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Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” teaser

  • TempleDog

    Nice vidya game cameos, but how is Zangief a ‘bad guy’?

    • feep

      Capcom shoehorning as many cameos as possible into this movie. I think I’ve seen more Capcom characters than there are in the main cast.

      • Robotinik, Altered Beast (purple rhino), House of the Dead (zombie) and Robot (cyber justice) …

        I think SEGA wins here =P

    • Street Fighter 2 had too many games

      He’s a henchmen.
      Deal with it.

    • abel

      Man. Seriously?

    • Anonymous

      He’s a ‘bad guy’, but not a bad guy.

    • The basic idea of Zangief is that he wrestles Bears.

      It is a disney movie, is an EVIL bad guy for that =P

  • Tom

    Looks great! Loving all the little cameos. Robotnik and Bowser in the same room!?

    • Confusion

      You say that like they haven’t conspired against Mario and Sonic during sporting events :P

  • Dan

    looks great, but I don’t get why they picked that pitbull track…

    • Justin

      The songs were “Once In a Lifetime” by Talking Heads and “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida.

    • Lulu

      For the same reason they start off the trailer with John C. Reilly namedropping Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, and Jack McBrayer?

      • Jack McBrayer, you’re finally worthy of name-dropping!

      • Jack McBrayer? Who’s that?

  • Looks so fun!

  • Wow, this is the first time in a long while I’m actually excited for a Disney animated feature. This looks great!

  • wever

    That zombie is from House of the Dead.

    Not sure about Zangief being a “bad guy”. The whole film may clarify that though.

    I’m also not digging the “complete opposite people become friends” plot either. I hope the ending and rest of the storyline makes up for it.

  • This movie looks like it’s going to be so much fun! It reminds me a little bit of Monsters Inc. with all of the characters reporting to headquarters where they can enter into different places.

  • Dr. Truth

    funny!!!!! this was a very pleasant surprise. “he abandoned his game.” for any life long gamers, that’s a very funny concept!!! they may have done this right!!

  • Steve Gattuso

    It looks interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    But I’m going to hope that the soundtrack does NOT include that piece of music from the trailer. (marketing… yeesh.)

  • Love it! Us Gen-Xers eat this stuff up.

    • Agreed! I love this concept. I’m very excited to see this. Glad to see we haven’t been forgotten. :)

  • Mr. James

    Love it already! Looks great. Where can I preorder my tickets!!!!

  • What, Ganondorf’s too good to make a measly cameo?

    Anyway, this looks like fun!

    • AJ 2010

      Zelda is mainly a home console franchise, so no camoes here.

  • Wow, the animators are working on classic characters like Q-Bert, the Pac-Man ghosts and the ‘Street Fighter’ cast… and getting the chance to do full CG animation with them?!

    SO, SOOOOOO jealous! :)

    Looks like a lot of fun so far, will be looking forward to this. The crew MUST be having an absolute blast with this project!

    • The things I would do to animate a Q-Bert for a feature film. That’s the dream right there, man.

      • Inkan1969

        I wonder if they’re going have Q-Bert fall and hit the ground with a sound effect. If they do, I bet someone complains to Disney about making a cruel 9/11 joke.

  • Michel Van

    cool is this a Disney or a Pixar Movie ?
    this look like crossover of Monster INC. and Tron…
    and i like it

    • It’s Disney :)

    • wever

      This is a DISNEY movie. It’s by the same team as Tangled and Meet The Robinsons.

      • Tak

        Sorry to the very talented crew on it at the time, but Meet the Robinsons never felt like a true Disney movie to me. But hey, at least Mr William Joyce got royalties from it, and look where that went. And along with the royalties from DreamWorks Legend of the Guardians feature, I’m pretty sure that the future success of Mr Joyces MOONBOT studios is pretty well assured.

      • wever

        Joyce certainly is living in the happiest and most successful phase of his life…… or at least, his first in a long time.

    • Sarah J

      Just Disney workin’ on this one.

  • Ok, Disney. You win.

    Ima watch it :)

  • I’m so excited for this trailer. It looks like a fun , colorful movie with , heres hoping , no love interest. The action shots are really impressive so far – and I dig the comedians on the cast !

