Disney’s <em>Rachel and the Dragon</em> Disney’s <em>Rachel and the Dragon</em>

Disney’s Rachel and the Dragon

(Thanks, Mark Mayerson)

  • Mechu

    I’d watch it.

  • I’m getting tired of faux making-of videos. The real ones are faux enough.

  • Well then; that was refreshingly … politically incorrect


  • Hulk

    Very funny. Right in time for Channukah! But that begs a cartoon history question…Jerry: Other than the Wolf in ‘the 3 little Pigs’ which was later changed, has there ever been a portrayal of a Jewish character or characters in a Disney animated film?

  • Cody Covell

    Wow… Thank God this is a joke, those drawings suck…

  • Emily

    If the actors were at all believable, it might be a little funnier.

  • Uhm, a “jewish character” in animation? So the wolf was born by a jewish mother? I doubt it.

    What you will find, however, are lots of clichés, at Disney or elsewhere. Personally, I couldn’t care less, as long as the films don’t encourage any hate crimes.

    It’s a completely different thing if the story actually deals with religions or people’s own ideas of it.

  • Nancy Beiman

    This is hilarious.

  • Nancy Beiman

    Sure. There is a Jewish turtle dancing in THE DELIVERY BOY, a ‘censored’ Mickey from 1931. There is nothing offensive in the turtle; it is cute. A sign in Yiddish says “Danger”. I remember when I saw this ‘banned’ cartoon the first thing that went through my head was “Wow! Someone at Disney’s spoke Yiddish!”

    Some caricature wind up Jewish toys appear in some cartoons. (a little man with a bowler hat, shrugging.)

    I interviewed animator Isidore Klein years ago, and he was adamant that Walt Disney was not anti-Semitic. “I resent your even MAKING that statement.” Klein was at the studio in the thirties.

    Art Babbitt was also Jewish. (this might explain some of Disney’s later attitudes.)

    I maintain that while the Jewish Wolf in THREE LITTLE PIGS is offensive, an anti-Semite would not have reanimated the sequence in 1942. Jack Hannah told me his unit created the ‘fuller brush man’.

  • Gold.
    It’s a shame they didn’t find a better cartoonist.

  • Tim Hodge

    @Hulk –
    Not sure if you’d count this, but in the book “Oliver Twist”, Fagin is Jewish. So Fagin in Disney’s “Oliver & Company” may be considered Jewish. But that’s a stretch.
    But the main example would be pretty much the entire human cast of the short “Small One”. (Everyone except the Roman guard).

  • uncle wayne

    well, now, that was laff-out-loud funny!! Thank YOO for the great guffaw!!

  • Eric Goldberg has said that he always kind of imagined the Genie in Aladdin as Jewish.. Robin Williams did throw a few yiddish terms in the voice, and Goldberg always thought of it as a little inside joke showing Arabs & Jews CAN get along…

  • Very funny and spot on. Agreed that the art could be a whole lot better – but it appears to be a student production, so go with it.

    Anti-semitic? Not in the least.

  • Isn’t Mittens from BOLT Jewish?

  • Wasn’t Michael Eisner Jewish?

  • It was funny…could’ve been better done (especially the art), but it was funny and I wasn’t offended.

  • Dave K


  • vzk

    It is suggested that Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove may be Jewish, but what would Jews be doing in pre-Columbian South America?

  • Nonimus

    Isn’t Jeffrey Katzenberg also Jewish? Wow, this rabbit hole goes deep!

    As an aside, Shrek is a yiddish word, meaning “monster” or “horrible”… er, somethun.

    And when Disney was first collaborating with Pixar, the plucky cgi studio was working on a half-hour Christmas special, but Katzenberg was all like, why do a half-hour when we could do a feature? Thus was the impetus for “Toy Story.”

    And now, almost 20 years and buh-billions of dollars later, the Pixarians have finally released their first Christmas special! Did y’all get a chance to see that? It was so tinsel!


    It’s all good. Santa Claus, St. Nick… tick tock, jingle bell rockin’ all the way back to our homie sapien, Jesus (also Jewish). It’s a goddam, veritable circle of life, yo.

  • When I arrived at Disney in the fifties a number of the artists were Jewish, and I worked with most of them.

