Disney’s 50th Disney’s 50th

Disney’s 50th

Disney considers Tangled its 50th animated feature (not counting The Reluctant Dragon, but including Dinosaur and The Three Caballeros, but not Victory Through Air Power or… oh, you get the idea). The other day we posted a goof on this list by The Fine Brothers, but today Disney released its own viral tribute (nicely synched to the song Dreams by Brandi Carlile). Worth a look:

  • Nice viral, even though their selection method makes no sense…

  • droosan


    MELODY TIME, MAKE MINE MUSIC and FUN & FANCY FREE are all represented, here.

    .. and I am actually glad to see DINOSAUR -was- included.

    It’s not a surprise to see VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER omitted .. though, I seem to recall that SONG OF THE SOUTH and SO DEAR TO MY HEART -used- to be considered a part of this list, way back when.

    • droosan

      Just so the first sentence of my previous comment isn’t misinterpreted: I am NOT questioning the 1940’s ‘package’ features’ inclusion among the Disney canon. They were instead mentioned in reference to a passage which has since been omitted from the original post. -_-

  • messy

    Well, at least Victory through Air Power made it to DVD.

  • Mac

    Although we can argue about which selections and omissions do and don’t make sense, Disney has been pretty consistent with what they count on their ‘official’ animated features since at least the early 90s. Earlier ‘official’ Disney lists of their animated features already omitted the predominantly live action films such as SONG OF THE SOUTH and MARY POPPINS, even though the inclusion of memorable animated scenes allowed them to appear on lists of official ‘classics’.

  • X

    I like the fact that most of the Disney films shown looked great… except Tangled

    Looks like someone dun goofed

    • Some Girl

      And I bet you were one of the people who thought TPatF looked horrible, then changed your mind.
      What is up with people these days?
      I loved this tribute and it was put together very well! Tangled was absolutely great!
      And I bet half the people who comment like you haven’t even seen the film, an if you have, is the negative what people just look for in films these days? Sheesh. You sound like a 11 year old who obsesses over Transformers or something. Atleast give a reason why you think it doesn’t look good, because a matter of fact, it’s some of the best I have seen in CGI let alone Disney. I know it may seem strange commenting about THIS here..but looking throught this site is no other than a Pixar worshipping sancutuary and the rest is dissmissed as some “modern” crap with no artistic endevour. People put blood, seat and tears into their movies.
      I am getting sick of it frankly, and you know what?
      I bet at some point we were getting tired of 2D at some point, or whatever you people like to pick at that makes movies these days not up to par to your so called ‘standards’. Pixar gave us CGI..thank them for this ‘mess’ today huh? I enjoyed Tangled and it was highly enjoyable, looked GREAT, and the musical numbers were nice as well. Sseriously, this sorry attitude from people who claim to love animation sure do seem to be..very narrow minded. I may be 16 and ‘nieve’ about my movie knowledge..but if I am planning to work in the field of animation when I am older..is this what I am going to put up with if I want my film to be a critical success? Are these many people filled with so much crap torwards a beautifully crafted film being panned because it isn’t, BACK THEN?
      Well, I have news for ya folks out there, get over it.
      Embrace and help our animation industry go back to the way you want it. Don’t sit here and just say..”Tangled looks meh”..seriously? Is this what I will have to put up with? What happened to our fire and inspiration, and joy we got out of these movies. Is that genereation I am growing up with really becoming just a bunch of sticks in a mud full of crud? Are we not just simply enjoying animation as it was meant to be?
      Apparently so. When me and my sis become directors and animators God willing, this won’t be the place to go if I want some actual resorceful critiqe and what people are looking forward to. I already despise Armond White’s reviews, why do we need more of him?
      Sorry if this seems out of place, but there is my 2 cents for what has been inside of me far too long. Am I strange for caring about this at such a young age? yes. But heck, I love animation, but I don’t want to see future artists be discouraged by people like many on here, who nit pick at everything. And it is degrading our movies makeing them look like some washed down version of The Little Mermaid? Give me a break..we aren’t making it like exactly like TLM!!!
      ughh..I have more to say..SEE THE MOVIE FIRST,and if you did..give me a better reason than that is is not traditional animation, ohmygawshmusicals are so dumb don do eeettt, and IT ISN”T 2D!! You guys can do better than that! Sorry for grammar mistakes, but I usually type like this for something I love and fighting for..and animatoin is one of those loves. nice vid and tribute. :/

      • Some Girl

        yeah..someone take this one off please..lol. sorry ’bout that.

      • Stephan

        I wholeheartedly agree with you. There are fans and then there are nerds who have to prove they’re bigger fans than everyone else. And this blog has a lot of the latter. If Disney used to make cartoons using slave labor, the commenters would be arguing for that.

  • MC

    When did they start including Dinosaur on “the list”? It wasn’t always that way, if I recall correctly.

    • FigmentJedi

      It’s been on the list since 2007 or so when they debuted that website and the Steamboat Willie logo

    • Paul N

      It’s been on “the list” for some time…

  • I’m not going to comment on the films included, but i enjoyed watching this, i just got to the end and wished it was longer..

  • majic

    I’m most intrigued by how little films Walt made me when was alive, and that their Renaissance Age films came nearly after the half-way point of 25, starting with The Black Cauldren! Man, 50 years were spent on the first half of this list, and 30 years were spent on the other half! I hope they never bit off more than they could chew.