  • Phil

    I’m looking forwards to this film.
    I’m just hoping it doesn’t rely too heavily on cameos though;

    “I know who that is” can only get you so far.

  • Brian

    THIS is the plotting and sense of fun that SHOULD have been in Tron: Legacy. This looks like it might be the movie I was looking for when T:L came out.

  • Wow! It’s funny how a concept so early on in development can throw you for a loop on what to expect, but the folks in animation really know how to make it work! Good job Disney :) Can’t wait to see it!

  • Tonch

    As far as Zangief is concerned, I believe he was originally created with the intent of filling the villain role. I could be wrong about that. He’s usually portrayed as an antagonist in the cartoons and movie as far as I remember though.

  • Oh god I can’t wait for this movie.

  • abel

    Awesome, love it. I’m actually excited to see this :D

  • Well – but does it appeal to anyone who doesn’t know all these games (like me)?

    • OtherDan

      Do you like Tron, and the idea that there is another world behind the monitor? Do you like the theme of ‘why have games become so violent?’

      • Jason

        “Do you like the theme of ‘why have games become so violent?’ ”

        I’d rather actually have a good story.

    • Justin

      Would you have liked Toy Story even if you had no idea what an Etch-A-Sketch, Slinky, Army Men, or any of the other toys were? That’s how this movie will work.

  • Sarah J

    Admittedly, this movie does look pretty fun. I’ll probably give it a chance.

    • Julian Carter

      I’m pretty sure the film-makers aren’t so daft as to limit the film’s audience to videogamers. Rest assured you can enjoy the film regardless of whether you’ve ever played Super Mario or Street Fighter or Tomb Raider or whatever game characters are featured.


  • Looks absolutely fantastic. Bravo for trying something new and interesting, Disney!

  • Jonathan

    Looks like it has potential.

  • Dan Kyder


    There’s a MASSIVE potential audience of game/retro geeks who will LOVE this. If they get this out to them in the advertising, they’ve already got a good few million bums in the theatre besides the standard family audience

    They were clever to release this at E3. I hope that marketing strategy continues and gives this the exposure it deserves.

  • Larry

    I’m shocked — mostly positive comments on Cartoon Brew?!

    I agree, looks like a fun movie. Love that they were able to get actual video game characters, not just parodies of them. Here’s hoping for a hit, so we can all get to make more unique ideas!

  • It’s difficult to know what’s Pixar and what’s Disney these days, especially when Pixar is doing a princess movie and Disney is doing something that has simmilarities with Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

    Anyway it does look great even if I’m not much into videogames, and it will probably be a success.

    I think the villain wanting to be a good guy and “A.A.” meeting aspects are a little overdone by now, so in that aspect it doesn’t look as innovative as Roger Rabbit was back in the day (noir genre in animation is a lot more difficult to find), but I’m loving the backgrounds in the little girl’s world (and the girl looks like a fun character), the 8 bit sequences and some of the cameos. This is a winner.

    • OtherDan

      I agree. Brave is looks loosely like Tangled. And, there were aspects of this which seemed Monsters Inc. inspired. At some point they’ll have to differentiate themselves or consolidate. I think Pixar has more of a license to be experimental with their films than Disney does. Maybe that is what should distinguish the two. Pixar could become what UPA was to Disney back in the day.

      • Tak

        OtherDan: “At some point they’ll either have to differentiate themselves or consolidate.”

        “Perhaps Pixar could become what UPA was to Disney back in the day.”

        That’s a truly lovely thought, and I both agree and do hope for something like that, but I think given their current size & their intense pipeline goal of pushing out a film or two per year I highly doubt Pixar will ever have the sensibilities relative of what UPA was when compared to Disney way back in the day.

        It’s basically one all major company or entity sporting two different “Brands” or identities. Disney Coke and Pixar Dr E.Catmull Cola. Powered by Apple appliances with offsite technical support provided by LucasFilms Skywalker Ranch. I really wish they were covered on Secrets of the Superbrands.

