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Disney Auction


I alert you to this Disney auction, not because I know Brew readers are financially well off and can afford these vintage cels (several with Walt’s autograph), toys and ephemera — but because I know you will enjoy the ample photographs of this material pictured on the site. I certainly am! Check it out! Good stuff!

(Thanks, Anne Bernstein)

  • OliverB

    Has anyone purchased anything before through that website?

    I registered to bid on several auctions and despite the listings indicating check/money order/paypal, I am asked to submit credit card info prior to bidding on any auction lots.

    Does anyone know if the site charged you directly or processes your card upon successful bids or if it’s just a verification-security measure?

  • Brad Constantine

    That may be the single greatest collection of cool Disney stuff and “wanna haves” I’ve ever seen. What a great, well rounded collection. Just when I think I’m set on actually trying to bid on one thing, I see another, and another. Sometimes it’s good to be broke…too many choices. Thanx for sharing Jerry…What are you gonna try for? I’d take any of those cels or draw-rings…I think the prices are gonna shoot way up on some of those.

  • Someone buy me that Three Caballeros cel! =D

  • Dock Miles

    Wow. Wonderful stuff, beautifully preserved. Gotta give Disney the props for demanding high production standards in the vintage days.

    For those who dig these, here’s a pretty hefty stash of Disney drawings, particularly from Fantasia.

  • Anne D Bernstein

    By the way, the guy who runs this auction house, Philip Weiss, sometimes shows up on Antiques Roadshow. He used to run auctions in the Holiday Inn in the town I grew up in on Long Island. He gets pretty great collections on a regular basis.