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Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua


What fresh C.G. Hell is this?

Sandwiched between this summer’s Wall•E and the Christmas release of Bolt, Disney is unleashing Beverly Hills Chihuahua, the latest masterpiece from the director of Scooby Doo, Raja Gosnell. It’s yet another CG talking dog comedy (though it’s always nice to hear Cheech Marin – again (remember Oliver and Company) – as a chihuahua). I’ve no doubt it’ll make buckets of money. It opens September 26th.

  • That’s…Fucking retarded.

    Unfortunatley it will probably still make a shitload of money because it’s Disney, it’s CGI and little kids will watch anything.

  • It’s repulsively bland looking. Doesn’t look like they even began to explore the rich variation of form that is the Chihuahua breed. I’ve seen some pretty f’d up Chihuahuas, yet this trailer just looks like Attack of the Chihuahua Clones. Where’s the scrawney pop-eyed one, the fat pup in a xmas jumper, the hairless?

  • Alberto

    gotta love the phonetic pronunciation they put up there, chee-“WOW”-wa. But seriously, that movie looks terrible.

  • oh god in heaven

  • tom

    This looks like shit, but the chorus of dogs around the rappin’ poochie are cute and well done. Nothing else about this is acceptable.

    I feel like digging up Walt and punching him in the kidneys just because his name is on this thing.

  • rachel

    I found myself disturbingly transfixed by the trailer . . . mesmerized by the horror of it all.

  • Holy pile of crap!! You just know it’ll be huge!!! Yuck!

  • Julian Carter

    Er … as the dog suddenly popped up and said “I’m a chihuahua!”, I rolled my eyes and thought now starts the usual bullcrap fest. In a way it did (and I cringe at the lack of creativity. Of course, they had to include that popular song didn’t they?) and it didn’t. I think the film could possibly be passable. I’ve never seen Scooby Doo (nor do I intend to) but I believe it was panned as trash by the critics. Hopefully the director will do a better job here.

    Do I deserve to be splattered with vegetables and tomatoes? :p

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    This feels like it’s going to be a furry “Down And Out In Beverly Hills” or “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” This’ll be one of those movies where you already know the plot, the story arc, and half the jokes before you even get to the theater. It’s not the CGI I mind so much as what the 9/11 Commission report called “a failure of imagination” on the part of the studios.

  • Chuck R.

    “though it’s always nice to hear Cheech Marin – again (remember Oliver and Company) – as a chihuahua”

    Are you kidding? Once, just once, I’d like to see them cast Edward James Olmos as a Chihuahua.

  • matt

    Is the Speed Racer picture above a reverse/reaction shot to this article?!

  • Lucy

    Where the heck did this even COME from?! The first time I saw it was on some poster a week or so back in the theater…. I… I just don’t know -__-‘

  • I watched it with the sound off… because I’m too scared.

  • Somehow, Disney’s been making this kind of C-grade animal flick—in one format or another—since the 1950s. I always expect it to drag down the brand, but somehow everyone always forgives them for it.
    Sometimes the animals talk. Other times they don’t. The movies are never among Disney’s most successful: they seem more like “the kind we make because it’s what we do.”
    How come?

  • They should use this to sell tacos. Oh…wait…

  • “demons set loose upon the earth to lower the standards”

  • From the people who brought you Underdog, Snow Dogs and Air Bud and its spawn of unnecessary sequels, comes another Disney family cheesefest about a forcibly cute dog thrown into situations which an ordinary dog would not be found in because, hey, there’s a dog in it and it’s cute and kids and parents love that sort of thing.

    Count me out.

  • I’ll bet it will do well. I mean, hey..there’s got to be a few movies out there for the ladies and young girls to go see.

    It can’t be any worse than movies like Spiderman 3 or The Incredible Hulk. Those were also CGI and they sucked.

    Not that I plan on spending $10 to see this, but it ain’t the worst of what’s out in theaters these days.

  • Julian Carter

    You know, it may suggest being bad but you guys are seriously going over the top. Though I have a total lack of faith in the film, I think it will be a tall order to achieve utter crapness, don’t you think?

    I predict a 35% ‘rotten’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • red pill junkie

    Chaaaaaale! 8-(

  • Sean D.

    OMG. If it’s anything like the trailer, I need to see this!

    Step aside, Iron Man, Hulk, Hellboy, Batman, Indiana Jones, Wall-E, Speed Racer, Bolt, Cloverfield, Horton, Kung Fu Panda, Price Caspian, Sarah Marshall, Get Smart, Horton, Wild Things, James Bond, Harry Potter, Day the Earth Stood Still, and Star Trek… I already know what my favorite movie of 2008 is going to be!

  • I’m with Cynthia, you guys are all idiots for taking this seriously. All of you.

    This freaking chihuahua is going to kick ass and you SO know it! It’s a singing chihuahua!!!! It just says it’s name over and over again! It’s rapping!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!

