Disney promotes Tangled with “double rainbow” viral ad Disney promotes Tangled with “double rainbow” viral ad

Disney promotes Tangled with “double rainbow” viral ad

How is it that a studio that once represented the height of creativity in filmmaking is now clinging onto the tails of tired Internet memes to promote its films? This viral ad for Disney’s Tangled is based on the “double rainbow” meme, and unlike the blammed Up, it’s not a parody.

UPDATE: Videogum offers an imagined dialogue between the Disney marketing execs who came up with this Tangled ad:

Advertising Executive 1: So let me get this straight, in order to promote Tangled, the new Walt Disney update of the Rapunzel fairy tale, which is already irreverent to the point of being nonsensical, and doesn’t seem like something that would appeal to anyone, even a child with no discernible taste, we’re going to make a parody of a viral video that is not particularly interesting to children since it doesn’t feature anyone falling down or farting, and is actually just three minutes of shaky nature footage with a grown man crying in the background, a video that bears absolutely NO relation in either theme or tone to the movie we are trying to promote?
Advertising Executive 2: Exactly.

(Thanks, Fred Baggins)

  • Dustin

    It’s pretty clever, but I still have no interest in seeing this.

  • I really haven’t been taken by anything I’ve seen of tangled yet (except the tower setting), but I actually like this viral. I’d maybe go see the film if that’s all the promotional material i’d seen.

  • MichaelDair

    I saw enough :30 seconds in.

  • Andrew

    Viral videos are supposed to be short and attention grabbing, not overly long and drawn out. And Jesus, the Double Rainbow meme? Really? That’s ancient history in YouTube time.

  • MC

    Surprised when he went inside they didn’t do a “Blair Witch” riff. Because, y’know… hip and edgy.

  • They couldn’t get William Shatner?

    • CoffeeJedi

      Nah, he just climbs mountains.

      Why is he climbing a mountain…..?

  • McDoogle

    If Disney were clever, they would actually give 4Chan access to some art assets to see if an original Meme could come out of it that they could use. Memes move at such a quick pace on the internet by the time you’ve tried copying one, it’s already old.

    • I would be truly afraid of whatever 4chan came up with for Disney.

  • TheGunheart

    I have to say, watching it with the sound off…am I the only one impressed by the background visuals? They seriously give me a vibe like the classic multiplane camera effects.

  • Karl Hungus

    Disney sucks.

    Do we need to elaborate any further on this? Every major decision they make is by committee thereby ensuring the direction will be gutless, the creativity will be watered down and they cater to the lowest common denominator. – AND no one will ever answer for these decisions, because it was made by a group of twelve execs. No fall guy ever.

    There is no intrepid thought in any of their processes and all creativity is interpreted as ‘risky’ by the group think. I thought it was bad before I had the direct experience of working with them, and now I know its ten times worse than I though.

    The people who work there will defend it on the basis that they pull a good paycheck and wonderful benefits but beyond that, its a cesspool of mediocrity. They should knock down the whole lot, fire everyone, and start over. Short of that, we will continue to endure bland garbage releases. One, ofter another, after another.

    • Deaniac

      When I look up “cyncial” in the dictionary, this is what I will see.

      • Karl Hungus

        And the rest of the world will all still be wondering what Disney has actually produced that this worthwhile in the last ten years. Look that up.
        And stop drinking the Kool Aid.

      • Actually, I think the rest of the world, outside of the world of bitter animators, loves what Disney has been doing for the past 10 years… whether it sucks or not, it doesn’t matter, and THAT’S what sucks…

      • Karen

        “When I look up “cyncial” in the dictionary, this is what I will see.”

        I’d buy another dictionary. Yours spelled “cynical” wrong (!!)

        First off–let’s retire the word “meme.” It’s SO 5 minutes ago. Although it does describe the desperate lengths Disney will now go to get attention (ME! ME!!).

        Just awful.

      • Deaniac

        “I’d buy another dictionary. Yours spelled ‘cynical’ wrong (!!)”

