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Disney artists recently designed five Disney-themed string basses for a charity auction. The pieces look pretty slick. They’ll be displayed around the US before they’re auctioned this summer as a benefit for the Grammy In The Schools music education program. Photos of all of them can be seen in this article at BlogDowntown.com.

(Thanks, Erik Wiese)

  • Chris D.

    When the auction goes live, puh-lease remind us. I will forget, and I want to try and bid. Heh.

  • Paul N

    I’d be willing to bet that Claire Keane’s “non-specific Disney imagery” is from “Rapunzel.” Can’t quite make out what’s on the middle bass in the picture of all five though.

  • EHH

    You are correct, Paul. Claire will be doing Rapunzel’s paintings in the movie.

  • is that the pink elephants from Dumbo on the middle bass in the picture of all 5?

  • Tim Hodge

    Paul N – The middle bass is decorated with “Pink Elephants on Parade”.

  • Ben

    Someone should buy the pink one for Bill Plympton.

  • I wish there were better pictures of all of them. The “Pink Elephants” one is really hard to see, as is the “Princess and the Frog” one. You can make the image “full screen,” but that just shows the image at the same size with the rest of the screen filled with grey. Not helpful.

    They all look really fun, just wish I could get a better look at them.

  • Paul N

    Thanks for the clarification, Tim. Would still love to see it larger.

  • Hello everyone!
    Here is the official site, and you can take a closer look at each individual bass