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Disney’s “Clara Cleans Her Teeth” (1926)

Calling all Disney completists! The George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, one of the first and finest film archives in the USA, has begun posting several of their rare shorts online. Among the first, Walt Disney’s live-action dental hygiene film, Clara Cleans Her Teeth (1926). This is the best and most complete version of the film I’ve seen. There is a wee bit of animation at the 8:43 mark, but this is otherwise a obscure piece of live action Disneyana. Clara is played by Walt’s niece Marjorie Sewell. You can watch it if you CLICK HERE–and don’t forget to brush!

(Thanks, Leonard Maltin)

  • top cat james

    Interesting curio.

    Here’s my favorite dental hygiene cartoon rarity-

  • Randy Koger

    Very charming period piece. Actually, the two lead kids were pretty good little actors/actresses.
    Very nice to see that film.

    • purin

      They were! I found them very endearing.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    Nice one! I see GEH also has available for viewing the silent colour cartoon “The Old Family Toothbrush”, which is not quite so focussed on dental hygiene.

  • childisfatheroftheman

    This is the same company that restored Domestic Disturbance (Mutt & Jeff 1916) a few years ago, correct? They do excellent work, I hope they put that one up on their website too. This is encouraging, coming on the recent rediscovery of the missintg Laugh-O-Gram cartoons.

    Also, for anyone that hadn’t seen the recently re-discovered Mutt & Jeff: On Strike (1920), the National Film Preservation Foundation has it up at:

  • Craig D

    Don’t miss “Colonel Heeza Liar on The Jump” (1917) which is also at the Eastman site.

    Thanks for the tip, Jerry!

  • This was very interesting. Thanks Jerry

    Another Disney related video I’d suggest, and if you have the rights to post it, is an “animators at play” home movie that Disney made of a lunch time baseball game at the old Hyperion Studio.

    It’s available on the Disney Treasures DVD of the Silly Symphonies – Vol 2 (*disk 2)

    Anyway, just thought i’d pass that along.