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Disney Dog Food


Okay, I promise to stop posting silly Disney food products–as soon as they stop making them.

Brew reader Michael Eilerman snapped this pic of Old Yeller Dog Food at his local Kroger’s supermarket last week. Memo to Disney: Old Yeller had rabies! Tommy Kirk has to shoot him at the end of the flick. It’s a very disturbing film. I’m not feeding my dog any of this stuff!

What’s next? That Darn Cat-food?

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  • Well, it could be worse, Jerry. They could be coming out with Disney’s THE BLACK HOLE toilet cleansers! Now, that mega-vortex will clean your bowl with fresh cosmic vortex power!

    Great, now I’m just giving Disney some ideas . . .

  • I can’t wait until we see Mickey mousetraps.

  • Michael Eilerman

    Well we have Disney’s Bear in the Big Blue House Big wipes and Nemo bottled water. lol. I will keep you posted on another new Disney products. I am a manager at the store, so I usually see the product before it hits the shelf.

    P.S. John, I will tell Corporate Kroger about your Black Hole toilet cleanser idea. My bosses might like it. lol. Personally I can’t wait for Captian Nemo’s Neptune Of The Sea. Is it fish or the Neptune, only Jessica Simpson knows.

  • I saw that movie once as a kid and have never seen it again. Never will. One of the most disturbing movies ever made!

    And I DAMN sure wouldn’t feed MY pet that stuff!

    • How stupid can you be the movie and the dogfood have nothing to do with each other except they have the same name. It is a very good dogfood I feed it to my 5 dogs and have never had an issue with it.Until you have either fed it to your dogs or tasted it yourself you shouln’t be so quick to judge.I bet you don’t even have an animal…

  • tom

    Am I wrong or did Disney/Pixar license Finding Nemo fish sticks a few years back? I know it sounds like a dumb joke, but it rings distant bells somehow for me.

  • to this day i still buy Donald Duck organge juice….which has been around for several (several) decades!!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Heh, Old Yeller was something I was subjected to back in the third grade, and in an entire school-wide showing, too — from two 16mm projectors. I wouldn’t think Disney would sink this deep into the abyss to come up with this licensing stunt.

  • k. borcz

    Honestly, I don’t know how many people would actually get the Old yeller reference these days…it’s a pretty old movie. And you’d be surprised what many people around these days HAVEN’t seen.
    To them, it just looks like a happy dog.

    I was just thinking of all these food posts when I was shopping at my local grocer this weekend. They had some imported juices with Looney tunes characters on them. Maybe you need a special place to keep all these odd licensing images. I do enjoy them though!

  • Esn

    From one of the article linked:

    “Together, these four “Disney moments” have probably screwed up more children than any “adult” movie ever made. All but the scene from Bambi are based on the terror of transformation. All but the scene from Snow White involve the violent loss of a parent or close friend.”

    No! A thousand times NO!!! What is screwing up children in today’s society are not disturbing but real-life scenes from cartoons, it is the absence or the downright devaluation of them. The generation that grows up from material which is always sickly hollow (and in which the effects of violence or cruelty are laughed off as a joke more often than not) is one with a callous disregard for others; a naivete that is often hurtfull for fellow neighbours and is in the long run detrimental to society’s well-being.

    A whole populace being raised on the notions that everything is black and white and that there are never any trully bad consequences to your actions becomes a society of individualistic, uncaring bastards.

  • Jon, the idea of Mickey Mousetraps couldn’t be any more disturbing than OLD YELLER dog food . . .

    “Hi, I’m Mickey Mouse! Heh-heh, I got my tail caught in a mouse trap, and it hurts like a dickens, but don’t worry! I’m just promoting Disney’s new Mickey Mousetraps!”

    Disney’s just being really cynical . . . yet I can’t help but laugh my arse off!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Oh, I can think of worse ideas than mousetraps:

    “And now, here’s Donald and Daisy Duck for Mossberg Shotguns.”


    “Ariel’s Sushi Shop.”


    “Robin Hood Investment Holdings.”

  • ErosLane

    My wife & I live in Cincinnati (Kroger corporate headquarters), so we are quite familiar with seeing OLD YELLER dog food…. which we mock each & every time we pass it, which is, sadly, often on the endcap display, meaning someone paid $$ for that honor.

    Oh, the jokes we have made…. most of them involving ‘the corporate dumb’.

    Personally, we’re waiting to have children until Tink Tampons come out.

  • Truth in advertising dictates that every happy tail-waggin’ chow must foam at the mouth after eating Ol’ Yeller dog food.

  • Inkan1969

    So that’s what they did with the dog’s body after they shot it. :-)

  • There’s no way “That Darn Cat Food” would be a worse idea than “Old Yeller Dog Food.”
    Though, I have to admit I’m looking forward to the officially licenced “Old Yeller dog bullets” available at Wal*mart later this year.

  • If all Disney feeds us at their parks is over-priced fried finger food and soda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…I can’t imagine their food for dogs has to be any healthier.

  • I shudder to think what tie-ins could come from “Song of the South”.

  • Old Yeller Dog Food: It’s the taste to die for!

    Seriously, this has got to be an even harder sell now that killer dog food with toxic wheat gluten has been in the news lately.

  • Meems

    That Disney cat food is actually good quality food – no by-products in the dry food, and none in most of the canned food. My cat has a sensitive system – she can only handle very plain cat food, and I stay away from foods with by-products. She does very well with the Disney food – she’s not vomiting and she’s maintaining weight well. I’ve ruled out any other causes of the vomiting spells – she’s just very sensitive about foods, and prone to hairballs. Food makes all the difference. Go Disney – I hope they don’t quit making this stuff!

  • careful-whatUfeed-yourPet

    I just bought the Disney cat food and wondered why my healthy 17 year old cat, who eats just about anything, won’t eat it. The flavors I bought were loaded with by-products (meat and poultry by-products), but I wondered what “animal digest” was and looked it up. Oh, dear, why are they tarnishing Disney’s name with this garbage? It also has artificial flavors. And one of them has SODIUM NITRATE (carcinogen) for “color retention”! My cat doesn’t care what color it is! This does not deserve to be called “gourmet” food! It has many more cons than just the cost!!!! JUNK!!!!

  • Dana Robinsno

    Aristocats canned cat food causes vomiting in otherwise healthly cats. I’ve tried it several times…taken them off of it and as soon as they have it again they barf their guts out. Also proved true with a friends’ cats. Stay away from this stuff.

  • Paulette Henninger

    That Darn Cat Food. Where can I get it at?

  • I am very shocked about how uneducated some people are about dogfoods. I have fed my 5 dogs Disneys Ole Yeller for 2 years. I take them to the vet regularly and have never had any issues with their health.It is a nutritious dogfood and very economical. I can’t believe people are associating the dogfood brand with the movie. Thats just ignorant. One has nothing to do with the other. I wish people would put this kind of energy into ridding our country of pet abusers, instead of downing dogfood brands. Thank you from one pet owner to another.