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D23 Report: New Pixar Films and “Tangled Ever After”

Tangled Ever After

The Disney-organized D23 Expo is going on this weekend in Anaheim and there’s been a couple of big Disney announcements. Firstly, the directors of Tangled, Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, are preparing a Disney Channel TV special for next year called, get ready for this, Tangled Ever After.

Pixar announced two new films of their own: Pete Docter (Monsters Inc., UP) is working on a 2014 film that takes place inside the human mind. An Osmosis Jones for the cerebral set? As long as I don’t have to hear Chris Rock for ninety minutes, I’m on board. Also, UP co-director and funny story man Bob Peterson is striking out on his own with a film. The 2013 pic takes place in a world where dinosaurs never died out, and (presumably) mingle with humans. Currently, the only place where that fantasy is possible is in Kentucky. I smell some marketing synergy!

(Tangled Ever After poster via /film)

  • Dennis Morgan

    Tangled Ever After? Strange to see Disney ripping off of Shrek….Wait, that was “4ever After.” Nevermind, for a sec I thought there was a lack of originality going on at Disney Animation.

    • B.Bonny

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  • ferp

    Damn it Disney, “Tangled Ever After?”
    The correct answer was “Pascal and Maximus: The Movie”

    Also, if she cut her hair, there is nothing left to be tangled..
    Good to see non-sequel, non-automobile, related Pixar films announced.

    • Buh

      Why does Rapunzel have hipster hair?

      • Anon

        If you had seen the movie they made it clear that once cut, her hair never grows back. She had a tinny bit cut off when she was a baby and it never grew back.

      • Lara

        She kept it that way on purpose. It must feel good not to have 40 pounds of hair straining your neck.

  • 2 days from now I will come back here and count how many times the word SHREK appears in the comments section…
    And I like that because those are actually really clever suggestions. I actually tried to look up the name of the kingdom from the movie to see what that last title would be (and maybe it should be “Next Tangle in Paris” to invite the idea of more spin-offs, which I’m sure Disney would like).

    • Shouldn’t that be, “Last Tangled in Paris”?

  • A world where dinosaurs never died out? Dare we hope for something based on Dinotopia?

    Or to go the other direction, the current story arc of Dr. McNinja.

    • Doug

      A movie based on Dinotopia is certainly more likely from Disney than the first thing that came to my mind on this subject…Harry Harrison’s “Eden” trilogy.


      Dinotopia is exceedingly “PC” (it is a utopia, after all), whereas Harrison’s Eden books are anything but, being filled with conflict between humans and reptiles.

  • Toonio

    Thank God Nemo got spared from this travesty of an announcement.

  • EHH

    I’m glad they kept Rapunzel’s short brown hair AND that the next two Pixar films are not equals.

  • Mic

    Finding Nemo 2: Lost in Japan?

    • 2011 Adult

      I would thumb this down, but there’s no such feature, so I’ll thumb it up to compensate.

    • EricB

      sounds like a great sequel.

  • victoria

    I wanna hear about “Brave”!

  • JMatte

    A Tangled tv special? Sure, why not? Bring it on!

    Curious to hear more about the two new Pixar movies. I already have a certain weakness for Dinosaurs, so looking forward to more about this one.
    As for a movie set in the mind, all I can think about is the game “Psychonauts”, ha ha!
    Talking of games, were any more news about “Wreck-It Ralph” released? Any new pics? A teaser?

    • Chris Powell

      There is a Title Image online for Wreck it Ralph!! HERE

  • Mark R.

    Sounds like Pixar has a lot going on! I had heard they were making a monsters sequel.

    – is Disney making movies? If so, why weren’t they announced???

    • 2011 Adult

      They’re releasing Wreck-It Ralph next year, and yes, there was more information on that.

  • DB

    I must say, the horse in Tangled was really well done – possibly the most amusingly animated horse I’ve ever seen.

    Don’t much care for the Princes’ mullet-esque hairdo, and I would have hoped married life would have wiped the smirk off the guys’ face (yeah, I don’t remember any of the characters names off the top of my head).

