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Disney’s Secret of the Magic Gourd

If you believed Roadside Romeo was Disney’s oddest co-production; or if you thought Disney couldn’t sink any lower than producing the hybrid Beverly Hills Chihuahua – Well here’s a contender for 2009: Disney’s The Secret of the Magic Gourd, “featuring the voice talents of High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu!” The film, which was Disney’s first-ever Chinese co-production, was released in China in 2007, where it grossed a respectable amount roughly equivalent to the Chinese box office take of Ratatouille and twice as much as Shrek the Third. There is an article about Disney’s involvement in the film at

(Thanks, Pete Emslie)

  • Graham

    It’s only direct-to-DVD, so don’t worry about it.

  • Stefano

    Oh my god, this is such cheesy crap!!! :D *ahahaha*
    But hey, Chinese people like it!

  • tom d.

    it looks cute. there is certainly much worse out there.

  • dbborroughs

    I’ve seen the film, granted without English subtitles or voice cast, and I really liked it., Is it earth shaking? no. But I thought the character animation was very good especially since the cast, in particular the voice of the gourd, sold it. The film really does have some magical moments, If it has any real flaw its that the resolution is a bit too cliched,

    I haven’t seen anything from the American/English version so I don’t know if they’ve done the film justice. Having seen hundreds of Asian films in both their original version and a severely lacking English version but I think its unfair to suggest that the film is bad because of what was done to it in the translation, For an example of a poorer English translation one need look at the differences between the English dub of Princess Mononoke and the original subtitled one. Some time the bad translators ruin a good film. I’m not saying the Magic Gourd is as good as Mononoke or some Pixar films, but the film is very good for what it is and for its intended audience.

    I like the film. I would at least hope that people take a look at it before dismissing it out of hand, (I’m also hoping the dub/sub doesn’t completely ruin the film)

  • My neighbor wrote a book about gourds and somehow that led to his distributing original language DVDs of this film. That kind of co-incidence used to be more common when I lived in L.A., but I live in El Cerrito. Go figure.

    I haven’t seen the film, but it looks OK.

  • Chuck R.

    It looks cool, but sounds….well…
    I’d watch a subtitled version if I wasn’t terribly busy.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Are you out of your gourd, Jerry? ;3

  • Dave

    “It’s only direct-to-DVD, so don’t worry about it.”


    Which is what we were told when the first of the 2D “cheapquels” ,
    The Return of Jafar , was being made and some people were objecting, saying that it would start a bad trend, that films like that could flood the market and would cheapen the brand to the point where the “magic of Disney animation” would no longer be considered special by the film going public.

    So I don’t know if I’d say “don’t worry about it” .

  • Mike

    looks like a poor rip off of CJ7..

  • dbborroughs

    Addendum to my earlier comment-now having had a chance to see the trailer with sound(thank you work computer) I think the dubbing isn’t going to work. I’d opt for a subtitled version.
    As for the CJ7 comment I think this came first.(I’ve also heard this maybe based on an earlier film)

  • I think the talking scrotum is way cute!

  • EatRune

    I would think the dubbing for Bailey the Gourd would be more convincing, since he’s animated.

    Do foreign films get dubbed into English anymore (aside from Death Note)?

  • kerry

    I was disgusted from the onset of “The Secret of the Magic Gourd”. Either get asian children to speak asian and promo it as an asian movie, get asian children who can speak English to star in the film….or get Caucasian childrem to speak their own language to be in the film. It was ridiculous to watch what appeared to be a good comparison to the older Kung Fu movies – if I’d wanted to see a movie that was so blatantly dubbed, well, I wouldn’t actually want to. Awful. Insulting that it would show a cover with a non-asian, when, clearly, the movie was made for asian viewers. Dumb. Waste of money.