  • I am BLOWN AWAY! The picture that was relesed yesterday had me a little nervous but TODAY I liked what I saw!! Say hello to my most anticipated movie of the year :D

    p.s. The animation on Zangief made me stand up and cheer. Very well done and So FUNNY. Really looking forward to this.

  • OtherDan

    Fun! But, I didn’t care for John C. Riley introducing the picture as his movie-seemed a little to Dreamworksy to me.

    • That intro is only for the exclusive premiere on MSN. Last fall Yahoo! had Brad Bird introducing the exclusive premiere of “Ghost Protocol.” It’s no big deal. As for me, it is uncharacteristic of Disney to sell a movie by giving billing to the voice actors in a trailer. (“Whoa — Jack McBrayer is doing a voice? I’ll see THAT!”)

  • RickyB

    I guess this is as close as we’ll ever get to a Reboot movie?

  • To quote a certain Sea-Sick Serpent:

    I Love It, I Love It, I LOOOOVE It! BD

  • Pedro Nakama

    I may sneak in to see it after I see The Hobbit.

  • Jason

    Hate to break up the cheerfulness but just feels like the standard shoehorned Pixar Disney style in a videogame setting. Why not maintain that cool pixel look that slowly upgraded into 3d as he discovered the internet? The beginning was amazing but then transitions into hohum territory.

    If anything at least they’ll make a ton from the already massive amounts of product placement. Though I have a feeling videogame fans are going to feel weird as the placements don’t really match their characters or go far enough. I.E Not very manly Zangief, Candyland car racing that sorta resembles Mariokart, and ‘generic’ FPS that can be anything.

    No risks and way too safe.

    • Steve

      Well, I guess that settles it then.

      • Matt B

        Steve’s comment here made me smile & laugh just as hard as the trailer did. Ooh, Such a BURN. Poor Jason.
        Congrats Disney!
        Now really start pushing the N.P.R [non-photorealistic-rendering] in your future films, be sure to throw in some INSPIRED [non-cel] LOOKING TRADITIONALY FBF 2D ANIMATION somewhere at some point, get a better lyricist & composer than Randy Newman, keep supporting Studio Ghibli and you guys will then truly have reclaimed the Animation Crown.

    • obj_solid

      Is this what you are looking for? http://vimeo.com/15021852

      • Stephanie

        Wow, I did not enjoy that as much as I wanted to.

    • Ryoku

      I would’ve rather have seen some vector graphics, but you’re right with the writing.

      I’ll be waiting for reviews and the DVD, ’tis cheaper than theaters.

  • Would it be better if they show an 8-bit Disney logo opening before the movie begins?

  • Toonio

    Seems this is going to be the first memorable movie based on a video game.

    Game on!

  • Matt B

    More excited for this than I am for Brave at the moment.

    We’ll see… but seriously THIS is how to sell a movie. Awesome Trailer. Just Awesome. Good to see they learned a bit from their past trailer blunders.

    • Scott

      Trailers haven’t made or broke a movie since twitter broke out

  • Mapache

    …”For over 30 years”

    I don’t know why I was expecting Brazil to play by that moment.

  • Alice

    I’ll watch this… but only to have nostalgic memories about “Reboot”.

  • 3D animation movies are insane, couldn’t imagine what this feels like as a small kid, but it has to be AWESOME LOL! Next stop DISTRAKT 3D

  • Jeff

    I’m sure this will be the best movie that the Street Fighter or Super Mario Bros. characters have ever been featured in.

  • E. Nygma

    Wow this is great! Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Bud

    Thank goodness it’s not yet another princess fairy tale. Time for Disney to move forward (actually, well PAST time). No more bad musicals, either.

  • Nice trailer’ WRECK-IT RALPH has my interest!

    I’d love to see the R. Crumb-y looking characters from BURGER TIME included here. But considering Ralph’s job/game, I assume we won’t be seeing the building-smashing monsters from the game RAMPAGE, just their lawyers…

  • tritone

    John C. Reilly is a riot. Since Walking Hard, I try to follow whatever he does. I had absolutely zero interest in Wreck-It Ralph (the title made me think of the baby in Roger Rabbit for some reason) until I saw this trailer, and I was all smiles while watching it. What a great premise! Just another reason to love Cartoon Brew.

