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Christmas Cards by Disney Artists ca. 1940

Bill Hurtz card
Christmas Card by Bill Hurtz

Here’s a collage of holiday cards by Disney artists that I guarantee you haven’t seen before. They are either from 1939 or 1940. Click on the image below for the full-sized version. The artists are, clockwise from upper left, Berk Anthony, Bill Hurtz, Walt Kelly, Marc Davis, Zach Schwartz (I think), Marc Davis again, Ernie Nordli, Ted Sears, and Frank Thomas.

Disney cards
  • Mel

    Was Berk Anthony related to the late Disney storyboard artist Ryan Anthony? Just wondered. Both were topnotch staff artists, separated by a generation or two.

  • This may not be something not seen before but in the spirit of the post, and the season, I thought I would share something from my collection.


    Happy Holidays!