    I’d find it hard to believe if anyone involved with this took themselves seriously at all. I have to imagine everyone just said, how far can we push the complete stupidity of this film and make it awesomely chiWOWhua. LOL! And dear lord they did.

    My god, just think of the drinks around that office. I wonder if you start your day off with a shot of tequila before animating that thing?

    This is awesome and I’m guessing you’re all pissed because you couldn’t think of this ridiculous idea first and sell it for ungodly amounts of money to some suit. Which reminds me, I need to to get to work on my undercover crime solving potbelly pig idea!

  • Julian Carter

    ^^ I take it you’re not serious.

  • Keith

    “Are you kidding? Once, just once, I’d like to see them cast Edward James Olmos as a Chihuahua.”

    Wish… granted!

    At least, according to the IMDb on this film. Maybe he’ll be a cat or some other toy dog in some celebutante’s handbag, but he IS listed as “voice”.

    I think I may just have to force myself NOT to go see this in theaters. It’ll be tough, but I think I can manage. Kidding aside, if either Cheech Marin EJO were the voice of the lead character instead of George Lopez, I actually might consider killing a Sunday morning with this between all the major blockbusters, for the kick of Cheech as lead chihuahua again or the absurdity of Admiral Adama transformed into a dog.

  • Spit & Spite: your pig would own this dog.

  • Annie-Mae

    I liked the 1st trailers I saw that were called “Viva Chihuahua” and it was a call for them to revolt from being known as little cutesy dogs. I thought it was like some weird TV ad like Got Milk or something but this totally kills the theme of the movie. That song is a real song that Disney re-wrote the lyrics for. The Song is about a dance, I think not really about the dogs. My love for the littles dogs arn’t detered by this movie, I’ve loved the breed since Ren and Stimpy, but this will just make more people want to get the breed (like 101 Dalmations and Air Bud).

    My question is, did people learn thier lesson from the moral outrage that the mexican community had over the Taco Bell dog, and all he had was an accent. This has the accent and the aztec settings and ten time more offensive stuff that we havn’t seen yet.

  • Anne

    YES. I thought something was missing from my day, and it turned out to be a troupe of rapping, costumed chihuahas! Kickass! Now I can keep on living.

  • Killroy McFate

    Alas, how far mighty Disney has fallen from the artistic pinnacle that was “The Ugly Dachshund”.

  • Dave

    I guess these combo live-action-CG talking/dancing/farting animal movies are really cheap to make ? Somehow the Disney company can commit to turning out stuff like this on a fairly regular basis , but they’re oh-so-cautiously dipping their toe in the stream to test the waters of doing hand-drawn animation again. (like , wow , that’s just such a stretch, such an experimental, tentative idea that the Walt Disney Animation Studios would be doing hand-drawn animation; what has it been about 20 or 30 years since they last did one of those things ? OH, wait … )

  • It’s getting tougher and tougher to parody Disney when they insist on making themselves look ridiculous.

  • Joe

    It’s kind of hard pinning this movie, since it tells us nothing about what it’s going to be about other than chihuahuas in Beverly Hills. I’m kind of curious if there will be any gay jokes regarding this breed being popular with that crowd.

    I theorize it will be about a chihuahua living in the upper crust of society in Beverly Hills wanting to go to his “ancient homeland” in Mexico. Shockingly brilliant analysis, I know…

  • tom

    ^^^”Wish… granted!”

    Long live Jambi!

  • Spring-Loaded Buyington

    Movies with the words “Beverly Hills” tend to clean up at the boxoffice. Couple that with Chihuahuas decked out in fey costume design and you’ve got the next “High School Musical”-sized Disney franchise. Disney has never gone broke underestimating and pandering to the intelligence of the American public.

  • HH

    I heard it was painful to watch…

  • Inkan1969

    Why do they show clips of Macchu Picchu while they’re talking about AZTEC soldiers? B-(

  • If I was old testament wrathful God……this would movie would be the reason to get Noah to start building his Ark.

    So yeah, No good.

  • Keith Paynter


    “I have to go now…my planet needs me…”

    Disney needs a training ground like Pixar does with its shorts before projects like these get off the ground.

  • Steve Gattuso

    If it had ANY chance of actually making money, they wouldn’t stick it in the September doldrums.

  • :___:

    Wow…just when I thought the racist taco-bell dog was enough…a whole freakin’ movie !??! after i watched this trailer and stomped on a chihuahua’s head…thats when i realized i shouldnt see this disney whorefest of a movie

  • Pop-eyed

    What – no “Who Let the Dogs Out”? They move like Fozzie Bear in a luke warm rendition of a number from ‘Little Mermaid’ which I guess was a bit too edgy. Pure synergy, baby!

  • jon garaizar

    This is f—ing stupid.
    You have to try hard to be this stupid.

    …and why so realistic?

  • red pill junkie

    Exactly inkan1969! WHAT aztec settings?? It was all a horrible mish-mash between incan, teotihuacan and mayan sites.

