.

      = Japanese internment.

  • Guido

    @robotcat 2075
    Sorry, it’s a misconception hat Nazis would be anti-Islamic.
    Hitler met with the mufti of Palestine during the war planing a Palestine holocaust on the Jews. Also I know that the German National socialist of today are all for Ahmadinejad especially because he is anti-Israel and anti-American.

    • Manny

      Well, KKK has been a huge inspiration to nazis and fascists world wide, so take back the “anti-American” statement as fast as you can, please.

      And I don’t see the difference between the puritans and talibans myself. They both are pretty darn oppressive at what they’re doin’.

    • Yes, we often overlook the open-minded, diversity-promoting Nazis.

      I really should start going to the meetings again.

  • C. Stulz

    Having lived in Orange County, all I can say that it is a VERY Rich, Very White, (some could say plastic) and one of the MOST conservative counties in the country.

    Having children in the military and using them as tools in your hate speech is not very “Patriotic”

    It’s a shame that this sort of intolerance has now infected such a picturesque area.

    More and more our country is becoming the rich, arrogant, homophobic, racist and clueless, vs the poor, elderly, non-white, non-christian, non-extremists.

    Wonder how it would look if non-christians protested outside a church and chanted go home.

    • B.Bonny

      Having lived in Orange County, all I can say that it is a VERY Rich, Very White, (some could say plastic) and one of the MOST conservative counties in the country.

      Not any more. Not since 250,000 aerospace workers were laid off and the companies they worked for left both Marine bases shut down and the immigration flood. In the last election it came within a point or two of going for Obama.

      Wonder how it would look if non-christians protested outside a church and chanted go home.

      I assume you missed some of the big anti-prop 8 demonstrations.

    • Funkybat

      I blame the heat. I think it cooks their brains into a semi-functional mush. The closer you get to the Inland Empire, the hotter and scarier it gets…

  • AaronSch

    That video parody is sophomoric. It’s relevance to this website is dubious.

    Personally, I’d like to see the left relish vilifying Islamic radicals as much as they do Tea Party members. There are fringe people in every political movement but they are not representative of the vast majority. At least that’s what we’re told to believe about the vast majority of the world’s Muslims, no? But this is a world of double standards. It’s a world where a white person who holds objectionable views – racism, for example – are rightly condemned. But when equally unacceptable views or practices have come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been remiss in standing up to them.

    The truly ignorant among us believe everything the media is spoon feeding them. In my experience, the generalizations in this case are designed to discredit and marginalize the entire Tea Party movement—it won’t work. People are getting way more sophisticated and they don’t trust the media any longer.

    The overwhelming majority of Tea Party members are average hard-working people with small businesses or 9 to 5 jobs (the people who pay the bills in this country) and were never really politically active until they began to feel that their country and future was beginning to slip away. They’re not like so many left-wing student protesters who never worked a day in their pathetic lives living off their parent’s bank account or the government dole.

    I happen to be gay and jewish and I have attended a number of Tea Party rallies with friends and we’ve yet to hear or see anything remotely racist, homophobic, anti-Islamic or anti-semetic. The real Tea Party mambers and organizers are careful to monitor the proceedings because we know the modus operandi of the media and the politics of the left.

    • dbenson

      The video, admittedly an amateurish misfire as satire, is relevant because it centers on a Disney animated feature. And it’s not that far off some real protests over the years (If memory serves, somebody tried to drum up outrage over the fat lazy humans in “Wall-E”).

      Sadly, the Tea Party is busy marginalizing itself. The movement was originally an astroturf project by Republican supporters; now beltway forces are trying to turn it back into a wholly owned subsidiary while various would-be leaders attempt to pull it even further to the right fringe — where you DO find the paranoid haters.

      By the way — I’m an old white guy who has worked 9 to 5 for decades, and in a very diverse workplace I’ve yet to experience or even see the anti-white sentiment that seems to be an article of faith among some claiming to speak for the Tea Party. When somebody starts to go on about how non-whites are the real racists and he’s just responding to that, I think of a loser back in high school who’d go on about how this store or that was a big ripoff, the owners were crooks, etc. Turned out he was just making excuses for his shoplifting.

      • Mac

        dbenson-the truth. Also the video is missing the all important snark factor. If you’re going to be rude to the teabaggers(and never refer to them as anything but teabaggers since they started that in the beginning)you really have to be rude and pull their pants down while they are falling backwards.The baggers read the Constitution like the ink just dried and they invented it,so if it don’t explicitly say things like “church and state devided” it ain’t in there,when,kiddies,it’s in there.We lefties may drink the Kool-Aid,but the teabaggers drink way too much Koch.