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    How about a BOLT TV Special/Sequel,Disney? (Please)

  • Oliver

    They’re remaking Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘Theodore Rex’?!

  • Maya

    The guy and the horse are pulling the same damn Dreamworks face (Makes you want to punch them , doesn’t it). The girl and her chameleon also have the same wide eyed expression.

    • Dave

      Yes, the smug smirky ‘tude faces are creepy.

  • tony mccarson

    someday, the movie’s title “tangled” will be removed by a better title, and it will be a good deed to be done for the walt disney legacy!

  • Jane

    Can’t wait for the Tangled special <3 but I'm disappointed they couldn't come up with a new promo image. But Pascal wearing a little bow tie is too cute!

    Pixar's new movies sound
    1. Very familiar. There's been quite a few animated movie/tv shows/books that cover the "what if dinosaurs existed today?", very unoriginal of Pixar.
    And like noted in the post, the whole world inside the body has been done before too, with Osmosis Jones. And the "little people inside your brain" has also been done in everything from sitcoms to spongebob.

    2. Sound like the set up for more Pixar buddy comedies. That's lame. Pixar grow up and take a risk.

    3. More boy centric/toy line ready plots***. Not really surprising, it's Pixar, but with JL also making Disney make very boy centric/toy line ready movies (a movie about a video game? really?) I feel like Disney/Pixar is losing their (what's left) soul in a way.

    TL;DR I think they sound like they'll suck.

    *** And by boy centric/toy line ready, I mean they sound like they were plotted with the help of a focus group, like all those awful 80s cartoons with the intent of targeting boys age 4 to 10. Not saying girls don't like dinosaurs or video games.

    • As to the ‘boy-centric’ complaint – what exactly makes these ‘boy-centric’? Are you assuming that because one is about human biology and the other about dinosaurs, they can’t possible relate to girls? How do you know the main character from either won’t be a chick? I’m pretty sure they didn’t mention anything about genders…

      • Jane

        Stereotypically, yes, science and dinosaurs are “boy things”. I would know, I’m a girl who’s going to major in biology and as a little girl I looooved dinosaurs and if I wanted to get a toy I’d have to go into the “boys” part of the store to get it.

        These *are* boy things to corporate America, and Disney/Pixar *are* part of corporate America. Given the incredible success of the Cars lifestyle line, I think they’re trying to hit gold again.

        There’s also the fact Disney blamed PAFT flopping on not being enough of a boys movie and said they didn’t to change Rapunzel to Tangled so the same thing didn’t happen to it. (couldn’t be because Disney messed up PATF release date, and it wasn’t that great of a movie, no)

        Here’s the issue that comes up when you start making gender segregated media, in hopes of selling some toys. Instead of doing what’s best for the movie, it becomes all about pandering to what you think your market is going to like. If your making a movie for girls you end up with the lead going shopping and trying on 15 outfits and dreaming of being a pop singer/model. If your making a movie for boys the lead makes a lot of fart jokes and uses lots of BIG GUUNSS! Because then the kids can go out and buy the 15 outfits for their dolls or the BIG GUNs for their action figures!

        You can say this started (for Disney) with the official princess line up. All the princess were stripped of their character and made into models to sell girls AS MUCH CRAP as possible.

        But, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe their intentions are pure. What I wrote was my first impression.

  • How to train your dinosaur?
    Love it. :)
    Eyes are probably on the merch/mula, but as long as we get a decent dinosaur movie I’ll allow it. :P

    Plus I’m glad they kept Rapunzel’s short hair. :D

  • eeteed

    so much for lasseter’s “read my lips, no more disney princess movies!”

    • 2011 Adult

      It’s not a movie. It’s a TV special.

      • eeteed

        Thank goodness for technicalities!

        But in the spirit of truth and fairness john lasseter has pledged that there will be no MOVING IMAGES in this television special.

  • Does anyone know whether or not Glen Keane is going to be involved with Tangled Ever After?