        Regardless of how I misspelled it, you knew what I’m saying. So I got my point acrross – I mean “across”. :)

        “And the rest of the world will all still be wondering what Disney has actually produced that this worthwhile in the last ten years. Look that up.”

        I looked it up. Last time I checked, it was called an opinion. Just because you have a hate-filled viewpoint of Disney doesn’t mean the “rest of the world” has. Unless, of course, that’s what you percieve Cartoon Brew as. Personally, I think Princess and the Frog is the best movie Disney has produced since the 90s. Some people here will probably bash me and say rude things in response (since that’s how CB operates), but at the end of the day, it’s my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

        I do admit that Disney’s current marketing department is pretty messed up and that there were multiple other ways to promote this film that didn’t involve parodying double rainbow. That being said, you can’t base an entire film on a trailer of all things (let alone declare DEATH to the current regime), it’s just not enough. Why can’t people actually watch the movie before declairing it’s the worst thing Disney has ever made? People should really stop being so judgemental and give this movie a chance. NO, I don’t work at Disney, and NO, I’m not saying that this movie is a masterpiece. Just give it a chance or something. Jeez.

        Protip: If the viral marketing team is supposed to promote this movie on places like the Internet, and this article drew hundreds of reader’s attention to that one viral teaser, THEN THE VIRAL MARKETING TEAM DID THEIR JOB. IN FACT, THEY SUCEEDED. They’re probably trolling you all right now, laughing at your reactions. Well, probably not, but I’d laugh if they did.

    • Liesje

      “Every major decision they make is by committee thereby ensuring the direction will be gutless, the creativity will be watered down and they cater to the lowest common denominator.”

      Correct. I’ve worked on several major advertising campaigns for Disney and our team is convinced their motto is “Give us something awesome and then make it look like crap.” After 20 to 50 rounds of revisions, the ad you created three months ago looks like s#*t.

      “AND no one will ever answer for these decisions, because it was made by a group of twelve execs. No fall guy ever.”

      Not true. We’re always the fall guy.

    • lolatyou

      @Karl Hungus

      Let me guess, your parents never took you to any of the Disney parks as a kid?
      Also, check the your sentences if you decide to comment intelligently on a subject, it’s just sloppy.

  • I think that’s a fun counterpoint to the deeply intoned “world beyond your imagination” kind of trailer that fantasy films are usually hawked with.

    It’s certainly absent the self-seriousness that blighted some of the later 2D films.

  • Lindsay

    That felt really forced and awkward… not unlike most of Disney’s recent work.

    • Clay

      This is exactly what I felt. I LOVE classic Disney, but this viral attempt is a joke and looks really desperate. Beautiful visuals but not quite as authentic as a double rainbow. Maybe leave this to Pixar and go back to classic animation k thanx

  • didn’t microsoft already do this for a commercial? at least they used the actual dude, hopefully he got some money for this.

    not excited for this movie in any way.

  • Only one thing is certain with this video: marketing departments have yet to grapple with what exactly a “viral” video actually is and how they are made.

  • Ex D

    This is really lame. Disney is clutching at straws here to try to make the best out what they know is going to be a tanker of a film.

  • Mike Russo

    This movie is going to fail so hard.




  • holyduck

    Why does he continue the parody when he ISN’T looking at the sky anymore?

    Why do they recap every event covered in the last trailer?

    When did he even carry a camera? And then one that can record in the dark?

    Who’s holding the camera in the last shot, when he’s on the other side?!!


  • Cameron Koller

    Oh my God, this hair must be OVER 9000!!!!!! feet long. So glorious is it that I could do the Numa Numa to Chocolate Rain, send that video to Stanley Kubrick as an audition tape, and then What What 2 Girls 1 Cup in the Butt and get people’s reactions on video.

    But I just wonder what Ganon’s up to…

  • Shmorky

    this is fucking terrible and embarrassing.

  • chris s

    I fail to see how “Double Rainbow” relates to Tangled. Gratuitous, off target, and totally lame advertising move.

  • From Inside the Hat Building

    Please ignore this. This doesnt represent the film.

