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Bye Bye Toon Disney

The LA Times is reporting that the ten-year-old Toon Disney cable channel will be rebranded next February as Disney XD. The new format will target tween boys with shows like Batman: The Animated Series and new live action series like Aaron Stone, a live-action show about “a video game virtuoso who leads a secret double life as a crime fighter.” The LA Times notes that this show “boils down to a male fantasy version of Hannah Montana“.

  • Aww. That’s a shame. Not that Toon Disney showed nothing but high-quality programming, as that’s certainly far from the case. But it was nice to have a channel out there that showed animation all the time.

    Eh. After Cartoon Network’s switch to showing live-action whenever it felt like it, I suppose this was inevitable.

  • tgentry

    Let me guess: the X in XD stands for X-treme! Is the 90’s over yet? Can we retire the letter X in marketing? How about L? It’s underrepresented in the youth market…

  • That actually makes me very sad. I was a huge fan of Toon Disney, especially during junior high, when I would do my homework after school while watching Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck reruns.

  • Well, I guess it would be too much to ask to have a show about a child video game virtuoso who leads a double life getting people to adopt an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

  • Ben

    Well, so no more old Disney programming on the Disney Channel, and now no more older Disney animated series on Toon Disney? So, basically there is no place to see anything Disney has done over 5 years ago…

  • Hell, they should go all the way man!

    They should change the name of the company to DiXney ;-)

  • If the unintentional smiley in the title is any indication, this channel is just a huge joke.

  • Joel O’Brien

    Ben stole my thunder…but well said, Sir! With all the channels out there, you’d think Disney would go after the older crowd with programs like “Walt Disney Presents” and all those classic cartoons, movies and features like “Johnny Tremain” and “Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow”, to say nothing of the “Mickey Mouse Club” too. There must be enough programs in the vault to fill for a year! But XD is where the money is, I suppose.

  • John A

    Jeez, what a crap logo! I wonder how much time and money was wasted coming up with THAT.

  • george

    its funny how disney thinks the key to success is to take a pop culture fad and make it a big part of their presentations. its my understanding that XD is like a dumb smiley face, similar to :) if thats what they were going for then didnt they totally miss the point with the big huge bold text? but you know what? i dont know why i care so much im 25 damnit.

  • Tissa Tack

    Dear Disney Overlords,

    Quit taking over what little I have left in the way of decent animated programming and replacing it with even more hyper-styled, soulless to appeal to your ‘tween population’. Not everything has to be ‘sooper-extreme, or appeal to an age group that’s a span of five years or so. Other people watch your channel to. Cartoon Network, now you. This is seriously pissing me off.

    I have to dish out $30 a set now to see any of your classic cartoons anymore. The last thing anyone needed was another channel to watch superhero cartoons on.

    You’re off my Christmas Card list this year, just so you know, Disney.

    I will always love you, but I’m terribly confused as of now. Did I do something to make you angry with me? Please, let me know.



  • Jorge Garrido

    About damn time. Toon Disney has been shameful excuse for a network for years…the “Toon” being a misnomer, considering they showed live-action programming and their animated series were limited to former ABC Saturday morning and Disney Channel cartoons from the 2000s. There were not classics shown.

    It is no loss.

    I remember the classic days of Toon Disney and the Disney Channel, they used to run tons of stuff from the vaults, especially late at night. But it hasn’t been watchable in years.

  • PorkyMills

    Just recently I bought the Gummi Bears DVD collection and sat through the whole show, and remembered just how excellent animated TV (and Disney) shows used to be. The show has everything that made Disney movies great and is built around the classic Disney formula. However, since that era left, Disney has been making nothing but substandard shows (Kim Possible and What’s So Raven etc.)

    And what’s with the name? Seems like Disney desperately wants to be KidsWB, with even the show (Batman) being a staple of WB’s programming. Well, atleast they picked a great show, but this just cements in my mind that the golden age of TV animation has also long passed.

  • Victor Guano

    That logo looks like something that might squirt something purple at a Circle K store when pressed.

  • John S

    Don’t they realize that the Ultimate male fantasy is to live the lifestyle of the Hugh Grant character from “About a Boy”. He has no job because he lives off the royalties of a popular Christmas song his father wrote. He sleeps late, watches TV, and shops for cds. That’s his day.
    Make a tv show about THAT you idiots.

  • Jorge Garrido

    By the way, this new show sounds like a rip-off of Disney’s “the Famous Jett Jackson” and its accompanying movie.