    • Will Finn helped with “Return of Jafar” particularly for the character Iago. With that said, it’s possible Keane will be on board to help.

      • eeteed

        is glen keane still working at disney?

      • Steve

        Yes, Glen is still at Disney

  • anonymous

    So…disney offers a tv movie and a cars spinoff? Aside from Reboot Ralph Disney always seems to struggle to find the appropriate project. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, all studios encounter this, i am sure, but , Pixar is always introducing upcoming features in advance that wont be released for years.

    • snip2354

      I think they’re also planning a third Prep and Landing short for this holiday. See? They’re busy!

  • I think the Pixar movies sound great and original enough. Of course everything has been done before to some extent, but the “dinosaurs living int he modern world” premise has never been done in a GOOD film to my account, so maybe this is the chance to make one.

    It’s not like Toy Story or Bug’s Life concepts hasn’t been done before in thousand of shorts from the 30s and 40s.

    I’m ok with the Tangled special if that means they’re not doing any sequels. But I hope those are just random kids and they don’t show the main couple’s kids, that never works very well for some reason.

    • tommy

      I think Jurassic Park was pretty good. And King Kong.

      Does Rodan count as a dinosaur?

      • Oh, yeah, strangely enough, I never thought about Jurassic Park. I was thinking more about movies with “friendly” dinosaurs.

      • JMatte

        How about “We’re Back”…if anyone remembers that one.

      • Yes, I was ESPECIALLY remembering that one when I said there wasn’t a lot of good ones…

      • Kyle Maloney

        I don’t think Jurassic Park can really be compared to this idea. if dinosaurs never died out I can only assume we would have adapted better. Think Dinotopia.

      • If Dinosaurs never died out, then we wouldn’t even exist. :) I foresee a film that desperately tries to prove its own reality (like ‘living’ cars).

      • Andrew Kieswetter

        Rodan counts as a dinosaur. Let’s not forget Godzilla,my all-time favorite movie dinosaur!

    • Don’t worry the 3 little girls in the Tangled poster are the little girls who braided Rapunzel’s hair & then played with Pascal at the end of the film :)

    • animated version of Barney?

  • E. Nygma

    So the idea of 2 movies slated to be released in one year again huh? I have a hard time trusting pixar with this again. I would love to see it, but I think some release dates will be getting pushed back, so don’t get to set on them folks.

    Monsters prequel and the dinosaur movie seem to be slated for 2013 from what I’ve read.

  • CG offers total freedom, yet every major studio’s human characters resemble Lou Bunin’s stop-motion Kinemins.

    Kinemins in action:

  • 2011 Adult

    Oh sweet Jebus I would grab that poster just for short-haired, burnette Rapunzel looking so cute! :D

    Disney also revealed more information on their own CG 2012 release Wreck-It Ralph, the Henson-partnered Muppet film, and The Avengers!

  • James Ciambor

    I am actually incredulous that Disney is content with rehashing what Shrek tried unsuccessfully. The renaissance is truly dead, but its a good guess were in the second dark age of animation. I am truly hoping for Brave to bring back honor and dignity to CGI. Than again with Brenda Chapman ejected from the directors chair one wonders how enjoyable this film will be, and how true they will stay to her original vision.

    Once again, we may be entering a second dark age. This depends on how well Brave does. Because firstly Disney has done anything decent in a decade, and Pixar is their window to the modern world. However Pixar has started to show wear and tear due to Cars 2, which may be a personal film for John but is probably the companies worst since A Bugs Life. Disney didn’t even make a profit for Princess and the frog their less-than-commendable attempt to bring back the renaissance.

    Television animation is a bit of an embarrasment so again does it really come to this? Are we re-entering the seventies and eighties?

    • 2011 Adult

      We’ve already been in a second Dark Age for the past 16 years! These are only nurturing it.

      • M. V.

        if the last 16 years were the Dark ages of animation, I say bring on the inquisition!

        There’s more animated features, TV shows and other content being produced. the internet and software tools have opened up the medium to thousands of talented artists and directed that would never have an opportunity to get there work produced or seen.

