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Buy Snow White’s House

Another animation landmark is up for grabs – for $1.1 million. The late Adriana Caselotti, the voice of Disney’s Snow White lived in a house near Larchmont Village (in Hollywood) done up as Snow White’s cottage. If you are in the area this month, they are holding several open house showings of the property – the ultimate collectible for the Disney fanatic who has everything!

(Thanks, James Gibson)

  • That is awesome. I love when the lines between animation and reality are blurred. Have you heard that a home builder in Utah built the “Up” House? Check it out.

  • I think it’s much more Polynesian in design than “done up as Snow White’s cottage”. That said, it’s a neat property but I think I’ll stay put though.

  • MichaelDair

    $1.1 million for a 1900 square feet, 2 bedroom home…hmmm where do the dwarfs sleep when they stop by?

  • jordan reichek

    I like her toilet-side telephone. Nice touch. Waste not, want not!

  • Katie

    Oh wow, I just saw this house two days ago when I was driving through the area. Had no idea it was meant to be Snow White’s cottage – I just thought it was a cute property. Neat!

  • Growing up, I had a friend whose house was next to the Snow White house (in the Larchmont area), and I always marveled at it. I drove by it recently and saw that it was for sale…I couldn’t believed it hadn’t sold! It’s so cool!

  • Bill

    She died in the 1990’s. Is all that Snow White stuff still there? I wouldn’t mind having some of that Tiki decor!

  • Angry Anim

    Pretty amazing, but I question the year it was built. 1976 seems pretty damn late for that type of polynesian architecture…

  • Rat

    Isn’t this the fifth or six house you guys have covered as “the ultimate Disney collector’s item?”

  • On one visit to Los Angeles she had me and another friend over to that house for lunch. She greeted our buzz at the door with an intercom version of Someday My Prince Will Come.” She served a fish appetizer with lunch – it was at the time Little Mermaid was playing in the movies. “Fancy this,” she remarked as she put the serving plate on the table. “Snow White serving Ariel for lunch.” She was a very gracious and had a great sense of humor!