Disney wuz here! Disney wuz here!

Disney wuz here!


Some people would go to any lengths to get a autograph from Walt Disney. But would you go to any depth? An abandoned cave in Cody, Montana reportedly has Walt Disney’s personal endorsement—his signature—scrawled on the cave wall. Is it for real? Check out this report from Channel 8 News.

(Thanks, Mark Gittman)

  • Ah yes, in my more desperate years I planned on opening DisneyCaves, a magical subterranean cave for kids to come and visit. It was like an adventure park, with falling stalactites and loose bedrock at every corner. I employed a bunch of tramps to dress up as paleolithic ghosts and everything…

    somehow the whole thing never got off the ground.

  • Jeffrey Gray

    There’s one huge problem…that doesn’t look like Walt’s famous signature. He’d always use those big loops, and that humongous circular thing dotting the I.

    And Walt’s signature never ever trailed off like that.

    It looks like a hoax…

  • Shannon B

    When I was a kid I visited a lighthouse in San Diego. (I think it was called point Loma, I’m not sure) Anyway the rocks all around the lighthouse had names carved into them. I happened to look down and right at my feet was the name of my idol Walt Disney. (Not a cursive scrawl, just carved into a rock)

    Was it carved by him or just a joke, I have no idea. It seems like it would be a waste of time to carve the name of someone famous into a rock but who knows.

    I’ve always liked to think it was really him, and of all the names for me to stand on it was destiny for that one to be right at my feet.
    True story.

  • Donald

    Jeffery: That famous signature was designed for him by an animator (anyone know who??)
    his real signature was actually more like the one pictured…

  • Jay H.

    Just so we’re all on the same page of the same map, Cody is in Wyoming, not Montana.
    Jay H.
    Bozeman, MT