  • obj_solid

    Well at least we know “Wreck it Ralph” holds Cartoon Brew’s interest.

    • Tak

      Wreck it Ralph & ParaNorman… really can’t wait for e’m to be out. They both look & feel like they’re gonna be Ace.

  • The Roger Rabbit for the gaming generation

  • Julian

    Wonder how they got permission to use all those characters. Oh right, Disney.

    • Tak

      Yes, $Disney$ Indeed.

    • Pedro Nakama

      They did it years ago on Roger Rabbit.

      • wever

        At that point, they had the privilige of Steven Spielberg, who knows pretty much every major heavyweight in the industry, and they collaborated with AMBLIN Entertainment to get the Warner Bros. characters and MGM. I would love to see the details on how they got the rights to these video games!

      • James

        Probably a lump licensing fee. Considering the movie is going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, they could have easily spent hundreds of thousands securing the characters for the movie. Probably less, though.

  • Hmm, interesting. :)
    I thought the voice for that female FPS character was very distracting though. No female video game characters sound like that. :P

  • James

    Hopefully, the movie is better than the trailer makes it out to be. It certainly has potential.

    So far, it looks like Shrek with video game characters taking the place of fantasy characters, with the added element of the video game universe being parallel to the “real world” and being some sort of employment, Monsters Inc style.

    It looks like it will be good for what it is, especially for the nostalgia-bomb appeal. It will certainly be entertaining, but hopefully Wreck-it-Ralph has a good amount of character depth to it. Hopefully it’s not too much fluff.

    What will probably really sell this is the video game element and that this looks like something that a lot of love went into that actually looks like it will be good. There aren’t many good video game movies out there.

  • Jane

    1. It’s not very Disney-ish – not something I mind much for one movie. And it is just a trailer.
    2. The animation isn’t stunning like in Tangled

    With that said, it look pretty great! Very funny. I loved most of the trailer until that last mimicking bit.

    • wever

      It’s directed by a Simpsons and Futurama veteran, both which are decidedly un-Disney.

    • tredlow

      I actually find the animation stunning, but not in a Disney-ish way. So, yeah, I half-agree with you on that.

      And the mimicking bit IS overplayed in movies. It’s kinda weird that animated movies always choose the lamest jokes to put in their teaser (Madagascar 3’s Afro Dance comes to mind). I guess either they want to save the best moments for the movie, or that IS the best they can do.

  • JC

    straight away, Zangief doing that cliche cheesey Pixar stuff, pointing his fingers, and looking sarcastic etc.

    Does a characters design or personality have any influence on the way they move/act? I think it should.

    • Tredlow

      From the way he’s pointing his fingers, I think it’s a reference to his fighting stance in the games.

  • Tredlow

    I think the story has more to do with labels rather than the standard bad-guy-turns-good plot, since it seems that, in this world, being the bad guy is more of a job rather than a moral stance. Of course, I’m not saying that the hero-denies-the-label-society-gave-him plot is original either. Still, this seems like it will be very entertaining, so I’ll definitely watch it.

  • Steven M.

    Looks okay, at least it seems Disney now is FINALLY breaking away from the princess junk.

  • AJ 2010

    This is probably going be the best video game movie out there…LOW BAR I know.

  • Spencer

    Monsters Inc. with video game characters… and a B-List voice cast…

    As fun as this looks, I’m starting to feel like Disney isn’t pushing the envelope hard enough with a medium ripe with grand possibilities.


    • Tredlow

      I actually have no problems with the voice cast. From what I witnessed, Disney hired real character actors to do the voices. They went for actors that are very well suited for the characters, and not just because people will react to their names on the poster.

    • CJ

      If you’re going to compare it to Monsters Inc then you might as well say that every single Disney movie is X and every single PIXAR movie is Y.

      There’s always going to be themes or tones of movies that have been done before in a previous decade or what have you. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as it is packaged as something that resonates within itself. I think the movie is unique enough in concept and style that it could very well hold its own. If you’re going to compare films to films it would be more accurate to say that this film is more Megamind and even possibly Shrek than it is Monster’s Inc. Although I think the film pulls from various sources that gives it is own flavor.

