Disney Music in Vancouver Disney Music in Vancouver

Disney Music in Vancouver


The Telus World of Science in Vancouver, which I believe is a children’s museum, is hosting an exhibit called Disney: The Music Behind the Magic, 1928-Today. It runs from June 8th to September 7th. Sounds interesting, though I’m not sure how scientific it is. If you live in the area and check it out, let us know what it is.

(Thanks, Corey McDaniel)

  • This seems to be the (quite interesting) exhibit that was at the EMP in Seattle a year or so ago. The name and the logo are the same. Boy, that didn’t travel far!

  • My “science fair project” (in the 60s) was “Animated Cartoons!” I promise you….there was nothing “science” about it….but it won honors alllll over LA…..+ they made be the “president” of the Science Club!! (“Science” is probably my least favorite thing on the earth…next to sports).

    This is MY cup-of-tea….wish to hell I was in Vancouver!!

  • HA! Finally! An animation-related exhibit that’s NOT IN THE USA.
    Science World is a single two-minute ride from my work. I’ll do my best to stop by!
    Also, for anyone in the area, check out the ‘KRAZY!’ exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

  • Jody and I attended the opening day event for this show at the EMP in Seattle last year. It’s quite a clever exhibit.

  • Pop-eyed

    Also showing in Vancouver is ‘Krazy’ which Art Speigelman was in town promoting. I have no idea what’s in this one either.


  • I live around 40 minutes away. The geodesic dome was part of EXPO 86. After the fair it turned into a display area for traveling exhibits – dinosaurs, various science-type fairs, etc.

    TELUS is the second largest telecommunications company in Canada (and the Philippines if you count their 2,500 person call center in Manila – they’ve been outsourcing major portions of the company…but I digress). TELUS bought the naming rights to the dome a few years back…they’ve been doing that with all the big science centers in Canada.

    This is in fact the same exhibit, although I understand it’s been watered down a bit and won’t be on the same scale or depth as when the show was in Seattle. I’ll check it out with the kids and will report back.

  • hedgehoggy

    Telus have only actually got three science centres in Canada named after them – Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. They also sponsored two others – Toronto and Montreal, but they didn’t have to change their names like the other three.
    Still, sounds like a good exhibition that will be seen by a whole bunch of people who don’t normally search out this kind of thing.

  • garp bensenhaver

    I went to the exhibition on the opening day! For my friends it was really informative, i however found it dull. A little too much focus on High School Musical, but all the original silly symphonies were on display. Lots to see and do.