        The last 16 years have given all the Pixar films, all of the Dreamworks films. a handful of Miyazaki films. We have had the Iron Giant, Prince of Egypt, Lilo and Stitch, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Sufts Up, Rango. On TV we have had Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, South Park, King of the Hill, Futurama,

        IMO the last 16 years have kicked the shit out of the “Golden Age” when a handful of studios made funny animal shorts. or the REAL Dark ages of the 70s and 80s when there wasn’t much opportunity beyond slugging dope sheets for He-Man

      • James Ciambor

        I’m sorry that your conclusion about the Golden Age comes exclusively from Looney Tunes and Disney short subjects. There is more to be seen. Also some of the subjects featuring animals are not at all shallow – think Bambi, Dumbo and Mr. Bug Goes To town.

        Your comments about the Golden Age echo that of most younger animators that don’t understand the history. I look at their tastes and its all contemporary and anime based; there is a lot to take from artistically from the period of the 1930’s to 1950’s.

        For all the talented companies and artists out there, there will be ones that are bound to suck in today’s industry. The main difference is that today with such a large industry its a hit and miss. Back then it was such niche industry that they were able to filter out what was good and what was bad pretty easily.

        The only real advantage of today is that there are so many companies help sustain the industry and prevent it from collapsing from a commercial perspective. Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s all you had was a handful of companies supplying theatrical shorts, and the occasional animated feature. This was not enough to have a survivable industry, and it led to the first dark ages of the seventies and eighties. Had more people capitalized on the industry back then there would have been a difference.

        Commercially were able to survive much greater than back then, but quality is debatable.

        Also UPA seldom used animals, after the last Fox and The Crow cartoons their artistic aims were to create an angular, flat visual style that usually had narratives featuring humans. They applied influences from culturally rich magazines and artists such as The New Yorker that still has the lead in sophsticated cartooning.

        Also Fleischer’s Superman, Popeye, Out of the Inkwell, all of the features Walt personally supervised and even Fleischer Features don’t use animals as a crutch. When they do, in instances such as Bambi, Mr.Bug and Dumbo, it has levels of depth and sympathy that you couldn’t even get from some contemporary features. What about Winsor McCay… ever heard of him? He treated the art form with such class that we are still trying to understand how to successfully emulate his form of sophstication.

        M.V. we are not in a good position at this point. But people want to delude themselves into believing that were living in the best of times. Pixar and Myiazaki are the only ones making anything inherently interesting in the mainstream feature department, and to me they are the only ones in animated features that can hold their own against classic Disney features.

        However, even these two are starting to lose steam – as Pixar ceased production on several unique feature concepts in favor of sequels, while Myiazaki is getting up there in years. For me you couldn’t make an argument about Dreamworks because they don’t take their craft seriously and are content with repeating themselves. Usually indies are the most convenient place these days. Though we don’t see Plympton getting commercial praise from the box-office. It amazes me how he can fund such beautiful films.

        Also no talented artist can get much done these days, considering how its become more of a business than an art. Look at McCay’s 1927 quote. No big budgets, glamorous technologies, and not even an enlargement of the industry can save the day. Sorry, but no cigar.

        Finally I agree with you M.V. that 16 years is an exaggeration but on a whole things probably in the past half-decade have been looking downward. Disney failed to make a profit for The Princess and the Frog and they were considered the “Gold Standard”. Also it was around that time that Creator Driven programming ceased (as Amid’s previous post stated), this is when we enter the second animation dark-ages.

      • I agree with some of the things you say, but I still can’t see why A Bug’s Life is so underrated. It’s a perfectly good film and probably more sincere than the most recent Pixar stuff. I actually like it more than Toy Story 3.

      • 2011 Adult

        Amid’s post about the end of creator-driven animation turned out to be completely wrong though. While we are seeing a return to the Saturday-morning titles being remade, all the new creators made them theirs’, and revived franchises in a fresh way that made today’s generation pay attention. Also, I don’t see proof to support your claim about how Ghibli is getting up there in years.

