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Disney fashion spread in Spanish Elle magazine

The April 2010 issue of Elle Spain features a terrific ten-page fashion spread featuring fashion designers reimagined as Disney characters – drawn by the great Ulrich Schroder. Trendland has posted the spreads online: click here.

(Thanks, Manny Aguilera)

  • Wow! Those are fantastic!

    I’m not the target of ELLE magazine but I’m thinking about buying it this month.

  • Ooooh, dang…I was NOT prepared to see Clarabelle in a ripped catsuit! :)

    Other than that disturbing image, though, it was a beautiful article. Glad to see at least some publications appreciating the artistry of cartoons.

  • It’s weird how loose and stylized the classic characters look against how meticulously-copied-from-Google-Image-searched-promotional-material the newer characters look. Still looks amazin’ though!

  • pheslaki

    Why is Donald wearing a skirt?

  • Scarabim

    Nice art, but man, Mickey does not look good in that loose, rubbery style. His original retro look is best. Wish Disney would use that for more than just T-shirts.

  • Michael Rebain

    Donald is portraying designer Marc Jacobs who is know for wearing skirts/kilts.

    I think all the character choices are great, especially Donald as Gaultier and Goofy/Mickey as Dolce and Gabbana.

  • Mark

    I, for one, do not think this artwork is good at all. As a matter of fact, it’s an atrocious layout, muddled concept, and hideously rendered. It’s ugly and unappealing from top to bottom. It’s not even particularly well drawn.

    Seriously, folks….if this passes for quality, we’re doomed.

  • Nice experiment but I’m unconvinced.

    The design of those characters was about showing their poses and reducing their clothes to the fewest lines possible and yet now the clothes are supposed to be the center of attention.

    Those two things don’t go together.

  • Chelsea

    I think its fantastic! It reminds me of the old style of Disney that wasn’t meticulously drawn. Its imperfect, and that’s why its perfect.

  • victoria

    Not as great as I thought it would be

  • elle
  • Carolyn Bates

    These are such fun fashion spreads. John Galliano, Alber Elbaz, Karl Lagerfeld, and Dolce & Gabbana with stylish stubble are well captured, as are the clothes. I’m open to updated targeted Disney comic strips. I’d rather subscribe to this than Vogue.

  • Karen

    The Schroder link has some nice drawings of his of the Disney characters. Lots of fun. But this ad and spread look pretty ugly. It’s obvious it’s been committeed to death by ad execs at Disney and probably elsewhere. They’re relentlessly unclear and yes, unappealing.

  • Steve Gattuso

    What, no Ralph Lauren? No Michael Kors?

    Fie on thee.

  • Well, someone took a chance.

    And the ducks still don’t wear pants?