  • I dunno about you, Victor, but when I was 12 I was all about plastic tubes that squired purple sugar-gel. And entire television channel devoted to it would have thrilled me.

    I think they know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Anyone care to place any bets on how long before Boomerang gets “relaunched” as some sort of x-treme kids network?

  • Christopher Cook

    Aaron Stone “boils down to a male fantasy version of Hannah Montana“? How long before he winds up in the pages of 16 and Tiger Beat?

  • KyleB

    I guess it was inevitable when Toon Disney basically became Jetix 24/7

  • Brianne

    I always associated the ” XD ” emoticon to rabid teenage fangirls expressing their love for things online.

  • A Longtime Observer

    And then there were two (Nick. Net. and CN). While I’m about as angry as the ignorant “live-action cartoon” comments by the high-ups at Cartoon Network when they went through their changes, the effect hasn’t fully hit me. Probably because at first, I could just ignore Power Rangers. But since they’ve been upping the anty in live action movies since January 2008, they must be prepping the audience kids for the new channel.

    Yeah, thanks for the subtle knock on gender separation Disney. Way to tell the people in newspapers, press releases, and on-line media the past few years your emphasis that Disney Channel is a FAMILY network by catering to separate sexes.

    The execs could have saved money by, perhaps, greenlighting and airing these new boy-focused shows on Disney Channel instead of spending millions to revamp Toon Disney? The four daily airings of Zack and Cody or Hanna Montanna, or the 6 hours of Playhouse Disney could be clipped a little.

    Okay, maybe the news has fully hit me…

  • Rob

    Maybe they will launch a classic Disney Channel?

    Too much to ask for i know. :-(

    It’s sad really. Back when Disney Afternoon was on my bus would get me home at 3:30 and i’d miss Ducktales at 3:00. Then i made it to middle school my bus got me home at 2:30 but Ducktales had moved to Disney Channel and we did not get that. Then i finally got Disney Channel and Ducktales had moved to Toon Disney which Cablevision did not get. Then Cablevision finally picked up Toon Disney and DUcktales was gone! My whole life i’ve been trying to rewatch my child hood favorite show. And now i’m waiting, waiting for Season 4 of Ducktales to be released on DVD.

  • Dustin

    Sweet, I’ll watch it just as much as I did Toon Disney, which was equivalent to the amount of times Michael Moore opted for a green salad for lunch.

  • *sigh*

    What a lazy plan on Disney’s part. Disney XD. Not only killing off the Toon Disney brand, but also killing off the Jetix brand they spent millions to create. Instead of doing an obvious integration of the Disney name with the Jetix brand (Disney Jetix would have worked in the States . . . folks in South America and Europe already have Jetix-branded channels), they’re basing the new name on a recently-introduced brand that supposed to be aimed toward both sexes for a network intending on being a boys-only channel.

    That’s . . . stupid.

    I think that Disney needs to Google “bChannel and gChannel” before committing to this moronic attitude. Not that the shows from Disney Television Animation are classics, a bulk of them are good, and it’s going to be a shame to see them go.

    Disney XD will not end well.

  • sounds like captain n! have we gotten to the point where we have to remake ridiculous 80’s cartoons into live action?! for shame!

  • Lisa

    Eh, at least the new name is honest. I always felt the hating on Cartoon Network in this blog was missing the mark – there is no f-ing WAY one can justify “Power Rangers” reruns being aired on something named Toon Disney.

  • well I stopped watching Toon Disney back when they stopped playing Pepper Ann and Fillmore! anyway (actually I stopped being able to afford digital cable at that time but still!)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Ironically, it has taken my cable company nearly this long to add Toon Disney in the first place, now I see no reason why they needed to at all!

    Shame they could’ve gave us a “Vault Disney Channel” like we wanted.

    It’s all about $_$

  • Brad

    Good ol’ TV, including the last remnants of the “real” Disney Channel, as opposed to this less-than-worthless tween puke, pretty much died in late 2002. Thank Heaven for DVD.

  • ridgecity

    ““a video game virtuoso who leads a secret double life as a crime fighter.”

    So they are making that Vin Diesel movie “XXX” a tv series? In that movie he was a video game player, extreme sports athlete, and enviromental protectionist given a job as a spy agent to save the world.

  • They can call the channel whatever they want.
    I’m still going to watch Batman TAS until my eyes fall out.
    Too bad about the censored cuts, though.