      • AaronSch

        What exactly are you saying? Are you implying that racism against whites does not exist through one anecdotal story? Many including myself can easily counter that assertion via personal experience and easily accessed news stories. The truth is, racism exists among all groups and it should be equally condemned.

        Your assertion that the Tea Party is marginalizing itself reveals ignorance about what has transpired. It is the left that has played the “racism card” to that end. Outrageous claims against the Tea Party have been made by members of the congressional black caucus, the NAACP and others without a shred of evidence. The Tea Party is primarily a conservative, fiscally-minded group and have been forced by the media to address race because of these false accusations.

        Oddly, there are “ethnic” Tea Party-backed candidates that the media just can’t seem to find. Tea Party favorite, Marco Rubio defeated the sun-drenched “white” candidate, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist for the Senate. Tim Scott and Allen West, two of 32 African-Americans who ran for Congress in 2010 as Republicans won their congressional seats and radio talk show host and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, Herman Cain is a candidate for the 2012 Presidential race.

        There is nothing more “American” than citizens non-violently exercising their power via the ballot box. That has many in the “beltway,” both Democrat and Republican worried because the people are starting to pay closer attention to what they say and actually do. Yet, the media suppresses the truth in order to maintain the structure that secures the status quo, calling those with a different political point-of-view “racists,” and in that, try to discourage people from seeking out the information for themselves.

      • dbenson

        I’m simply saying that for something supposedly rife, I see no first-hand evidence of anti-white racism in real life — and I live & work in what is supposedly a liberal neck of the woods. And my observation, first made fairly early in life, that many people who make a big deal about being sinned against are creating a defense for a too-convenient “retribution” (although to be fair, some are just making excuses for personal failings that become painfully evident).

        Also, that while the Libertarians may have provided the basic idea, it was old-fashioned Republican (as opposed to conservative) money and media support that packaged it as the Tea Party and tried to keep its focus narrowly on the Obama administration. Libertarians will certainly remain a force. But the registered & trademarked “Tea Party” properties will fade away as their founders switch to new letterheads. Where is Ross Perot’s third party? Where is the Moral Majority? Even your vaunted Tea Party election winners will probably distance themselves and/or outrage their supporters well before re-election time.

        Also: If you actually read my previous post, my point was that there are fringe players — the racist segment of the birthers and other conspiracy nuts, mainly — who are trying to pull the Tea Party movement their way. This happens any time there seems to be power up for grabs anywhere, and bickering among would-be rulers of the Tea Party creates an opening. You can’t seriously pretend that all or even most of the extremist signs at rallies were liberal plants. If there were even dubious proof, FOX would be all over it. And when a figurehead like Michelle Bachmann panders to nutty fringes by say, denouncing the Census, other quasi-official faces of the Tea Party tend not to press that issue.

    • Scott

      AaronSch: “…who never worked a day in their pathetic lives…”

      Really painting yourself as a guiding light of objectivity and fairness, aren’t ya?

      • I was just about to say the same thing.

    • Steve Gattuso

      When you live inside the monkey house long enough, you tend to get used to the smell.

  • christian

    I wich I had a time machine so I can get my 2:50 min back!!!

  • akira

    lame! poor attempt to insult the general public and tea partiers. obviously the “writer” of this had an manipulative agenda and wasn’t able to pull it off. let’s keep this kind of junk off this website please.

  • A Kaplan

    There’s a fine line between parody and fraud. An opposing viewpoint can still be funny and pointed to those who disagree with it. This is not the case here.

    It’s simply (and sophomorically, as Aaron has pointed out) accusing tea party members of being racists by having actors do racist things while identifying themselves as tea party members. Not very clever. I see how more people these days are being influenced by sarcasm than by facts and reasoned political debate (just look at the popularity of Jon Stewart). I also agree with Aaron on his second point: the video’s “relevance to this website is dubious”. If the video was real it would be cartoon related news, however marginal. As it is a fraud, and one that is insulting to a good portion of the readers, it has no relevance to this site and shouldn’t have been posted here.

  • purin

    When I saw the title, I thought, “Ah, this is about Orientalism coming to bite us in the ass, isn’t it?”

    No, not even that? We’re going to say an American film drowning in classic Hollywood Orientalism, that’s about as Middle Eastern as a hot dog, and in which the only hint of characters’ faith is the Sultan, with an English accent only he has, (oh, and that other guy who dies) saying “Allah” occasionally.

    Oh, yeah. Totally pushing Muslim propaganda in your face with characters who are implied Muslims who are good (or evil. Or strangely focused on things like cutting hands off. Or oddly caricatured).

    (“Why are they all using the word “Islamic?” Doesn’t that specifically refer not to the faith, but to the fundamentalist movements?)

