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Disney Tiki Sculpture


I can’t decide if these are cool—or really creepy.

These tiki garden statues are being sold through the Disney Stores (and online). I imagine they’d be fun to stare at while eating some Mickey Mouse Liver Paste.

(Thanks, Brad Constantine)

  • drone

    What would REALLY be cool (and suitable) would be repros of the actual Tiki Room figures–I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

    I revere MM and Co., but this is kind of…grotesque–too much of a stretch to me. Not appealing as either Tikis or as cartoon characters. I thought they were made out of Legos at first glance.

  • I have a giant collection (still ongoing) of Goofy! I think I’ll by-pass this go-round, tho!

  • Mickey looks like he’s giving a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

  • Those statues are scary and awesome. You could mount them on the roof like gargoyles so they stare down visitors with their giant wooden freaky teeth.
    The Donald one in particular looks about ready to knife someone.

  • I’m a huge Disney fan and these still fall in the ‘creepy’ category for me. As drone said above, I’d love to see reproductions of the Enchanted Tiki Room carvings, but these faces are grotesque and off-putting.

  • K.Borcz

    These are definitely creepy.

  • I kinda like the Donald one, but the others look creepy!

  • Creepy.

    Gotta go with creepy.

  • Ray

    I 2nd the suggestion for mini Tiki Room figures. I think these characters would scare away woodland animals and small children. A Stitch tiki could be fun…yet most likely just as terrifing….

  • tom

    I like them. I think that any time Disney allows reinterpretations of their main stable of characters, it’s a good thing.

    I want the Don for my Donald collection.

  • I think the Goofy one comes off the best. I would -consider- purchasing one for a friend or family member.

  • uffler mustek

    these don’t look like tikis so much as really bad representations.

  • I wonder how big they are.

  • tom

    Nice webstore Disney’s got going there. Every attempt to get information about these things gets an error message or an endless promise that the information is “loading”.

  • Goofy doesn’t look weird, Mickey’s got a creepy smile going on.

    But Donald? That one is PERFECT.

  • eek!
    I like ’em!
    Anyone else notice SpongeBob’s house in the background?

  • I think I am going to worship those tikis.

  • Esn

    Hahah, these are awesome!

    I wouldn’t mind putting a couple of these near my door, just to thoroughly freak out anyone who comes in. I think the Mickey Mouse one is the most disturbing – it looks like there are pins keeping his mouth open.

  • John A

    They all look like they’re in agony.

  • Brian

    Remember that old ’70s “Movie of the Week” TRILOGY OF TERROR, where the evil Zulu doll stalked Karen Black in her apartment?

    I think you could do a very spooky remake of that using the Donald statue pictured above.