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Disney Envelope on eBay


Got a spare fifteen grand? You might be interested in this killer item.

  • That doesn’t look like any of Walt’s autographs that I’ve seen. The drawing of Mickey and autograph might be by Hank Porter. He was one of the artists authorized to sign for Walt.

  • I have conducted a ton of research on Hank Porter and have interviewed his two children, who sent me 66 11×17 photocopied pages of his art, each page with multiple images…his daughter worked with him as his assistant during the war.

    This doesn’t look like any of the Hank Porter “Walt Disney” signatures I have seen.

    I wonder what date the postmark on the envelope is?

    Interesting piece with a chance the art bears an authentic Disney signature. Phil Sears would be a better judge of the autograph.

  • Ray Weinstein

    I downloaded the photo from the auction page and enlarged it quite a bit to see if I could read the postmark. I can’t make out the month, but the year is 1941 and it has a ship cancellation (S.S. something-or-other). This would appear to correspond to Disney’s South American good will tour. It sure looks like other authentic Disney sigs I’ve seen. Someone should ask the archivist of WDP.

  • Here is an authentic Disney autograph. What do you think?

    By the way, there’s a great story in John Canemaker’s article on J.P. Miller in the most recent ASIFA Cartoons Magazine… Apparently a fan asked Walt to draw Mickey for them, and Walt took the paper and walked over to Miller and quietly said, “Here. Draw Mickey on this.” Miller did and Walt walked back and gave it to the fan pretending that it was his own drawing. Miller was furious.

  • Brad Constantine

    That’s a whole lotta talent on one envelope. a rare piece, indeed.
    Also an interesting insight into who was closest to Walt around the time of the strike. The bonus features on “saludos Amigos” dvd shows them all hanging out in hotels and on planes as well as in the field so Walt was around to sign stuff like this. How cool that Walt drew a mickey, and a “revised” mickey at that, with eyeballs and everything. Fantasia was only the year before.

  • Are there any authenticated Mickey’s drawn by Disney himself? I mean, he must have tried it at least once, right?

  • Earl Kress

    There’s at least one authenticated drawing. The studio had it reproduced on mugs for some anniversary or other that I don’t remember. Unfortunately, mine broke in the ’94 earthquake, so I don’t have it anymore. Now that I think about it, it might have been something the Credit Union gave out, but it was still the Walt Mickey drawing.

  • Let’s see – Walt under the mouse, Fergie under Pluto, Ted Sears under the Goof, Webb Smith under the car, Musical director Charles Wolcott under the music notes… Who signed by the Duck and the Centaurette?

    … it’s too bad the auctioneer didn’t post the story associated with this item.

  • Note that the quote by Charles Wolcott is from his first feature composition for Disney, the theme of the Reluctant Dragon. He later did the score for The Three Caballeros, very fitting for being on this trip down south…

  • The link posted by Stephen to the example of Walt’s signature shows what I believe to be a 1960’s signature. I’ll email Phil Sears for an opinion. He is the acknowledged expert in authenticating Disney autographs.

    Walt Disney did draw Mickey Mouse sketches, albeit not too often…but what would you expect…his artistic talents lay elsewhere.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Walt had one of his artists teach him how to do the 3/4 pie eyed Mickey drawing for when kids asked him to draw something for them. He used it long after that design became obsolete.

  • Chuck R.

    “Who signed by the Duck and the Centaurette?”

    Centaurette is signed by Jim Bodrero. And the Duck is Frank Thomas.

  • I believe Phil saw this when it was sold the first time. I seem to remember speaking to him about it. I’m quite sure the seller isn’t motivated to publish his opinion.

  • I just heard back from my friend Phil Sears – the foremost expert on Disney autographs. Here is what he said: “…the signature and drawing are fine and are typical of Walt Disney’s work around the time of his South American Goodwill tour.”

    Phil sells Disney items and can be contacted through his site:


  • Ray Weinstein

    This is a really interesting discussion of early Disney autographs and sketches. Please keep the comments coming. I wish I had more to contribute. Has anyone checked out the other animation art in that auction. Much of it is very early and very nice. It’s all lumped together near the end, on the last day.

  • AB Carr

    Hi–I have, what I believe to be, an authentic Charles Wolcott signature. It is on inside of ‘The Three Caballeros’ album..he dated 1945. The album is copyrighted 1944. He, of course, wrote the score for ‘Mexico’ and was the Musical Director for ‘The Three Caballeros’.

    I could send a scanned copy of the inside of the album with his signture? Let me know if you want me to do this.