    Disney doesnt suck, Disney Marketing sucks.


    • Cyle

      I certainly won’t judge the film off of this. I’ve seen some truly horrible marketing for great films in the past. That said, this video is embarrassingly horrible.

    • Actually, I’ve already made my decision not to see the film when it comes out based on the official trailers. This just seals the deal.

      I don’t know why Disney decided to abandon its long history of showing respect to the original source material, an approach that’s worked for generations (and made them trainloads of money), and opted instead to make fun of it Dreamworks-style, but they can do it without me.

      • Elan

        It doesnt make fun of it “Dreamworks style.” The trailers make you believe that, but it isnt true.

      • I WILL Judge the film based on this and the previous trailer which is supposed to make me want to see the film (and failed at making me want to do that). It looks terrible and that is that. Why are they still remaking fairy tales that have been done over and over and over? DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL! How hard is it to just take a risk and be creative. Nevermind, it must be really hard in the day and age where Hot Wheels gets its own TV show, Flapjack gets canceled, and something this smelly can have millions of dollars pumped into it.

  • The Good News: The trailers so far aren’t giving the entire movie away.

    The Bad News: Will they work?

    • It’s Rapunzel told from the story of the guy who rescues her, how different is this story going to stray from the original fairy tale?

  • Matt

    Why is Marketing always a separate department form the people who create the actual content?

    @: Inside the Hat Building.

    Tell Lasseter or Ed to go stab them in the face for all of us.
    Or perhaps for Steve to downsize THEIR department for a change.
    (Yes, that’s over the top, but it’s exactly how many of us feel)

  • matt

    Ah c’mon, this is nothing new for Disney.

    I still have my “Mickey Mouse Disco” vinyl album!


    I really am looking forward to Tangled, but I couldn’t even watch more than half of that hot mess. It was hideously humiliating. Of course it doesn’t help that the original Double Rainbow makes me cringe anyway.

    Clearly Disney is trying to pull in young-adult demographics, but they’re doing it in such a dorky last-minute desperate way it might work the opposite way.

    I hope it doesn’t, because I really want this movie to succeed, but… guuhghh.

  • David

    What’s that smell ?

    Oh … flop sweat.

    Desperate and sad.

    So everyone like “Inside the Hat Building” who says: “Don’t worry , the movie isn’t really like this , it’s actually good.” Um , ok … then the question is: why is the Disney Co. selling THIS movie ? The people who show up to see THIS movie are going to be disappointed that it’s not anything like these jackass trailers , and the rest of us who stay away in droves won’t see it until it’s too late (when we finally see it on DVD months later and say “hey, what do you know , that Inside the Hat guy was right, this is pretty good” .)

    • Matt

      If it’s either a fancy marketing ploy or a stuff up, it’s a stuff up nearly every time.

      Why does Disney Marketing get the chance to do stuff like this, but Disney Animation doesn’t get to do an original, and developed from the group up, story?

  • When Adventure Time did it, it was perfect and funny because it fit the context of the show and characters. This guy comes off as a douche and I hate this movie even more…

    PLUS I wanted to point out when I went to a Disney Store, they’re marketing this movie with a huge wall of stuff. Yet when Hot Topic already has Shirts and Buttons of Epic Mickey, there wasn’t even Oswald in site at a Disney Store…

  • Adventure Time did it better. ‘Nuff said.

    • tonma

      It’s amazing to think how hard I laughed at the adventure time one, it caught me completely off guard, but… this one just made me feel bad… I guess the source of the joke changes everything.
      I mean, you could picture Penn Ward discovering the original rainbow video like everyone else did an giggling at it. In the other hand imagine the Disney meeting room and the poor guy who pitched this idea to a bunch of money brains, trying his hardest to explain them why it would be soooo funny…

  • Sam

    Can somebody fire the entire marketing department at Disney and hire a new bunch of people who can actually do the job RIGHT at Disney? I mean, come on, first they messed up the name Rapunzel into Tangled (which other countries marketing department are smart enough not to follow that and stick with the name Rapunzel), then this.

