Clarence Nash on <em>What’s My Line?</em> Clarence Nash on <em>What’s My Line?</em>

Clarence Nash on What’s My Line?

The voice of Donald Duck was a guest on the December 12, 1954 broadcast:

  • Keith Bryant

    This is one of those moments when the panel had absolutely no clue whatsoever. Long live “The Duck”.

  • This clip sort of sums up the plight of voice actors in the industry – they were integral to the success of cartoons and yet kept anonymous.

  • Paul N

    Very cool. There’s a guy who never had to worry about outsourcing! :0)

  • Brad

    Entertaining throughout, but at the end when he finally breaks into Donald it becomes truly memorable. Thanks for posting!

  • AdrianC

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this clip!

  • Doug Drown

    This was great! — and boy, did it bring back some memories. I watched “What’s My Line” often when I was a kid. Watching this made me realize the show’s premise is still an entertaining concept —
    I wonder why it has never been brought back?

  • wow! as doug said, the show’s premise IS an entertaining one. And Since Indian television has ripped off everything from wheel of fortune to Deal or no deal, why have I never seen a remake of this on indian television? LOL

  • David Breneman

    Why can’t there be shows like this on TV nowadays? (I know, it’s just a rhetorical question.) Imagine PJ O’Roarke, Bill Maher, etc., as panelists on a game show like this.

  • uncle wayne

    THIS is “reality tv!” Only difference….this has heart….and is entertaining!

  • zavkram

    I liked watching Nash’s reactions to some of the panel’s questions… you can see he was desperately trying to keep a straight face!

    (*sigh*) They just don’t make TV like that anymore…