    Oy! Did Walt simply not know they were there?

  • Ub Avery

    Funny…but I have to agree with everybody else. It is fairly certain that Walt Disney was not anti-Semitic.

    First, Walt Disney was a long term friend of director/animator George Pal. In case you didn’t known, George Pal was Jewish.

    Second, the Sherman Brothers, who actually worked along side Walt Disney, have repeatedly denied that he was anti-Semitic. Robert and Richard Sherman are also Jewish.

    Third, Walt Disney was the Beverly Hills Chapter of the B’nai B’rith’s Man of the Year in 1955. Rumors of Walt’s anti-Semitism were thoroughly investigated at this time. Not surprisingly, they found nothing.

    Forth, a rabbi was one of a handful of Clergymen asked to speak at the opening of Disneyland. Anti-Semites do not invite rabbis to speak at the opening of their theme parks, especially not in 1955.

    Finally, Walt donated a mural to Jules Stein Eye Institute (designed by Mary Blair no less). In the center is a tile inscribed with the words, “To Doris and Jules Stein with love Walt Disney.” I really doubt these are the words of an anti-Semite.

    Most of these rumors seem to come from Marc Eliots book’s Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince which is notoriously inaccurate.

    Sorry, to rant but I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for a long time.

  • The artistry is FANTASTIC.

    Speaking of Disney’s latest projects, I recently heard about something entitled “The Snow Queen”. Sounds interesting enough…

  • I wasn’t expecting to laugh but I did, very loudly!

  • LandlineTV – these guys just started up through Revision3 (Kevin Rose’s Internet TV network). Basically just an online sketch comedy series. In last week’s LandlineTV episode, they did a parody equating James Cameron’s overblown “Avatar” visual effects budget to drug addiction. This Rachel and the Dragon episode was MUCH more entertaining (and better produced), but they still have a ways to go in the funny department.

  • Jeff Read

    “Isn’t Jeffrey Katzenberg also Jewish? Wow, this rabbit hole goes deep!”

    So many Jews are in showbiz. Tom Cruise isn’t, but I heard his agent is.

  • The crap about Disney hateing Jews ,was started by a guy who had grudge at Disney !!

  • Nonimus: Pixar didn’t make “Prep & Landing.” Walt Disney Animation Studios did.

  • messy

    Yeah, but Pixar pretty much OWNS Disney animation.

  • Did you know Walt Disney caused the holocaust? I know it’s true because I read it on the Internet.

  • Celia

    For anyone who cares, the faux animation studio is really the animation department at the School of Visual Arts. I’m not sure how those jokers got to shoot in there. Glad they did, though :-)

  • Eric Weil

    Oy. Funny, but still, oy.

  • Dan

    “Zack Mays says:

    The crap about Disney hateing Jews ,was started by a guy who had grudge at Disney !!”

    I suppose Bill Meléndez was one of them, and a woman here in this documentary.

    Walt Disney- “Secret Lives” Documentary


  • Chris Brody


  • Magnusson

    Oh man, I do my pencil tests in those rooms. Haha fantastic.

  • Carina

    I believe “Ron Stoppable” from the Disney series “Kim Possible” is Jewish… there is even an episode where he searches for his rabbi to get him to sign some document related to his Bar Mitzvah. His holiday greeting when he exchanges gifts is also “Happy Hannukah”. Aside from that, all I can think of is most of the characters from “The Small One”.

  • Chris J.

    Good parody of the identical “making of” videos we’ve all seen a million times. I liked the bit where they got to live sketch the princesses.

  • Anybody got any idea how to download this so I can save it for later? It doesn’t seem to work like YouTube where I can just look at the Activity window in Safari…

  • Solaris

    Pixar had nothing to do with “prep and landing” it was all done in the Disney Animation Studios. Highest quality TV animation I have ever seen.

  • Mesterius

    “Yeah, but Pixar pretty much OWNS Disney animation.”

    …except that it was the Disney studio which bougth Pixar a few years ago, not the other way around. In exchange, John Lasseter got the position of chief creative officer of the Disney animation department… so creatively, I guess you might be able to say that one of the Pixar bosses “OWNS” Disney animation.