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Duck Tales live action

The trend toward remaking animated shows into live action, taken to its most illogical extreme:

(Thanks, Adam Blake)

  • Phil K

    Ha, I saw this a while ago. And it was hilarious. Glad to see it again. Though I didn’t think it would be here.


  • This is from the same group that gave us the Lasagna Cat sketches. I’m more of a fan of those.

  • Doofus

    That’s wrong on many many levels. I’ll never look at the beagle boys the same way again.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I remember this. It was made quite sometime ago by a group calling itself “Fatal Farm”. They’re really quite good at having many a number of these TV opening spoofs you can check out on their webpage or YT account, though some can get downright ugly like their take on “Happy Days”.

  • This is Dark!

    (the beginning shot is actually very funny)

  • You might like FatalFarm’s other well-known project, “Lasagna Cat,” where they do a quasi-live-action version of Garfield strips followed by a music video.

  • Garth

    Disney does the Thailand VOD market.

  • Bugsmer

    That was funny. Perhaps Toon Disney should take this line.

  • Emperor Tomato Catsup

    Not funny at all.

  • Loves It

  • Yikes

  • This Fatal Farm has done several other TV intro spoofs, they became more of a success thanks to their “Lasagna Cat” YouTube series.

    I imagine what the shooting of this video would be like to people passing by it; “Hey Steve, why is there a top-hatted duck outside of a mansion?”

  • Gary K.

    This was not funny so much as just terrifying and bizarre. Whether it’s cartoon, live action cartoon, or whatever, I don’t think the subject of abduction and rape is every anything to laugh about.

  • son of Emperor Tomato Ketchup

    Why is this considered funny? Isn’t there enough rape humor in the world? Lambasting and spoofing the low hanging fruit that is kids cartoons is sad and boring (unless its a saturday morning cartoon version of the Watchmen).

    Truly unfunny

  • I really can’t say that I found that funny, and not just because I like DuckTales. I don’t find such “humor” to be funny. This was just in very poor taste, and I’m surprised that you’d post it here.

  • uncle wayne

    out and out high-larious!!

  • FP

    DUCK TALES bored me, so I avoided it, but this fake intro is hilariously upsetting.

    Relevant quotes:

    Matt Maiellaro:
    “Horror fuels America. Horror lives in America. Horror is what comedy is missing.”

    Fred Fredburger:

  • I agree with ETK and Son of ETK on this one. Completely unfunny. There’s nothing funny about a male chloroforming a female, no matter if it’s anthropomorphic animals, baseball mascots, whatever. I found the “photo shoot” sequence particularly tasteless.

    I am a fan of humor that pushes boundaries, but this seems to me pretty ill-conceived and mean-spirited.

    File under “Bad Ideas” indeed!

  • I agree with the people who find these jokes unfunny! It looked funny till the part with the Myspace-chatting.
    It is sad and shocking for me when people find such “jokes” funny, it shows how rotten our world has become!
    BTW It’s not even a joke – it’s shit that happens in real life! We can be happy that this hopefully doesn’t happen to us, or to our family and friends!

  • Jason

    I agree that this is over the line. Vile.

  • I love Fatal Farm’s videos. Despite it being somewhat disturbing, you have to admit, the production values are amazing for an internet video.

    Their videos aren’t always this offensive… Their Doogie Houser intro is great too. Hilarious, actually.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I definitely enjoy the production values Fatal Farm had put into their vids. It’s obvious they knew these had to work or they won’t. Many of their vids of TV show themes end up however going in an unconfortable direction many here wouldn’t want to see happen (such as the pedophile scenario in the DuckTales vid above), but I find it funny where they go with it (such as the Baywatch/Fruit Snacks joke).

    I shouldn’t mentioned Lasagna Cat since that went over real big of all their vids, and I can’t help but think they are a far more fitting “tributes to Jim Davis” then I’d expect to see from a legit standpoint, though still very satirical and obvious at where they’re going with them. The Final Fantasy VI one in particular got great exposure thanks to G4’s Attack of the Show last year.