  • I get you’re saying the list is inconsistent. I hope you’re not implying The Three Caballeros is about the same quality of Dinosaur, cause I actually think TTC is one of the best things Disney has ever done.

    However I do agree that Donald Duck movies shouldn’t probably be in the same group of Pinocchio and Snowhite,not the same type of thing.

    In the other hand if you include Dinosaur or Chicken Little then they have all the rights to be in the list.

    Enchanted, Mary Poppins, Song of the South should totally be in the list, they are great Disney stuff. Maybe even A Goofy Movie considering they include Donald Duck movies.

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      Bedknobs and Broomsticks should be in the list too.

  • Some Girl

    Are comments like “every disney movie looked great..exept Tangled”..what? You can do better than that. Give a reason instead of sounding like a 12 year old boy obsessed with Transformers. Tangled was great! Some of the best I have seen in CGI and Dsiney..for a while!
    Is this what me and my sis are going to put up with critical wise when we work in the animation field one day? This place has become a Pixar worshipping site, and nothing but that. Folks dismiss the other films as udder “modern” crap with no artistic endeavor. Blood, sweat, and tears went into this, and if you have ever worked on a film, you should know that, but you haven’t and neither have I,at least give some consideration for their hard work. I am making more sense than some of the people on here that claim to love animation. When I make a movie one day if God allows it, this will be the last place I will look at for some help of what people are looking for in animated films these days. nothing but a bunch of sticks in the mud full of crap it sounds like. Might as well plaster Pixar all over the movie, then it will turn into gold and the tickets will turn into diamonds. We think that all movies these days is some rip off or washed down version of the older films..pftt, give me a break man. I, personally, don’t want any more Armond Whites. Why are we degrading the films we had such and anticipation epecting the best and becoming inspired by? What happened to our passion and desire for new and innovative films? This seriously ticks me off and I have seen enough on this site and some of the lamest excuses for an..excuse. I may be some crazy nieve 16 yearold who doesn’t know a crap about these films. Well, maybe I am, maybe not, but heck I have a passion for animation and I don’t want to see future aspiring animators and storytellers to be discouraged from some of the crap I have been reading here. Thank the almighty Pixar for introducing the age of CGI with the..oh well look..it’s Toy Story!
    I like to embrace the new techniques ans ideas..but no, we want the Disney Boom back. hey, I lived it and I liked it, but it’s time to look at things more positively and not so narrow minded and negative. I frankly have gotten tired of all these tireless bland comments on how it wasn’t the good ole days and what not. I loved this tribute of what Disney did and it was very well made! but when one comment like X’s I see on here..irrelavent to what we are talking about, something inside of me just engulfs me and wants to fight back for something that people just don’t seem to ..love anymore, and it’s heartbreaking. When I make a movie in the future God willing, I will make it the best possible,and if it doesn’t please stingy top critics(or wannabes) like alot I see, who gives a flip? I want to make something for the purpose of inspiring someone, some kid or a grownup, to make something worthwhile. But my chances are slim now for making a critically successful film thanks to you guys. Thanks alot. But that won’t stop me thank goodness, because at some point, it won’t matter in the end. Oh and btw..we have been following this site and some other animation sites since..I don’t, since we were 7??? It’s true..I am obsessed, but for awesome reasons. I just hate to see so many movies being put down from so many knowledgable people about animation..but alot of them are missing something that I have and it seems a small handful of people these days…heart. For the movies and about movies. This may not seem to be the appropriate section to let this all out, but it’s been coming for a while, and here it is. Sorry I don’t think like most people do, and I hope me and my sis can bless the animation industry one day to please more of you folks, but if that fails..then no wonder the world is the way it is today. Sorry for grammar mistakes, but I am not sorry for what I said. Feel free to reply to all my nonsense..
    And don’t get me wrong..I love pixar..but Pixar won’t be and isn’t the only company that makes GREAT films.

  • Deaniac

    Tell it like it is, Some Girl.

  • Back when Dinosaur was first released on DVD it wasn’t listed or numbered as a ‘classic’, in fact it just had ‘Walt Disney Presents’ above it. At least that how it was in the UK, not sure about anywhere else. It also used live action backdrops id it not? I haven’t even seen the film yet but I guess it’s still got more animation than the films they are not including like Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Other than that list list is pretty much what they have been using since sometime in the 90s.

  • Stephan

    Wait, no “Goofy Movie”? I mean, it might not be well remembered, but give the film points for being existent! Also, three other Pooh Movies… ah… I guess that’s not how it works…

  • Nick

    I believe “the list” only includes films animated by Walt Disney Feature Animation, not direct-to-video films or theatrical films animated by DisneyToon Studios (A Goofy Movie, the other Pooh films, Tinkerbell). Though I have to wonder… was Dinosaur even animated by the main Disney Animation Studios?

    Speaking of lists -the European one is even more complicated, Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Pete’s Dragon are included most of the times – I believe even The Wild is in there somewhere. Never mind… The Wild has to be included, since The Princess and the Frog was number 53 (according to the DVD, that is). Though Enchanted isn’t included…? Ugh, I hate lists.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m surprised that Disney counts ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’ a compilation feature of
    their Pooh shorts as one of their 50 animated movies.