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Disney in Argentina, 1941


We’ve all seen the 16mm color footage of Walt Disney visting South America in 1941. Now, courtesy of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture website, comes a segment from a 1941 newsreel (in Spanish) showing a little more of Mr. Disney’s trip to Argentina. Couple of nice shots of Disney signing his name and sketching (sketch above right) with Argentine cartoonist Ramon Columba (sketch above left).

Anyone care to translate the narration?

(Thanks, Oscar Grillo)

  • Basically they are making a compilation of the best moments of that Argentinian newsreel, one of them is the visit of Walt Disney invited by the founder of the newsreel Angel Diaz who honor him during his visit. He Also met with the late Ramon Columba and they sketch at each other with their graceful pencils. Finaly as a souvenir of his visit to “sucesos argentinos” Disney drew a sketch of his famous mickey mouse.

  • Hello!, I translated it, here it is:
    ” In 1941 it was a great thing the visit to our country from the creator of the animated drawings Walt Disney, personal friend of our fundator Antonio Ã?ngel Diaz, he was welcomed by him. Along with another friend of the house, the dissapeared cartoonist Ramón Columba. they focused on each other with their funny pencils. Finally, Disney, as a memory of his visit, made a Mickey Mouse for Sucesos Argentinos (Argentine Succes, the name of the tv news)”.

  • In 1941 there was no TV in Argentina. “Sucesos Argentinos” was a cinema newsreel. Ramon Columba was a terrific political caricature artist and also the founder of a magnificent publishing house that published some kickass comics magazines till the early seventies. Columba also produced some animated films.

  • red pill junkie

    Che Disney! ;-)

  • Disappeared cartoonist sounds a little unnerving.

  • Who says Walt couldn’t draw–that’s a great sketch!

  • Chuck R.

    “that’s a great sketch!”

    I was thinking the same thing. It’s not quite as good as Columba’s of course, but not a bad effort. I also remember seeing a really nice sketch Walt did of Leopold Stokowski, but I can’t find it in any of my books. Anyone know of this? Did I imagine it?


    I do believe that the Stokowski sketch is in The Art of Animaion. (big white book with Micky with paintbrush) I’ll have to check. I’m sure I have it though.

    I wonder if Walt met the Junta Peron and wife Evita, while he was there?

  • ramon columba III

    to Mr rodan.
    peron wasn’t at the moment. he met him for sure but knowing what was going to happens and having a lot of work with his own publishing company and magazines , paginas de columba and el tony, he decide to quit , amongs many years doing the job in the senate , as director , he gives the chance to some one to take the post. The magazine was very popular and peron once told him to picture , no matter he looks ugly, he said. and we use to have the letter when he beacme president to be again in the senate.
    my treasure from walt D. is the book fantasyland , signed and dedicate by him.