    Disney needs to get rid of incapable people who are messing crap up and hire actually GOOD people. Oh, and also.. Who’s doing the hiring too???

  • james madison

    Question to anybody who knows..possibly Amid knows the answer.

    Was Tangled originally supposed to be an experiment between CG and 2D, in hopes of making the finished product look more “painterly” rather than CG?

    I could be wrong but I thought I heard talk of this.

  • NY animator

    Thanks Disney Marketing Team. You just marginalized the very film you were trying to promote with an obtuse, nonsensical web parody.

    A midwestern soccer mom could have come up with something more clever than that.

  • The Gee

    Yet again you are all discussing marketing and promotion of a product as if it is an integral part of the product.

    Despite the intentions of posting this and dissing it, you are all just continuing the chatter that Disney actually wants. Youse a part of the buzz. Be the buzz good or bad.
    You’re continuing it…

    Again, don’t get all worked up over stuff like this, get worked up over whether the end product is actually good or not. And, for goodness’ sake, how long has this production been in production? Forever?

  • Elan

    To James Madison

    It was always supposed to be CG, but at one time they experimented with a CG painterly look (think 5 years ago). It was never traditionally animated in any way. They ultimately shifted gears to make a CG film with the expressiveness and life of traditionally animated Disney films, and were heavily influenced by Glen Keane’s illustrative style.

  • Scarabim

    This looks so desperate and sad, I wanna cry.


    Please, PLEASE, somebody show Iger the door. NOW.

  • Cartoon Paul

    This was awful. What if someone doesn’t get the reference? I didn’t. I’ve seen the double rainbow video, but when I saw this trailer it didn’t click right away. The result? I found the main character and his voice beyond irritating. Now that I get the reference, it’s no funnier or less irritating. Disney used to be able to make somewhat entertaining films even though they were never my cup of tea. Now, I find them too irritating to be enjoyable.

  • james madison

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, Elan.

  • matt

    I actually think it’s GOOD they’re now calling it Tangled, rather than Rapunzel Unbraided or whatever. Because from everything so far it seems like yet another “post” fairytale, with cynical quipping and a hip sensibility, rather than the straight out tale.

    So to me somehow calling it Tangled and disasociating themselves a bit from the source is more consistent and somehow HONEST to the idea of them doing the now tired old/new ‘hip’ take.

    Isn’t that better than them calling it Rapunzel and finding out the final product is a bunch of pop-culture riffing that disingenuously uses the name value to get us in the seat?

    Humph. Back to my Mickey Mouse Disco album! Zipadeedoohdah disco style!

  • Nathan Last

    Seriously Amid you need to get over your anti-disney ideals or stop co-running this forum.

    Your passionate anti-Disney views are letting down this once great site.

    How about some balanced reporting on the Disney Company. Yes, not everything they do is going to work and some we may think is rubbish.

    If Dreamworks or one of the other companies made this promo video I’m sure it wouldn’t have got the backlash that this one has got.

    • Maybe if Disney stopped doing this horrendously retarded things Amid would stop pointing them out.

      Even if Pixar made this promo(they wouldn’t) it would still be stupid and deserve to be ridiculed.

  • Tim Schuit

    I remember when the first images of art from the film surfaced a few years ago.

    People were excited about how painterly it looked, how true-to-form Rapunzel appeared, how it seemed as though Disney was bringing some of its oldtime magic to the world of 3d animation.

    Now it’s clear this is going to be another pop culture shitfest.

    Congrats, Disney.

  • I like how they imply the main character is on mushrooms.

    Kids! To enjoy Tangled, take mushrooms!


  • FigmentJedi

    Why must Disney marketing keep going full retard what with this, BLAM, the campaigns on every movie from like the last decade, and the Princess franchise killing any interest in all movies involved for anyone that isn’t a little girl?

    Did Princess and the Frog’s reception terrify them so much that not only a female protagonist is at fault, but so is going back to the feel of older Disney movies?

  • Paul N


  • Iain

    Does anyone sense that?