      And I don’t mind the voice cast. :)

  • J

    Here’s hoping that they actually release a Wreck-It Ralph game. A promotional iOS game perhaps?

    • bones

      There’s a flash version on the official website.

  • Dave O.

    Color me cynical, but isn’t this movie just a way for Disney to write itself into video game culture– a culture that it never sufficiently made an inroad with?

    If the movie is itself a video game, then the actual video game tie-ins from “Wreck-It Ralph” will be the way to reinvigorate Disney’s gaming business after Epic Mickey epically failed.

    Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at these pitch meetings to see all the dollar signs light up above all the executive’s heads.

    • wever

      1.) Failure or not, Epic Mickey is getting a sequel with the same creative team behind it.

      2.) Disney HAS been involved with the gaming industry for years. They ran a Toon Town online RPG game, and now they have a new Disney-themed online RPG. They own MARVEL, itself which has a bunch of tie-ins with CAPCOM and other titles. They created TRON which is getting a franchise revival. Not to mention the Kingdom Hearts series which they had a hand in writing, and the aforementoned Epic Mickey. Thinking about that, it wasn’t as hard as you thought to get the cameos into this film.

      3.) Rather than the cynical angle of simply plugging more and more franchises to get cash in, this premise can also reach out to an audience that may never have been interested in pretty, princessy Disney before, and I’m glad they’re at least trying something a bit new and trying to tell a story other than “once upon a time”.

      • Dave O.


        2.) All of those examples you give are after the first and second waves of video game innovation. Disney did not lead the pack with any of the examples you cite… nor did those examples bring in a significant revenue stream. They’ve all been tepid at best, which beings me back to my original point that Wreck-It Ralph is a way for Disney to insert itself into video game history (albiet a fictional one– but since when does that matter?). Disney knows the synergy potential is through the roof with this concept and I’m sure all of the owners of each of the cameo’ed video game characters were salivating at the mouth to be a part of the Disney version of 8-bit history.

        3.) Sorry, its nice to pretend that there are altruistic reasons to make a blockbuster film or to change up a genre of films. Disney simply stopped making princess movies because of genre saturation resulting in drop in revenue. It all about the cash though and if the comments on this page are any indication they have the queen mother of cash cows on their hands with this one.

      • Jake

        Disney hasn’t stopped making princess movies. They’ve just stopped making ONLY princess movies.

        Oh, and Wreck-It Ralph/Joe Jump (it’s previous name) has been in some state of production for a very long time. So it wasn’t like the filmmakers rushed a project out because some suits told them video games were hot this fall. The movie needed some time to gestate and become the best movie it could be under the right leadership

        But you already have all the answers, so this comment probably doesn’t matter

      • Dave O.

        Disney made a big deal by announcing that “Tangled” was the last princess movie indefinitely FYI: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/nov/21/entertainment/la-et-1121-tangled-20101121

        Read through my comments again and you’ll see that I’m not claiming to have all the answers nor am I claiming any knowledge about this being rushed into production. You’re putting words in my mouth and missing my point.

        Step away from the corporate mythology for a few moments and you’ll see that the timing and subject matter of this movie are very shrewdly calculated to not only tap into (lucrative) video game nostalgia but to imprint the Disney version into that world.

        To put it another way, Disney wanted its own Mario (a character wildly more popular than Mickey) and this guy is it.

      • Jake

        Yeah, that LA Times article was wrong. In fact, the very next day Ed Catmull released a clarifying statement via Facebook, but no one bothered to update the LA Times article.


        “A headline in today’s LA Times erroneously reported that the Disney fairy tale is a thing of the past, but I feel it is important to set the record straight that they are alive and well at Disney and continue this week with Tangled, a contemporary retelling of a much loved story. We have a number of projects in development with new twists that audiences will be able to enjoy for many years to come. – Ed Catmull”

        This is especially true since Disney’s next film is Frozen, which is a “princess movie.”