      • Anonymous

        Myiazaki initiated in the industry in 1963, most living veteran’s from the 1960’s are not working. So I admire his tenacity to keep on working though eventually when you reach a certain age, it becomes difficult to handle such a large amount of work. He produces several projects all at once and is seventy!

        I admit I shouldn’t have this ageism bias because Grim Natwick could continue to work into age ninety, on The Thief and the Cobbler. So yes I will concede that you are right. Also the Japanese tend to have greater longevity. The issue also steams from the fact that he peaked a decade ago and hasn’t matched Spirited Away in recent efforts.

        However I disagree that having your own creative spin on a successful toy-brand is “creator driven”. Amid was referring to original material altogether. Seems executives are receding back to their beliefs and customs from the 1980’s. They believe the only way to make a profit is to do rehashes.

        Again I stand by my original arguments pertaining to the Golden Age. The issue about the dark ages is firstly that Disney’s current work seldom makes much of a profit and they use Pixar as a gateway to the modern world. Which is starting to fall apart due to being more dependent on sequels than adventuring to newer material. Myazaki the top Japanese animator and one of the only ones along with Pixar to hold a candle at Classic Disney has an unclear future due to the fact that after you get into your seventies it becomes unsure territory maybe hes the next Grim Natwick. Finally television animation is falling apart because in America its hardly creator driven.

      • GW

        Have you seen the recent anime television lineups? There’s not been any creative vision there recently either, not for the past year or so. Japanese animation might aim towards a wider variety of audiences, but these new projects are awful.

      • Mic

        I, too, prefer “A Bug’s Life” to many of the latest Pixar films.

        “Wall-E” and “UP” are good just for their first part. The second part of both films are a mess.

        “A Bug’s Life” on the other hand, is not that ambitious, but the overall film is pretty solid.

      • James Ciambor

        I think its safe to say that no country is at its artistic zenith at this point. I think animation is generally a niche regardless, but if it appeals well enough it can show a profit or be commercially on par with any live-action film. Technically Avatar is animated in certain sequences so further evidence of what I mean. Disney formerly was the most mainstream of them all, Anime Characters nor the rest of American Animation is known on every reach of the planet like the icon Mickey is.

        I don’t actually care for Anime. Its made today’s animation students focus less on their own home-grown animation. But I agree that creatively that have had many moments that can hold their own against America, and you have to tip their hat to how they invest effortlessly in making films worthwhile, Myazaki strikes me as a workaholic and his investments paid off. Though the quality hasn’t reflected the fact any time recent, anywhere.

        You and Adult2011 raise great points. Again just because the output is higher and we are more prolific, and happen to have a larger industry doesn’t mean that its the greatest period of animation history. Its a hit or miss proposition.

      • Pow!

        Hey! If the industry is at such a nadir, storyboard some new cartoons why dontcha!!! As Bizzaro Gahdni said, “Whine about the change you want other people to make!” But he was real fat, and so he must be ignored!

      • Anonymous

        Like I said executives make the creative decisions, so I wouldn’t or no one for that matter is going to get that much done. I know for a fact that some of today’s artists would kick ass but are prohibited from kicking ass. Finally even if they were allowed the Golden Age can still hold its own against any contemporary work no matter how liberated the industry is.

        The greatest artistic advancements for traditional animation were made in the Golden Age for one, that is quite creative. While animated features were much more scarce Disney’s competition compensated for that to some degree.

      • Andrew Kieswetter

        Other good animated features in the past 16 years besides the ones mentioned:Titan AE (Don Bluth’s last hurrah),Kung Fu Pandas 1 & 2, Mulan,Brother Bear,Bolt,Steamboy, Metropolis,and all of Satoshi Kon’s movies.

      • James Ciambor

        Andrew, seems you didn’t read my response to M.V.

  • “The 2013 pic takes place in a world where dinosaurs never died out, and (presumably) mingle with humans.”

    You mean like Dinotopia? Wasn’t that a TV mini-series a few years back?