  • I can’t blame them for doing that; after all, with the regular Disney channel doing so well with the tween girl audience a channel that targets the tween boy audience would probably do a very good job as well, especially since I have not seen any channels that really target that demographic.

  • Ross W

    I will not miss Toon Disney, as it hasn’t shown a animated series that I or my kids ever wanted to see, but the article raises some questions:
    -Does this mean that Disney Channel’s programming will become entirely female or preschool oriented?
    -Has their market research shown that there would no money to be made from a Vault Disney style channel of classic Disney shows, movies and animation?
    -Will the new shows be written with any humor, wit or originality that current Disney Channel progamming lacks?
    Just wondering…

  • butmess

    Disney knows the real gold is in their classic

    By weakening pay tv access to their classic
    materials, they are enhancing their DVD
    and Blu-Ray sales.

    A lot of Disney classic material has appeared on
    DVD in the past two years and a lot more is
    scheduled to appear on DVD and Blu-Ray.

  • Jonesy

    I thought Disney was already targeting boys when those pictures of Vanessa Hudgens leaked…

  • james

    I wanna watch TURBO TEEN!!!

  • Actually, it’s not a bad idea to target boys. The Disney Channel has become almost a girl’s only channel with seriously lowers the channel’s credibility rating (High School Musical). Boy’s programmes tend to last longer and be generally moe varied. It is also noted that Boys like animation as they never grow up really, girls lose their taste for it. Why do you think the channel is chock a block full of live action? An all boys network could lead to more animated programming. Let’s hope it does!

  • Fidel

    damn you disney. where am i gonna watch random airings of “alice in wonderland” “the rescuers” and all the direct-to-video cheapquels…lol

  • elan

    Me caring about Disney XD is about as relevant as me caring about the Hannah Montana show or High School Musical, Disney shows that arent geared towards me, as an adult.

    However, I DO want a channel devoted to old cartoons, either Disney or Warner Brothers. I flip to Cartoon Network from time to time and it’s usually boring 3-pose flash animation with stale dialogue (that’s terribly read) and a story I dont care about. What I miss are Goofy shorts, Wile E. Coyote, and the like.

  • Brian

    I am strangely eager to see just how terrible this Aaron Stone show will be. My guess is that this ‘video game virtuoso’ is going to act more hokey than those old Westwood College ads. I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong, though.

  • What?! Toon Disney was the only place I can catch “House of Mouse” and suddenly, this happens?! Does that mean Mickey and the gang will be confined to “Playhouse Disney” for the rest of their animated lives? (Not that there’s anything wrong with “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, I mean, I like it, but still…) That’s not fair! Disney needs to rethink their strategy by remembering that their audience is not mostly kids! (Although, I do like “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock” and I’m 29 going on 30.) Whoever’s in charge of Disney’s television division, if you’re reading this, please don’t let Toon Disney die!

  • Joe

    Jesus people, give them a chance. By my amateur math, Batman reruns and a couple new live-action shows will only account for maybe four hours a day. Wonder what they’ll fill the remaining twenty hours with? Maybe the same boy-targeted junk they’ve been running for the past five years?

  • SR Das

    Actually, correct me if I am wrong, Toon Disney let go of their “animation-only” policy about a year or two BEFORE CN did…not just with Power Rangers on Jetix, but also, at the time, Muppet movies (“Muppets From Space” for example).

  • First the Fox Kids Network becomes Jetix, then Boomerang and CN swipe away their toon classics and trade them for lousy tween live-actions, and now THIS… somebody get me my euthanasia… :-(

  • I just hope they still show reruns of Digimon.

  • Shalom.
    I hope that the ‘high ups’ at Dsney realise what they have done.
    IF those people who supposedly think that they are good at marketing haven’t realised what they’ve done; let me spell it out to them:
    IF you think that ‘tween’ shows are attracting a large audience, you’re wrong.
    IF you think that you are ‘promoting’ your *cough* now pathetic *cough* channel by putting XD in the name, you’re wrong.
    ALSO, if you think that your ‘channel’ is so great, spend a few hours watching it, then go and watch some of the AWESOME programs that you used to show on Toon Disney. Your opinion should change dramatically.
    I must admit though, I understand that you need to change your name once in a blue moon. Just make sure that your target audience wants to see pointless shows about superheroes and people with perfect lives first.

  • Shawndell

    they should flip that D around it don’t look like anybody smiling (XD) what they need to do is change toon disney back to the way it was if not just give us a classic block or something

  • anormous

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