    It’s the feeling of “Treasure Planet”‘s outcome in the air.

  • Woodrow

    I don’t want this movie to be funny. Pixar can do funny, it seems to be enough for them. I want Disney to make me feel something. Sorrow (Snow White), wonder (Fantasia), suspense (Cinderella), fear (Sleeping Beauty), grandeur (Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King) are all punctuated by a periodic chuckle or chortle. But they are pummeled by slap stick and stereotypes of the modern teenager.

    I honestly don’t have much knowledge of the new directors, so my deep hope is that the influence of Glen Keane’s story boarding sense (Fox and the Hound, Rescuers Down Under, Pocahontas) has at least preserved some magical moments through all the corporate hacking . . . I mean ‘changes’.

  • Gobo

    It’s actually pretty clever.

    Yeah, I said it. They cleverly riffed on a meme.

    No, they didn’t imply that the character’s on drugs. No, they’re not raping Walt’s grave.

    If you get the reference, and chuckled, they did their job. If you don’t get the reference, this isn’t meant for you, so you don’t need to complain about it like an old cranky man.

    • Cyle

      I don’t think people are complaining because they don’t get the reference. The parody is painfully obvious, and that’s part of the funny. It’s not funny because it isn’t clever. They just jumped on something that was popular on the internet for a while, but has no relation to the film in any way. Trying to capitalize off of someone else’s popularity is a bad (lazy) way to promote a film. Again it says nothing about the actual film’s quality, but there’s nothing wrong with people pointing out bad marketing.

    • CJ

      I get the reference, but that doesn’t mean this ad wasn’t complete and utter shit.

      I laughed, but I laughed because it was so bad.

  • Julian Carter

    As always, I distinguish between the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Animation Studios. I’m a fan of the latter, but not of the former.

    Seems a tad unfair that the filmmakers must be blamed for this rubbish when they probably had nothing to do with it. Will everybody calm down, please?

  • Matt D

    Let’s see…. 58 comments in less than 24 hours? You do all realize that, based on that fact alone, we are all PART OF DISNEYS MARKETING STRATEGY, and that THAT STRATEGY IS WORKING.

    Now about the actual video…Is the video awkward and forced? Yeah, probably. But the fact is that the majority of the demographic they are aiming at will think this is hilarious.

    This video isn’t for everyone. I do hope we get a real, true-to-the-movie trailer sometime soon, but in the meantime everyone else needs to relax.

    • MichaelDair

      It’s not that we are playing into “Disney’s Marketing Strategy.”

      If that were the case I would be compelled to pay the theater ticket price to see the film.

      What we are reacting to is Disney’s design by committee; its continued desire to please everyone. Which in turn, pleases very few.

    • CJ

      Even if we are promoting the film in a bad light because a majority of people dislike the premise and or advertising. It’s not going to make people see it anymore. In fact, it might make them see it less.

      Just because something is horridly marketed doesn’t mean people are going to buy. Much like veal and puppymills. Both have horrible truths and are talked about, but you don’t see people knowingly going there or buying in because of those reasons.

  • Cyber Fox

    Chicken Little did think kinda stuff in it’s advertising by milking Numa Numa

  • Spencer

    I think if they really wanted to choose one, they should’ve done an autotune remix of some of the lines in the trailer. That viral’s pretty lame.

    The one Adventure Time did BEFORE it is a hell of a lot funnier and more creative.

    This one also just kinda’ went off the deep end.


    • Gobo

      Pen Ward was one of the first people to discover the original video and spread it around… it cracked me up when he riffed on it in the show.

  • McDoogle

    @The Gee

    We may be part of the Buzz, but negative buzz is not good. Despite what some people say, bad press isn’t better than no press.

    I think somewhere along the line, Disney have actually diminished a project that could have brought back classical Disney fairytale animation back to the forefront and away from the throne of Pixar.