    It’s sorta sad some of FF’s videos are getting ruined thanks to WMG copyright notices as they are very clever pieces but I’m glad I managed to save them before the audio removal happened (like The Golden Girls vid).

  • Ryan

    Before I clicked on this, I was expecting a frame-by-frame remake of the DuckTales intro sequence thing. Oh how surprised I was!

  • Wally

    So this parody is tasteless yet every commercial video game depicting the bloody murder of innocent citizens is a validated, top-grossing entertainment industry product.

  • ZN

    I wonder what half of you would think about Louis CK’s stand-up. If you say “I’m open minded about humor, EXCEPT FOR…” then you’re not open minded about humor. Doesn’t mean you have to laugh or to approve of it, but don’t place artificial boundaries on comedy. It’s become sterile enough already.

    Lasagna Cat is definitely their best work, if their most abstract. They need to come back; they haven’t been very active since that entire project.

  • TheGunheart

    Hey, at least in that case, it’s entirely the player’s choice weather or not they start shooting people in the street. I may not care for the GTA series, but believe it or not, while you CAN shoot innocent citizens, the game never actually forces you to do it.

  • Dock Miles

    >If you say “I’m open minded about humor, EXCEPT FOR…” then you’re not open minded about humor. Doesn’t mean you have to laugh …

    Oh, I get it, somebody just has to insist it’s funny.

    So I think a snappy, goofy short about the abduction and rape of yo mama would be a laff riot, including lots of pornographic photos of her. And you better agree, if you laugh or not!

  • Karma

    I just have to say…

    I love how so many of you, without absolutely any understanding of satire whatsoever, dismiss this as simply “unfunny” due to your own, pathetic, moralistic high horses, and because it’s not “sweetness and light.”

    Apparently satire and dark humor, in essence, eludes you.

    Therefore there is not an issue of the supposed humor this video lacks. It is a decided issue with the amount of satire and sense of understanding dark humor that YOU lack.

    Hence, not a fault with the video. It’s a fault with yourselves. Most notably, your inability to get OVER yourselves.

  • ZN

    I think Gunheart is on to something. I wonder if Youtube or perhaps Fatal Farm themselves should consider some sort of watermark or disclaimer warning viewers of the content they’re about to see. If content is going to be inappropriate for viewers under 18, perhaps a disclaimer or a TV-style corner bug.

  • Thad

    They’ll say, “you can’t joke about rape. Rape’s not funny.”
    I say, “fuck you, I think it’s hilarious. How do you like that?”
    I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd.
    – George Carlin

  • TheGunheart

    So everyone should have the same perverted sense of humor as a dirty old man?

    And why should I be laughing at yet another unfunny “satire” of a decades old children’s cartoon? Really, the whole “let’s pervert a work aimed at children” is such a tired cliché that it even lacks it’s shock value these days.

    I’m fine with dark humor, but the joke’s a saddening bore, because I’ve heard it ten times or more.

  • Ah, rape culture. Ain’t that grand?


  • Emperor Tomato Catsup
    son of Emperor Tomato Ketchup says:

    Am I missing some strange in-joke here? Or are you guys just named after the Stereolab album and missing the irony of using this name to write off a transgressive bad taste short film?

  • Anyway Fatal Farm are pretty great, their rejected MTV movie award stings are grotesque genius:

  • What’s happening to my world?????

  • Gobo

    Yes, actually, this is funny, because it’s clever, unexpected, and takes chances. If you’re dismissing it as “rape humor”, you’ve missed the point.

  • emjaybee

    Fuck “edgy” (and always white male…weird, huh?) comedians. Rape isn’t funny, especially not when there’s so many survivors out there. The idea for a skit poking fun at Duck Tales could be funny, sure; but there were about a million other ways it could have gone w/out abduction/child porn/rape.