    Of course, if you’re gonna have talking dogs, you are supposed to leave your disbelief hanging at the door,right?

    The other funny thing is that aztecs did have dogs, but they were another species entirely. And they didn’t kept them as pets… they ATE them, which could have made a much more interesting plot line if you ask me ;-)

    Yeah, I know. It’s a movie not a documentary.

  • Oy, to echo what Spit & Spite said, perhaps this is a sadistic experiment on how far a bad idea can get– the creators perhaps spent the last decade producing those awful Disney sequels and were inspired to test the limits on selling garbage. Spectacularly awful– though I cringed more at Hoodwinked… ugh…

  • mawnck

    I’m kind of excited about this project, in a “Snakes on a Plane” sort of way.

    The flick stars Piper Perabo (owner) and Drew Barrymore (dog). Dog gets lost in Mexico and … gee, I wonder what happens after that? Haven’t I seen this movie already?

    I assume they somehow work in a bunch of dobermans destroying a Ralph’s.

  • The most thing that worries me is that lots of stupid people (who liked that movie) will buy these dogs, put them in awful clothes and later put them in the animal-shelters when they get boring and replace them with the next “cool” dog or other kind of animal.:/

  • Let’s not forget that films like this are made for children. Not men in their mid-thirties still living with their parents. Lighten up.

  • tom

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on this again, but I showed this to a friend of mine for a goof and we both were struck by how much the overhead shot all of those little dogs swarming looks like a mass of panicked cockroaches scrambling away from the light. Brrr!

  • Pedro Nakama

    If any Latin Americans start protesting this film in front of theaters I will gladly join them! What are those idiots at Disney doing?!

    Save the Rain Forest!

  • vzk

    All this movie needs is a Virgen de GUAUalupe.

  • Fidel

    Caspian, Wall-E and Bolt…those are all the Disney films this year, right? Right…I said RIGHT!

  • red pill junkie

    vzk, I don’t think even Disney has THAT MANY lawyers! :-)

  • I agree with VINCE.

    This is a kid’s film, and you lads & lassies (dog joke…LASSIE; HA! I kill myself!) ripping on it makes about as much sense as Julia Child ripping on an Easy-Bake Oven.

    I, for one, actually laughed out loud at this thing, and though I won’t be first in line to see it opening day, you can bet I’ll be buying a ticket before it hits video…

  • Graham

    Oh, god…

    I watched this trailer yesterday.

    Disney, haven’t you learned anything from Underdog?

  • Kristyn

    I for one think that this movie is going to be funny:D I enjoy this sort of goofy comedy for some reason. I guess its because i’m a goofy person:D

  • Victor

    The smart man now goes out and buys two chiuaua’s and breeds them like heck, and once the movie rolls out, everyone will want one. Instant money, plus it pisses off PETA, what could be better.

  • Diana

    Oh come on folks, this is hilarious! I too laughed out loud when I saw the trailer for the first time and I’ve been showing it to all my pals. And ok, I’ll admit I do own a chihuahua mixed-breed dog. Several years ago she impersonated the Taco Bell dog at a local county fair and won top prizes (it was tough teaching her Spanish but she pulled it off). I wish the movie was coming out earlier so she could wear the rhinstone sunglasses and necklace this year, although she might prefer the feather headpiece.
    Everyone take a chill pill and relax. This is America. If you don’t want to see a bunch of talking, rapping, dancing chihuahuas, then don’t go to the movie.

  • Sara

    The only thing I am worried about it that when this movie comes out, the demand for Chiuahuas will sky rocket. This will put the puppy mills in fast track to produce them to everyone who wants them. It’s just like after every major dog movie…like the 101 Dalmations. Most of them end up in shelters or put to sleep after the craze is over. It’s sad to imagine poor Chiuahuas forced to breed over and over if there is a demand for them.
    At least Disney should talk publicly about not supporting the puppy mills and doind the same speech they did for the dalmations…to not buy them if they aren’t serious about taking good care of them.

    I love what I see so will be a hit…I just hope things dont blow into stupidity when it comes to the conusmer market.

  • Stephy


  • Daniel

    I love this movie I just saw it today

  • excuse me but many of you were quick to judge Beverly Hills Chihuahua before even seeing it. I think some of your comments are quite cruel and downright unnecessary. Of course when I saw the trailer, i did think yes another Disney movie still trying to compete with dreamworks, Shrek. But i still think it looked quite fun and lighthearted – to which I was correct. At the cinemas, I thoroughly enjoyed Beverly Hills Chihuahua or should I saw chee wow wa, it truly was a hoot! As i sat amongst the various children in the cinema, i found myself laughing the loudest. It is nice to go to a movie that is fun, movies these days are so serious and i for one was happy to have a break from critically acclaimed films. Overall Beverly Hills Chihuahua was a great movie – for ALL ages.