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Dispatch From Disney


The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has posted another gem, my favorite piece of Disneyana of all time: the wartime in-house publication Dispatch From Disney. They’ve scanned the pages (click here for Part 1, here for Part 2).

This publication (only one issue was produced in 1943) was beautifully produced and loaded with unique information and art by Fred Moore, T. Hee, Roy Williams and others. I always wanted a copy and now, thanks to the Archive, I can read it anytime I want.

  • Chuck R.

    Fantastic! There’s a page of Disney insignia that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

  • Dispatch is also my favorite Disney wartime publication. The range of stories, interesting bits and illustrations make the publication well worth the $250-$500 it costs these days to obtain one. Add on the pin-up, with its roster of which employees are serving in the military makes this item a “must have.”

    My info indicates the booklet was published on the Los Angeles Times printing presses, which explains the high quality.

    The insignia pictured on the back cover were created by Disney artist Hank Porter, who by my estimates and research designed at least 75-80% of the 1,200 insignia created at the Disney Studio during the war. (As a sidenote, I have documented just under 1,100 of those designs)

    If you want to see how the Disney Studio participated in the war effort, including numerous examples of insignia and home front items, please visit my blog:


  • Joe Coughlin

    Oddly though, it’s called “Dispatch From Disney’s”. Disney’s what?

  • Joe – the newsletter was a dispatch from Disney’s “Studio”…to let those in the service know what was going on while they were away serving their country.

  • pgoeditorial

    I have one of these magazines and would like to sell it to a collector. My father-in-law worked on some Disney movies and the magazine came to him as an employee. The copy I have does not have a centerfold of life sketches, which I’m told was in the magazines that were sent out. I also don’t have the envelope it was mailed in. I’ve got the magazine on eBay right now for a few days and am very motivated to sell it. It’s not doing anyone any good in a drawer in my house and should find a home “among friends.”