    • I’m kinda hoping for an alternate world where there ARE no humans, just Dinosaurs.
      Knowing Bob Peterson and his keen mind for comedy, this will be a fun one to watch!

  • E. Nygma

    Disney’s dark age or all animation? Because I think there is still some great stuff coming out throughout industry. Rango, Secret of Kells, The illusionist, How to train your Dragon, and a bunch of the short films/student films on this site. Let’s not be too dismal.

  • Brad Constantine

    is there still room for The Small One 2 in 3d….no wait…we’ll call it… “Assed!”..I’m in the book.

  • Andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    Sad to see that what used to be the pre-eminent feature animation studio, now only is an also ran step sibling of pixar.

    • Marc Baker

      I agree. There use to be A time when Disney could do no wrong, but then they teamed up with Pixar, they just stopped caring. They let Pixar do all the good films while neglect their own animation legacy, and they go out of their way to find the next tween idol that they could exploit to the masses.

  • Pete Doctor saying that the movie will take place in the human mind is almost like saying “I haven’t got a clue yet, but the idea’s still in my head.”

    • snip2354

      I’m thinking it will feature characters symbolizing abstract concepts, like Grandville’s designs, and taking from Jung’s ideas!

  • SKent.

    I don’t see any reason to presume the Pixar Dinosaurs ‘mingle with humans’.

    “Bob Peterson, a longtime studio vet, will direct a film that explores what would have happened had the asteroid that scientists believe hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs, instead missed and allowed the species to move forward. This film is due out holiday season, 2013.”

    If this had been the case, the whole course of evolution would have been different, and it is more than likely that humans would not exist.

    • Scarabim

      ^As I understand it, Pixar showed a production sketch from the movie showing a brontosaurus with a little girl sitting on its head. FWIW.

    • Funkybat

      If it were a true “alternate evolution” movie, that would be pretty cool. There was an episode of Star Trek Voyager that had them encounter a humanoid reptile race that had descended from Earth’s dinosaurs (though their religion/tradition forbade anyone from even proposing such an idea!) That was probably the only exploration of that I’ve ever seen in mainstream entertainment, but I’m sure Pixar could come up with something much cooler.

      I think it goes without saying that, had the asteroid not hit Earth 65 million year ago, mammalian life in the here and now would either not exist, or exist in vastly different form than we know.

  • Jane

    Apperently, there’s concept art that shows a boy riding a dinosaur floating around. And given Pixar’s history, it’s likely the movie will have humans.

    Toy Story (all of them) had humans.
    Bugs’s Life had humans (didn’t show them I think, but showed they existed)
    Monsters Inc. had humans
    Finding Nemo had humans.
    Ratatouille had humans.
    WALL – E had humans.
    And clearly the ones starting humans have humans.

    The only Pixar movies to not have humans are the Cars movies.

  • What’s Winona Ryder doing in a Disney picture?

  • E. Nygma

    “The only Pixar movies to not have humans are the Cars movies.”

    The Cars killed all the humans off after Skynet took control of them. In one scene in “Cars” Lightning McQueen kicks up a human skull out of the desert sand.

  • wgan

    still no newt?

    • tredlow

      Heh, wasn’t the Newt movie about two newts who are supposed to ‘get it on’?

      • snip2354

        Yes, and instead we got Rio and That Wolf Movie.

  • Dan Leon

    As someone who lives in KY, please Amid, don’t remind me about that idiotic Creationism Museum. But yes a stegosaurus did just pass by my house a few minutes ago lol. Still, I’m looking forward to that Tangled special, especially to see more of Maximus.

    • Matt

      “…rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted”

      ..except for the ones criticizing the “idiotic” creationism museum! (not looking to debate, just saying..)

      • Bret

        Well said, Matt, thank you for having some class!

        I always wondered why so many creators and designers find it so far-fetched to at least consider that nature, like a book, movie, or script, might have a creator or designer behind it.