    Rape affects real people, most of them women and children, 1000s of whom get abducted, exploited and trafficked every year. Real people have to survive this stuff and then put their lives together, only to be constantlu running into crap like this.

    And all you “jeez lighten up types” should think about the fact that, given the stats, it’s probable that you know a survivor of assault, that you work with someone or are related to someone who has been hurt in this way. Especially think about that before you start forwarding this kind of thing. Most survivors aren’t going to tell you about what they went through.

  • What IS the point, then?

  • Rick

    Yeah, I have to agree with TheGunheart. Once it switched to the abduction my first thought was “oh, its one of these.” Having seen so many of the cartoon characters in twisted situations before. As Thad pointed out, even George Carlin did it like 20 years ago. And Marv Newland did the classic Bambi short 40 years ago (granted no sex, just violence).

    But still I was willing to give them a chance to put a new twist on an old twist. But the new twist never came. It stuck with the tried and true “boundary pushing” to get attention. Problem is for a lot of us that boundary has been pushed so many times in the past, all we see are people in duck costumes in a cheesy TV cop show.

    But history is made to be forgotten, so its all new to a new generation. And sadly so is that lame argument “Well if you don’t think its funny, you’re just mentally deficient”. And yes, I expected to see those comments here after seeing the expected gag in the short. I was disappointed to be not disappointed in both cases.

    Man, I’m jaded.

  • EatRune

    I don’t have a problem with dark comedy, but I don’t see what it really had to do with Ducktales, it could have been done with other stuff and probably have been more relevant.

    If we were gonna do a dark take on Ducktales, didn’t CollegeHumor already do their take on the theme? Or did this come first?

  • Jip

    Ah, rape isn’t funny?
    Yet violence is?
    Let’s see how many cartoon characters are trying to kill each other, some even successful at that.
    Why is it that murder can be funny, yet rape can’t?
    Is rape a worse crime than murder?
    Itchy killing Scratchy, now that could be funny.
    Itchy raping Scratchy? NEVER funny!
    Could someone who is on the fence about this Ducktales clip explain this to me?
    What is worse about rape than about murder?

  • I missed the joke. I mean, I get IT, but IT isn’t actually funny… It’s “_______ Movie” level of comedy where it’s nothing but the recognition of the altered pop-culture reference. If it were a human adult kidnapping and molesting a human child there would be nothing funny about this, but because it’s a Beagle Boy kidnapping molesting Webby it’s so shocking that it provokes laughter. The shocking incongruence is heightened by the fact its a Disney reference, which maybe somebody thinks is satire but really isn’t. It’s just a Beagle Boy raping Webby.

  • ted

    not a cartoon and not funny. what a waste of a post. the level of good taste drops one more notch at CB

  • Marc Baker

    I saw this a few years ago, and while this was a rather funny video, the subject matter is kinda disturbing. Surprised to see this on Cartoon Brew, though.

  • Gobo

    Explaining a joke doesn’t make it funnier. If this clip is shocking or disturbing to you, nothing anyone says here will make it humorous.

    As Cory says, “because it’s a Beagle Boy kidnapping molesting Webby it’s so shocking that it provokes laughter. The shocking incongruence is heightened by the fact its a Disney reference.” That’s the point, yes. It’s bizarre dark humor with surprisingly high production values, and it made me laugh, personally.

  • When people commit violence upon one another, it’s slapstick (or badassery depending on context).

    When people commit rape upon one another, it’s sexual offense.

    That, my friends, is why rape can never be funny.

  • Alan

    This could run on Cartoon Network because it’s edgy, live action and aimed at teens.

  • vzk

    This series would be a hit among lolicons and furries (or should I say, featherries?)

  • Dock Miles

    Some of S. Clay Wilson’s vintage ultraviolent sexual workouts are pretty durn genius funny.

    Wally Wood’s notorious poster and “Air Pirate Funnies” did the straight sex-and-Disney-characters shock once and for all. Everything since, if it sticks to just that, is footnotes.