    The original Title of ‘Rapunzel Unbraided’ has a certain classical touch and even the concept art and test footage from years ago looks great. Now, we’ve been stripped of the original title to ‘Tangled’ because someone at marketing thinks boys do not want to see a movie if it stars a girl. The trailers, although beautiful to freeze-frame and wonderfully animated…seem to show the movie’s story to be not a classical reworking of a fairy-tail, but something akin to a Dreamworks movie filled with a slapstick-filled road journey.

    While I most certainly would LOVE for this movie to be the best thing WDFA has brought out in years, I can’t help but thinking that Disney Marketing decisions are once again driving the show.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    • The Gee

      Hi McDoogle,

      I know that bad buzzes should not be desirable, especially when word of mouth is really important to promoting film and building anticipation.

      But, they are promoting (in what are likely stupid ways) to keep it out there and to get someone excited about it. Extra chattering only (good or bad) only means when the ad campaign kicks in closer to the release date, they’ll continue to drive interest and build off of this multi-year trickling of info on the film.

      And, if I remember right ( maybe I’m not) but wasn’t the Unbraided part version number two? Originally, it was Rapunzel?

      On promotion, in the past week, by trying to diss Disney, this site has made the word “Blam” fairly common, hasn’t it? While people may not be using it the way Disney wants, it led to a parody and people are still talking about it.

      Marketing these days is so much about social media. While no company wants someone else to start up a negative campaign against it, they seem to relish in starting up ones of their own and taking the lumps that go with it, eventually, bad buzz leads to press. Which is why Disney might continue to do outrageous promotion and rely on POing people. Does that seem counterintuitive and counterproductive? Yeah. But, as everyone has mentioned and knows:

      People in marketing ain’t the brightest and are very cynical.

      As it goes, on the movie itself, I get why everyone is thinking Disney’s “Shrek.” I get that. But, we won’t know if it is good until it is out. Until then we just know that it has gone through the ringer for years. That’s not positive. But, The Wild went through the ringer, too. And, it just sorta came and went. For this flick, I think they want eyeballs. If it is in 3D then they’ll take what they can get and try to profit somehow.

      But, that’s me being cynical. I remember a time when either I was excited or didn’t care about an upcoming movie. I barely knew anything more than that it was upcoming. These days: too much promotion, information, extras, teasers, enh.

  • Rooniman

    Well, that was a mintue and 28 seconds of my life gone.

    This is no doubt going to be the most heinous, depressing, most god-awful thing Disney has ever made.

    • Gobo

      You’re kidding, right? You’re condemning a movie you’ve never seen because they did a viral ad for it riffing on a current internet meme?

      • Fred

        I think he was condemning the viral ad.

        Well, on the plus side, they didn’t try to do some dumb pun based viral ad – “wrap” punzel, “rap” punzel, “rap(tor)” punzel.

  • Julian Carter

    Why don’t they just market WDAS films the way they market Pixar films? People go to see those.

  • John

    This movie is going to bomb so bad, and all the execs will blame the animators and the CG animation medium and shut down their animation studio completely! While not taking the blame themselves for not keeping their money grubbing hands off the picture. While Pixar, Blue Sky and Dreamworks makes their killings at the box office, the studio execs at Disney blame their animators for their failings!

    • Fred

      This is all blood on the hands of JL & the Pixar Brain Trust.

      Meet the Robinsons, Bolt/American Dog, Princess and the Frog….

      • matt

        I thought all three of those were already in production (and Rapunzel/Tangled for even longer) when JL and co came on?

  • The fact people are talking about it does not equate to good marketing which is the familiar misconception. If I made an ad for kentucky fried chicken featuring a smiling factory worker tearing the heads of mutant chickens over and over in sickening detail then told you to go to KFC it would be talked about but it wouldn’t make people go eat food out of a ‘bucket’. It is a shame that cheap controversy ‘across the board’ is assumed to be enough by the very people being short changed

  • Julius

    Very good viral. It made me smile, I liked it, I sent link to my friends. I think it is working, especially when you have seen double rainbow :)

  • I still just feel gross thinking about the fact that her prehensile hair must have its own bone structure and blood supply. She must have really strong neck muscles too.