        The Shrek movies notwithstanding, it would seem irrational to try to convince people that an entire film could be created by directionless forces over time, not sure why it’s philosophically out of bounds to question a similar claim for nature.

        Nonetheless, thank you for your true tolerance, Matt, it’s much appreciated!

  • Guys, We aren’t entering a second dark ages. Stop being so cynical.

  • Andrew

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude, or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • I guess I’m the only one wondering that if a world where “dinosaurs didn’t die off,” would there be birds in it?

    • snip2354

      Environment would still change, so the dinosaurs would evolve too! I know they won’t go this direction, but I would love to see how dinosaurs would look like today!

      Without the comet, the continents wouldn’t be in the same places, so the geography would be different, our civilizations would not form the same way they did because of the locations of them all, languages would form differently, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

  • Mic

    Will the Dinosaurs talk?
    Will there be funny dinosaurs doing funny things like Rex in Toy Story?

    Oh god… I hope not.
    ์(I like Rex but I hope he or his types are not in this film)

    • I hope they have the blooper reels like they did in Monsters Inc with Rex interacting with the dinosaurs!

  • I don’t know if animation is going into the dark ages, but apparently Kentucky is.

  • Roman

    they took great pains to make sure no one could think the priest was aroused in this poster :)

    • The Gee

      I know. Whoever did the poster seemed to intentionally make him look away from the golden banana floating in front of his hidden mouth. He’s completely disinterested in that glaring, golden, oblong object and instead looks at the only other golden object in the design, the movie’s title.

      And, that, folks, is hilarious.

  • Some Girl

    This should be interesting :) Pixar definately has some..interesting ideas, but for now, they are ideas, or in the works. We shall give it a chance.
    And for that comment calling that museum “idiotic” ..there are some people, like me, who have that view, and we all enjoy animation here. Lets keep those kinds of opinions, not regarding animation, elsewhere. Thanks.

    • Jane

      You can’t go around in life expecting people to coddle you.

  • Clint H

    All 3 ideas sound really interesting. Dunno how how they could continue the story of TANGLED, but I have hope for it!

  • Ty

    Um, wow… They couldn’t even put in a token brown guy?? o.O

  • John

    Was this animated in house or overseas in India?

  • M

    Wait, out of everything that was shown at D23, Tangled Ever After is what you guys decided to focus on? There’s a lot of other stuff too!


  • Caitlin

    A movie set in the mind?
    Are Pixar making ‘Numbskulls the movie’ based on the old Beezer comic strip

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It would be nice if they brought back Madame Gothel from the dead for the special. She wasn’t really that bad a villainess. Why doesn’t Disney have a villain reform for once? To see her at the wedding smiling would be a beautiful sight.

    • Alberto

      Why isn’t there a dislike button on this thing?

  • Rufus

    I am apalled that Disney would use this title to make it sound like Shrek. Doesn’t tangle have enough recognition on its own without needing to borrow from Disney’s biggest enemy? Screw this!

  • A 2014 Pixar film about the inside of the human brain should be interesting. I’m hoping the story will be different from Osmosis Jones.

  • Steve

    I love how before Tangled came out everyone was like “Looks like Shrek :(”

    Then Tangled came out and everyone was like “OMG NOT LIKE SHREK I LOVE IT!”

    Now a poster for Tangled Ever After comes out and everyone’s all like “The title is like SHREK”

    *face palm*

    PS) Its being animated in house by the same crew who did Tangled…

  • Jenny

    “M.V. we are not in a good position at this point. But people want to delude themselves into believing that were living in the best of times. Pixar and Myiazaki are the only ones making anything inherently interesting in the mainstream feature department, and to me they are the only ones in animated features that can hold their own against classic Disney features.”

    Have you seen How to Train your Dragon, Adventure time, Phineas and Ferb, The Misadventures of Flapjack, or Superjail? If not, you’re missing out. Those are clever,creative shows/movies. I recommend them. and how can you like Myiazaki and not care for anime?

  • Jenny

    Oh and one more, I forgot: Rango!

  • Thanky Thanky for all this good ifonrmaiotn!