        I’ve read through your comments, and I think you’re simply projecting what you *think* is happening at Disney (based on misinformation like the LATimes article), and not necessarily what *is* happening. The timing of Wreck-It Ralph is fortunate, but not as calculated as you might think. Filmmaking is a messy, complicated process, that even execs cant always get right. Not everything is a planned grand scheme, sometimes its just dumb luck and good timing.

      • Dave O.

        If you think Disney –one of the 5 media conglomerates that owns pretty much everything you and I watch– leaves anything to chance, you are really part of their ideal fanbase. The video game industry is making exponentially more money than the movie industry and movie industry analysts have been wanting a piece of this pie for years. That’s not speculation or projection or whatever armchair psychologist term you want to use… its fact.

        Again, back to my original point which you still haven’t really commented on… Audiences are too savvy and video game history is revered by its fans so Disney needs more than a good video game… it needs a cultural inroad into this market and a loveable character in a blockbuster is the best way to do that. I don’t think that you want to believe that these kinds of mundane unglamorous thought processes often go into filmmaking. Funding a film is just as messy a process as you describe and everyone wants to see a return; Disney is fairly unique in that it can milk that return over generations. “Wreck-It Ralph” is a winning concept in this respect because it gets not only families and Disney fans but video game fans across the spectrum: 8-year old newbies with their PSPs and their 40-year old dads who played in arcades. I wouldn’t call that a happy accident.

      • Annie

        I get that this is your original point:

        “They’ve all been tepid at best, which beings me back to my original point that Wreck-It Ralph is a way for Disney to insert itself into video game history”

        But I also think Jake seemed to address it by saying:

        “Oh, and Wreck-It Ralph/Joe Jump (it’s previous name) has been in some state of production for a very long time. So it wasn’t like the filmmakers rushed a project out because some suits told them video games were hot this fall. The movie needed some time to gestate and become the best movie it could be under the right leadership”

        However you feel about Wreck-it Ralph, the order in which you seem to think things came to be (Disney Corporate wanted to get themselves into the gaming business –> They came up with this movie) is not so much the clear cut truth, and the way Jake states it seems much more informed. Of course when the leadership within the Disney Animation Studios came up with the outlines for this film, I’m sure the Disney Corporate folks were excited with the financial possibilities and endorsed the film much more than some other ideas that may have been pitched to them. And if this film does well in the box office, the corporate people will surely want to find ways to make as much money as they can…after all, they are the business people.

        But that is how the film is going to be sold, not how it’s being made. I don’t think anyone who is working on the films at the Animation Studios – the director, story artists, visdev artists, animators, TDs, everybody – has any thought but to work hard and make a good looking, entertaining film for everyone. I don’t see how that can be a “mundane unglamorous thought process”.

      • Jake

        Precisely. Thanks Annie.

    • James

      As much as I look forward to this, I can’t deny the purely exploitable elements this feature possesses. In a lot of ways, it seems to have very similar sales-pitch origins as the notorious “Foodfight!”, except a million times more promising and likely to succeed.

    • tredlow

      What?! Disney’s trying to reach the gaming demographic so they can take their money by making stuff that they’ll find interesting?! That’s horrible!

      • Ryan

        It’s just the way of the world tredlow… just the way of the world.

      • James

        Fanservice sells, bro

    • Scarabim

      Epic Mickey didn’t fail. It made respectable money. That’s why it’s getting a sequel (and I can’t wait to play it!)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks fun. I wonder if we’ll see any Dragon’s Lair characters or Pokemon in cameos.

    • A Don Bluth character in a Disney film?

      =/ highly unlikely.

      • Tak

        I remember that Disney was so sour that with Bluth leaving e’m to start his own studio that they’d actively try to out bid him or buy any of the properties where he was looking to set up shop on before he had a chance to do so, all in the hopes of making him go bankrupt.

  • qwerty

    I wonder if Ralph and Fixit Felix are friends off-game, becuase that seems like a nice idea.