  • Alan

    There is a larger portion of fringe nut jobs in the teabagged movement than any of the true grassroots/legitimate movements. That said, I didn’t think think this video went anywhere beyond a one note concept. It’s no way as funny or entertaining as watching zombies like quitter sarah palin or whacky michelle bachman do themselves in with iignorance.

  • Open Sezme

    This is a great idea for satire, but the execution is completely humorless. Also, they couldn’t seem to find anyone who bought into the absurd premise. Very poorly done and barely comedy in my opinion.

    • Justin

      I liked The Men’s Show trying to eliminate Women’s Suffrage much better than this. This was wholly unfunny.

  • I can’t be the only one who knows about how Muslims protested Aladdin back in 1992 due to offensive stereotypes?

    • Funkybat

      I remember them also protesting DuckTales: The Movie a couple of years before Aladdin, because of the thief character Dijon. I honestly thought the complaints had a lot more merit re: Dijon than anything in Aladdin.

      I thought Aladdin did a great job of avoiding anything anti-Arab or anti-Muslim (in fact, religion was pretty much ignored.) Meanwhile, Dijon was a rather stereotypical “dirty brown nomad who can’t be trusted.” Of course, that is almost par for the course if you’re doing something that’s based in part on Indiana Jones, which itself was following the conventions of 1930s/40s serials & pulp novels.

      I still enjoyed the film, but it was noticeable to me, even as a kid, that the only character who they met in the desert was a double-crossing klepto.

  • dbenson

    I do remember that — Wasn’t specifically Muslims with a religious complaint, but Arabs and Arab-Americans who objected it the way some African-Americans object to “blackface” comedy.

    In particular they objected to a merchant trying to cut off Jasmine’s hand for a trivial theft and a bloodthirsty lyric in the opening “Arabian Nights” number. In the end the song lyric was changed, but not the other scene.

    One of the Arab-American spokesmen pointed out that “Aladdin” was packed to the gills with old Hollywood cliches totally divorced from reality. Which it was, by design — sort of like “Young Frankenstein’s” mock Universal version of Eastern Europe. The underpinning of the Arab complaint was that the Arab world was sufficiently unfamiliar that most audiences would accept the cliches as reality-based.

  • CMB

    Whoever’s idea this was should be boycotted, not the movie. This is a good example of spreading racism. Good, idea guys…. not. Tarzan included poaching but you don’t see people spreading endangered awareness. But hey, connecting terrorists with animals is wrong…. lol not really.

    • tredlow

      Yeah, but in Tarzan, the poaching is depicted as a bad thing, is it not?

  • Dan

    I say boycott Aladdin for just being a badly animated film, but to bad the mindless masses can’t see that!

  • Silence Dogood

    Oh my word. Having lived in the Middle East for a great portion of my life…I can safely say that Aladdin is not the picture of Islamic beliefs…my word, all the Muslim kids I hung out with were not allowed to watch it (why not, is a whole other discussion.) I thought this video was a joke:0

  • Rick R.

    I’ll take it this was a parody, coz no matter what the left keeps trying to turn into a meme, the core of the Tea Party is less government, not jingoism or racism. It’s like how at every rally, the worst signs are always shown to be fakes by progressive activists, just as I suspect is the true nature of this video. They are fakes because the real Tea Party members tell em to go away and shout them down when they try to reveal the “hidden hatred” of the Tea Party.

    It’s the idea that at every level, government spending has doubled in the past ten years yet they still scream that the government has no money. This is silly, but our reality.

    It’s the idea that at every level, the government thinks it can insert itself in our lives “for our safety” from telling us what toilets to use to feeling up babies at airports. This is silly, but our reality. Those are the main Tea Party issues, not worrying about 20 year old Disney films. The actual Tea Party spun off from the Libertarians, not the Republicans, as the media would have you believe.

    Sides, Aladdin isn’t Islamic. Jasmine is just a green “I Dream of Jeannie” costume. Does it look like a burqa? Is she wearing a veil? No? She’d be stoned for inciting the lust of the men folk.

    Jasmine even publicly contradicted her father, for crying our loud. These are not Islamic values.

  • Win, lose or draw – the only thing that matters is:

    Is it funny?

    Sadly, the answer is no.

    The presenter isn’t extreme enough to make it clear that he’s being ironic. And that actually makes the clip more dangerous than positive.

    The video has no point and no punchline.


  • samuel welsh

    The guys an idiot. Aladdin’s fine. Nothing terroist about it.
    I dont hate Arabs.

  • samuel welsh

    most americans are beaut folks , just a handfull of fools get the limelight time to time.