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Disney’s Feng Shui


Notice anything animated about this room?

According to Drexel Heritage, this is furniture inspired by Walt Disney! The Disney Signature Collection is what they call a “life-style brand”. There are over fifty pieces in the collection, none of them featuring any characters, but all inspired by the Moderne office decor of the Burbank studio of the 1940s (with names that make reference to famous locations in Disney history – like the “Kingswell Chair” and the “Marceline Mirror”). Some of these pieces are really nice – but this behind-the-scenes sales video is, at best, a bit pretentious.

So grab your copy of Mike Barrier’s The Animated Man and get comfortable in the “Storyteller Sofa”, grab a drink from the “Buena Vista Bar Cabinet”, and put your feet up on the “Animators End Table”. After a hard day of mocap and key framing, you deserve it.

(Thanks, Brad Constantine)

  • No prices listed…must be expensive. Check out the framed pictures they are also selling as part of the line – they’ve chosen some nice conceptual art.

  • Ellen

    Sad…animators only get an end table.

  • Anne D. Bernstein

    Oh, I see prices…and they are high! Check again, they are in the individual product descriptions. I like mid-century modern stuff but I can’t afford this. I’d like to see some furniture inspired by actual cartoons: The Wackyland Collection, the Crocodero Collection…

  • Brad Constantine

    That Walt Desk is awesome! Beautiful lines and the credenza has room on top for a row of oscars!! Gotta get one of those. You never know.

  • red pill junkie

    I’m an interior and furniture designer, and frankly I don’t find anything remarkable about these… except maybe the brand.

  • “Marceline Mirror”? Are they kidding? My Kansas/MO ancestors would get a chuckle out of that one. Where’s the Carolwood Cupboard or the Lyric Lounge Chair? Does the family see a piece of this?

    Actually, it does look like very nice stuff. Anyone could do a lot worse than to base furniture on moderne design.

    And the BAR! My heavens, the bar! It’s lovely–but at that price you could probably find a vintage one. In fact I’m sure you could. I guess all this stuff is meant to be bought “by the tradeâ€?(IOW professional decorators who work for serious sums)…I guess?

  • Chuck R.

    Very nice-looking stuff, but man, that’s a lot of taupe and beige for a line of furnishings named after a Technicolor kingpin. It’s also kinda strange that modern furniture bears the name of the guy who railed against the modern look of 101 Dalmatians.

    Oh well.

  • I’ve been looking for stuff like this. I’ll be glad when you can see the re-creation of his office again at Disneyland.

  • Richie

    The Lucille and Leota Ball on Stand: I believe Walt had a secretary named Lucille and the Leota half of this piece is probably named for Leota Toombs, the Imagineer whose head is featured in the crystal ball in the Haunted Mansion’s seance room. Good thing they chose the order of the names carefully on this one; it could have been the Lucille Ball on Leota Stand.

  • Floyd Norman

    They filled the lobby of one of the Disney buildings with this furniture. Nice stuff overall, and I had a chance to give it a comfort test.

    Overall, I still prefer the office furniture I had in 2-C in the original Animation Building back in the sixties. Now, that was furniture!

  • I wish someone would manufacture Walt Disney’s REAL furniture, that was designed by Kem Weber


  • Scott Harpel

    Too bad Michael Graves was chosen by Mikey to come along and overshadow Weber’s masterful work with his typical post mod neo classical look with the seven dwarves holding the columns, the ABC building a is a little better looking, and the less said about the WDFA building the better. but hey at least Eisner didn’t tear them down.