Donald Duck Taverne Donald Duck Taverne

Donald Duck Taverne

Places I’d like to visit (number 1 in a series):

Tony Medeiros from Sandbox World sent in this photo:

I thought I would share with you a fine establishment called the “Donald Duck Taverne” in Montreal. I personally find this place to be out of place and character in our fair city.

If you find yourself in this quaint Canadian neighborhood, check out Taverne Donald Duck at 3223 rue Beaubien Est. And don’t order the orange juice.

  • Alex

    Looks a little bit more like Howard the Duck wearing a sailor suit.
    Which would be way more appropriate…

  • Did they steal that sign from Disneyland on opening day, and smuggle it across the border? Seems like it would fit right in with Disneyland of yesteryear. The perfect ‘taverne’ to grab a cold one after a long day of hauling the family around the park.

  • didn’t disney used to give away free beer to adults at their theme parks?

    Or am i thinking of a different theme park?

  • John Tebbel

    Yes, this is actually a remnant of the little known Canadian Project, the central theme restaurant for the Quebec Livre! section. A Disney advance team, led by several prospective sons-in-law, vanished mysteriously in whiteout conditions and the project was abandoned. A couple of AA beavers were worked into America Sings.

  • greg m

    what time do they open? I need a cold one!!

  • Emilie

    I think I saw a Goofy Ice Cream parlor somewhere on the South Shore of Montreal a while ago… Why go to Disneyland when you can stay home?


    Emilie-flabergasted and living in Montreal

  • billburgNYC

    This wonderful sign reminds me of a great store that used to be in Chicago until just a few years ago: “E.T.’s Liquors.” No kidding!

  • Joel O’Brien

    Re: The “free beer” post…

    I recall going with an uncle to Busch Gardens in Florida in the early 60’s when all they had was a few flamingos and a brewery. After a tour of the brewery, they did offer adults a free draft.

  • red pill junkie

    I suppose that after a few beers, the regular patrons end up speaking in an incomprehensible jargon… just like our favorite duck ;-)

  • K.Borcz

    I kinda think the duck would be the most likely to drink out of em’ all with that sailor suit he wears.

  • Keith Bryant

    Are their screwdrivers made with Donald Duck orange juice?

  • How is it out of place? Donald is a sailor and likes his rum.

  • Hey does anyone live in the Toronto suburb of Mimico? I think The Blue Goose Tavern’s still there with their Blair rip-off mascot.

    BTW Donald looks like a bad copy of an Al Taliaferro (a guy who did the Donald daily strip)

  • En Ming Hee

    When I think of Montreal, I can never forget the ludicrous number of hot babes who attend McGill University…all I wanna know is, can I find them here?