  • Scarabim

    I hope Spyro the Dragon and Link from Zelda will have cameos. That’d be sweet. Anyway, I will def be seeing this.u

  • Jack

    I have to go against the norm and say that this movie looks like every other Disney movie from the past 20 years or so to me. The concept is definitely interesting, but this is pretty much the generic “villian redemption story” with video games. Would it kill these artists to create new stories and personalities? I know it’s just a trailer but I’d to see different archetypes on showcase rather the the same “big strong guy is really a nice guy”, and “snarky toddler” that’s in every animated movie. The “jokes” are also have little thought put into them; is this film supposed to funny or not?

    • Tak

      I actually have to go against your “against the norm” point of view here Jack. I thought the interaction & dialogue between Vanellope von Schweetz & Ralph in the candy cane tree was really cute & funny, even the mimicry part, and I’m sure kids will think so to. It’s rather adorable, and talk about the gorgeous colours & textures in Sugar Rush game word. From the look of Dreamworks Sherman & Peabody on the other page, I’d say that Dreamworks is definitely lagging behind the curve a little.

    • Ryoku

      Its supposed to be funny, but yes it is a bit cliche.

      Take out the video game characters and I’m sure that the comments would be very different here.

      • Jake

        Toy Story 3 was cliche. It’s all about how you do it. Im convinced its not what the story IS, but how you tell it that matters.

      • Ryoku

        It was to a degree, I still say that The Brave Little Toaster did a very similar story but better.

        How you tell it is what really matters, but most family film-pumping studios don’t try to stray off from what was done just a year ago.

        Granted, they don’t want to risk the millions of dollars and time they’ll put into their projects, but with high ticket prices theres not much that’ll stop people from renting earlier, similar films for far less money and hassle.

  • Ryoku

    Looks like Roger Rabbit but with Video Game characters.

    I dunno about this one though, simple little cameos don’t really phase me.

  • ZigZag

    I now see why Glen Keane is leaving Disney.

    Wreck-It-Ralph will be the John Carter of animation.

    Way to make a movie for the smallest audience possible, guys…animation and video game fans over 40.


    • Tak

      Personally, I think it’s got far more to do with John Kars Paperman, and having his toes stepped on over Tangled, along with the lack of Drawing for the foreseeable future in mainstream feature Western Animation

      • Steve

        I think ZigZag is Qbertese for Derp.

    • Ryoku

      Hmmm, the shooter aspects don’t really look like something that I could see a 40 year old gamer getting into. Seems to me its being aimed for both families and casual gamers.

      Think of it this way though, at least this movie will be able to justify its inevitable game counter-part!

    • M

      Last time I checked the gaming industry is bigger than all of Hollywood, nevermind the fraction of films released that are animated. Nothing that can generate 775 million in 5 days off of one title can be considered “small.”

    • DonaldC

      You assume that people under 40 don’t know about these games or characters.
      Which is silly.

  • ZigZag

    Many thanks to those who replied for proving my point.

    Tak is right on. Western mainstream animation remains rather unmoored, cliche and uninspiring.

    To Ryoku: as a 39 year-old gamer, I’m not sure why you think people of my age (who have played plenty of shooters for almost 20 years) wouldn’t get into. Mind expanding on that?

    To M: The business models of the two industries are not really comparable. There’s plenty of reporting that shows this.

    To DonaldC: I never assumed that. But that doesn’t matter. There were plenty of kids who loved Toy Story without knowing Mr. Spell. But that was because Woody and Buzz were not basic characters with obvious journeys.

    Ralph is so cliche that he may as well have an “I want” song at the 18-minute mark. Add to that the cutesy little girl (who is probably lost and just wants a true friend, and teaches Ralph the importance of accepting himself–a point covered by Zombieinthe ever-so-cliche support group scene–while probably helping her find her way home) and you have further evidence that the creators of western mainstream family animation are woefully without unique, creative and moving concepts.

    Time to back to the basics (Pinocchio), and study those who have leveled up the art form while still making unique, compelling, surprising stories for mainstream audiences to adore (Iron Giant, Toy Story)..

    P.s. To Steve: ZigZag is the grand vizier in Richard Williams’s unfinished masterpiece (and greatest tragedy in feature animation, thanks to Disney), “TheThief and the Cobbler”. Know yer roots.