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Donald Duck @ Threadless

Threadless has teamed with Disney to create a contest to design a Donald Duck T-shirt. Normally I wouldn’t plug such a commercial venture, but I have to admit some of the entries are incredibly cool. One day left to score the designs – the winner will have his design printed on a limited edition shirt. A few of my favorites are posted above (Top: Zinkete; Center: TVSKyle; Botton: Rodgepodge). Check out the complete list of design submissions here.

(Thanks, Trevour Meyer)

  • It’s almost a shame that fans are showing up the Disney studio when it comes to merchandise.

  • Dan

    I like the third one the most mainly because it is something I would totally expect of Donald.

  • Thanks, Jerry! Last I checked, my entry could use all the help it can get, so I appreciate the pluggage.

  • Don’t feel bad about plugging “Threadless” Jerry.

    They’re a really cool site giving opportunities to people to design cool shirts. It just so happens now they’re involved with Disney(*a mega-corporation)

    Thanks for the info!

    *Personally, I love the “long billed” Donald best :)

  • I slogged my way through all of the entries, but typical of Sturgeon’s Law (“90 per cent of everything is shit”), the results were more depressing than inspiring. And that “long-billed” Donald? I had EXACTLY the same shirt (minus the type) back in the 1970s that I bought at Crazy Shirts. Fortunately, the 10 per cent included some very nice stuff…

  • The Gee

    i hope the even the ones who submitted bad designs at least get a free t-shirt.

    contests…[email protected]!#%$^*&!)bwaaaak!

  • Thanks, Jerry! I also entered this contest, but went a more traditional route than doing an interpretation. The thing with Threadless is, yes, they crowdsource, but the public helps choose winning designs and those chosen artists get well-compensated. If you love fun t-shirts, Threadless is it. I’ve purchased shirts from them in the past but this is my first time submitting an entry. After all, it is cartoon-related so I couldn’t pass this up!

    I also agree with Scott – a good 10% of the entries are AWESOME. What’s not to love about stylish Donald Duck t-shirts?

    Also Kyle, you got my 5! I’d love to wear your zany Barks Donald!

  • I have an entry in there as well, thanks for sharing! And I agree with the others- you have to dig through some very bad stuff, but there are definitely a few great designs in there. There’s six of them or so that I’d definitely buy and wear, and I’m one of those terrible picky persons who wouldn’t even want most of Disney’s merch for free
    (although I do have to admit classic/Barks Donald is my favorite cartoon character so I might be a little biased there).
    In any case, it’s fun to browse through the designs and see what people come up with.

  • Funkybat

    I wish I had heard about this contest before the submission deadline! I think the award for “animation geekiest” goes to the Muybridge Donald.