    And Carlin’s crack worked when he said it because the idea was raw-fresh (relatively — as I recall, cartoon aminals got it on in Tijuana Bibles). But by now, gotta say George, Porky raping Elmer could be hilarious, could be a shrug, could be deeply repulsive — all depends on how brilliantly it’s presented.

  • Jip

    “When people commit violence upon one another, it’s slapstick (or badassery depending on context).
    When people commit rape upon one another, it’s sexual offense.
    That, my friends, is why rape can never be funny.”

    Murder is slapstick? Really? Now tell that to the families of people who were murdered.

    The thing is, people are used to cartoon characters using violence. It
    can be funny, even though violence in real life rarely is funny.
    People aren’t used to cartoon characters having a sexual life.. let alone raping each other.. But THAT is what makes this clip funny to some.
    And people are offended by it, because in real life raping is no laughing matter. But neither is violence!

    I just watched the Alice comedy posted on this site. In it, dogs were hit on the head with hammers.
    Now try imagining someone doing that in real life. Not so funny.
    Yet no one would ever complain about that.
    Even though, the dogs in the cartoon are anthropomorphic kids.

    And I don’t think people should complain about violence in media. But complaining about rape is the same thing.

    Unless someone can show me the difference between rape and murder.

  • TheGunheart

    So you’re saying that Sweeny Todd would have been more acceptable if he graphically rapped his victims instead of cutting their throats?

  • There isn’t one, really, apart from the fact that one leaves the victim dead and the other leaves the victim violated. In older cartoons it was expected that a character could be a homicidal maniac and still be just as “funny” after the killing spree as before (I am currently thinking of a comic strip I recently saw where Donald ties Goofy to an anchor and presumably drowns him in retaliation for a minor infraction); values dissonance has left these either only funny until you realize just what’s transpired or outright disturbing to modern audiences.

    I apologize for misconstruing your statement; the fact is that there can be an entertainment value in violence (as puerile as such a sentiment might sound, but there is no denying that given the right context, seeing a villain destroyed in suitably pyrotechnic fashion can be immensely cathartic), but it depends largely on context: there is slapstick, there is justified mayhem, and then there’s acts that lie on the wrong side of the moral event horizon. Rape, on the other hand, is ALL moral event horizon. Cop shoots serial killer? He’s a hero. Cop rapes serial killer? He’s ****ing nuts.

  • Here’re a few more thoughts:

    First off, I personally don’t think folks who enjoy this need to feel bad about doing so. I never suggested as such. I do not enjoy this video, and find it to be mean-spirited. But it’s not my place to say whether anyone else should.

    However, because of the outrage expressed by fans of this video, allow me to be more specific about why I don’t enjoy it (and again, to each their own on this one, but just to make it clear): The kidnapping and abuse of a GIRL by a MAN is simply not funny to me. Perhaps in this advanced age of edgy comedy I am being provincial when I say that child abuse and the rape of young girls (albeit anthropomorphic Ducklings) are not funny to me, but I do see an important distinction between this video and the George Carlin quote that was mentioned above:

    In Carlin’s joke, Porky (the oppressed/hunted) is raping Elmer (the oppressor/hunter). Sticking it to the man is always funny. In this, we agree.

    In this video, a creepy male predator kidnaps, molests and photographs a young girl (often a victim of this kind of crime in real life). There is no such reversal of the kind that is present in Carlin’s joke, and which is at the heart of why Carlin’s joke is funny.

    In other words, rape in and of itself is not necessarily funny or unfunny. Humor is, at least in large part, situational, so it’s very difficult to say that anything is inherently funny or unfunny (although there is a case to be made for bananas). When the victim is defenseless, young, innocent — well, now we’re getting some context, and now it becomes more difficult for me to find a laugh and to suppress a feeling of disgust.

    Anyhow, I don’t think there’s a need for any of this discussion to get personal. If you like it, fine. If not, also fine. None of us here should be considered idiots until proven otherwise.