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Disney Pawn Shop opens in Orlando

Times are tough in Toontown…

Opening tomorrow (12/3) in Winter Garden (near Orlando) Florida is the Theme Park Connection, a pawn shop specializing in buying or selling authentic Walt Disney memorabilia, from costumes from the Haunted Mansion to signs from the Splash Mountain ride. According to Click Orlando:

The store is not affiliated with Disney, but it offers Disney employees the chance to turn in their costumes and collectibles for cash. Mark Pianko, the store owner, told our sister station Local 6, “No one else is doing it. We’re the only place I know that’s offering people cash to bring in Disney theme park items.” People have referred to the Winter Garden store as “the world’s largest Disney pawn shop.”

Click here to see a video of the shop.

  • Sarah

    I wanna go there.

    • Ditto that! You had me at “signs from the Splash Mountain ride”.

      • dbenson

        A mysterious billionaire sends international jewel thief Tom Cruise after a complete set of Seven Dwarves costumes. Two-fisted Disney lawyer Tom Hanks is called in as the thefts become more daring and brazen, with Bashful skyhooked out of a parade. Loose cannon federal agent Angelica Jolie goes undercover as the Evil Queen, suspecting the dwarf heists are just a cover for something much more insidious. And Emma Watson, the newly hired Snow White, becomes an unwitting pawn in a game of big money, big mice, and unspeakable passions in the seamy, sordid world of Disney collectibles . . .

        Concepts are everywhere if you know where to look.

  • Mike

    Do they have used Cars?
    Two for the price of one…?

  • Cool. I’m stopping by on my next trip to Florida!

  • Finally, somewhere to sell all my cast member holiday gifts!!! Except the Snow White jewelry box, that one was nice.

  • If you work for Disney World, they have stores that sell this stuff too for employees to buy.

  • Skeptical

    Excellent! Now I know where to take my ‘My Peoples’ crew jacket.

  • Toonio

    And Disney World’s loss prevention department starts seeing an increase in “misplaced”/lost props…

  • Scarabim

    Did I see a Haunted Mansion plaque on that shelf? *drool*

  • Anthony

    I wonder if they have Mickey’s house from Toontown fair…