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Covering The Mouse


I like Disney cartoons. And I like Disney music. So here’s a new Disney blog that pays unique tribute to the songs: Covering the Mouse, a blog dedicated to musicians and singers who have covered Disney songs.

Webmaster Kurtis Findley has just started blogging, posting Disney tunes by the likes of Usher, Bobby McFerrin and LL Cool J. My hope is that he delves into the stranger stuff from the past – like Louis Prima singing Supercalifgragilisticexpialidocious! and Satchmo covering Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

  • My ex-husband found this disc at a music store in Omaha, NE (I believe). It was truly inspired, although I must admit I like Keely Smith better than Gia Maione. Just my preference.

    Louie Prima ROCKS!

  • Angry Anim

    I agree, Jerry.

    Those classic covers done back in the day are fantastic– there’s even a recent Bossa Nova Disney cover album that’s outstanding, but the recent ones on this site are pretty brutal. Good God. Did I ever need to hear “It’s a Small World” sung by super-dork-group Rockapella?

    The most annoying thing is that when I go to that site, all of the samples automatically start playing at the same time… so everything’s playing on top of one another and it sounds like an insane mess. Does that happen to everyone, or is it an Internet Explorer problem?

  • The mention of Louis Armstrong gave me a royal flashback to an Academy Awards show where he performed the nominated song “Bare Necessities” from “Jungle Book” while someone in a Baloo suit spazzed out behind him. It’s been burned into my brain as one of the worst television moments of all time.

  • Keith Paynter

    One of the most unexpected Disney covers I ever came across was Kiss bassist Gene Simmons’ cover of “When You Wish Upon A Star” from his 1978 solo album. Not the kind of song you’d expect from “The Demon”. It doesn’t suck.

  • Thank you everyone for checking out my site!

    Angry Anim: I believe this is an IE problem. It works fine in Firefox. I also hear that Mac users are having a problem. I’ll get to fixing that soon.

    There are many more artists to come! Gene Simmons is on the list as well as Louis Armstong, Phish, Rosemary Clooney, They Might Be Giants, and tons more! Keep on coming back!

  • I love the song “Pennies from heaven”

  • Tom Bertino

    Oh, I do SO hope he includes the Sun Ra album of Disney covers. Yes; I’ll say it again: Sun Ra album of Disney covers. Doesn’t your brain short-circuit just trying to accomodate that string of words? But it’s a contribution to the canon not to be ignored.

  • I didn’t know Sun Ra did a whole ALBUM of Disney covers…I just thought he did “Pink Elephants on Parade”. If you want to bawl your eyes out, listen to Bonnie Raitt sing “Baby Mine”. If you don’t cry, check your pulse ‘cuz you’re dead.

  • I saw a clip on MTV News long long ago about Sun Ra and the live set of Disney songs he performed with his Arkestra. That was the day I became entranced by the man from Saturn. It always irked me that Ra’s Pink Elephants was the shortest track on the Stay Awake compilation, because I know Sun Ra wasn’t one to perform three-minute songs.

  • Yes, Sun-Ra is on the bill! His covers are a lot of fun! I love that Bonnie Raitt song too. I might do that one soon.