    • Steve

      She doesnt have prehensile hair. She uses it like a whip/lasso sometimes and Marketing was playing that shot in reverse to make it look like it pushed the window shut.

      And that shot in the trailer with Flynn getting beat up by the hair was a test, and a test only. Not film footage.

      • Well OK then, imagine the buckets of sebum secreted onto that hair. Disgusting. Got to get a mega-bottle of Prell.

  • Jorge Garrido

    But will it play in Peoria?

  • Giovanni Jones

    It’s a challenge — though not impossible — to do clever comedy when you’ve got nervous, cautious, calculating, ever-climbing higher-ups watching it over and over. They become amazed that the gags are not funny when you present them repeatedly and by the time it’s approved, produced and edited, they magically say, “There must have been something wrong with the creative execution.”

  • …..

    I despise humanity. Thank you, Disney. You have inspirred me to become a serial killer.

  • timmyelliot

    I watched it once. I liked it for its novelty. I don’t think I’d ever want to watch something like this again, even if it was for a different film.

  • Tee

    It seems like the real problem for Disney is how to sell the exact same princess shit for the hundredth time. Enough with the princesses!

  • Steve

    Here, read these: early buzz is ridiculously positive


    “This film is everything I wanted it to be and then some, as an artist and a movie lover. It’s at once innovative and familiar, and above all a sensational visual treat that does the world of computer graphics proud without once sacrificing the importance of story. Though it was an indescribable treat to have been surrounded by walls festooned with what I consider to be art from the greats, I left the studios yesterday deliriously happy—primarily at having spent the day amongst the first to experience a movie that is not only a proud addition to their legacy, but worthy of championing the title of “50th”.”


    “It’s looking like there will again be five nominees for Best Animated Feature this year. Based the deservedly enthusiastic press response to the work-in-progress print shown yesterday, Tangled could easily be among them.”

    “Clearly management believes they have something with the picture (I would agree based on the snippets and images I’ve seen) so they might as well start the drum beating early.”


    …and this is just the tip of the iceberg. But you wont ever hear Amid sing it’s praises.

  • Leirin

    This is cringe-worthy. Hopefully, it’s just another case of bad Disney Marketing, like with Princess and the Frog – a film I really enjoyed with a trailer that nearly made me miss it.

  • looney lover

    I just want this movie to do worse than frog princess. Maybe there could be hope for more 2d Disney films. I think that if the story sucks , which it usual does in modern Disney movies , If its had drawn at least its pretty to look at and something different than the other 10 cgi movies out that year. Disney should do a nice 2d cartoon movie. Stylized and beautiful things that cgi struggles with.

    • People would have to go out and SEE their hand-drawn movies, rather than waiting til it comes out on DVD. That was the real problem with The Princess and the Frog. If people really want Disney to go back to hand-drawn animation, they have to do their part of the deal.

  • Milly


    You know, with stuff like “How to train your dragon” coming from Dreamworks, I was kinda expecting something shinier from Disney as well. Talk about a bummer. I hope this is just a really bad advertisement. These guys must have been working too hard in their labs and lost their humor along with their hair. So let’s give them less cynicism or we might be faced with more bad attempts at gags.

    I say un-see the advert and watch the show. Or hey, wait for some folks to watch it, then decide if you wanna pay the ticket to catch it yourself. It can’t be worse than blowing off the money to watch something like “vampires suck”.

  • Mckay B.


  • John

    I personally would love all the board members and the CEO to be let go and let all the creative people run the studio!

  • Shortstuff

    Here’s something; What if you didn’t know about the meme at all? If you just saw this ad, you wouldn’t understand what the heck was going on. This is why I hate marketing that doesn’t make people truly INTERESTED in a project but more or less confused because it doesn’t get the message across. Relying on tired internet puns and parodies isn’t exactly the best way to go, especially if not everyone know what the hell you’re talking about.

    I can only guess the person who thought this idea was good thought that memes are SO PREVALENT off-line as well that EVERYONE knows about them. Oh god…

  • Even the Double Rainbow Guy hates it!
    (Also, turns out he’s barely literate. Surprise!)