“Epic Mickey” endings “Epic Mickey” endings

“Epic Mickey” endings

This is the last post about Epic Mickey from me on Cartoon Brew. As someone with no intention to ever play the game, I think as a Disney fan this material should be archived here for future reference. Here’s both the “good” ending and the alternate “bad” ending to the game. It’s full of spoilers, but has some great Oswald scenes.

The good/nice Mickey ending– The end scenes starts at 6:09.

Here’s the bad/scrapper ending– I almost feel bad for Pete in this one.

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • Kyle Maloney

    agghh, why must you tempt me so? I still intend to buy/play through this, and the last thing I need is to see the endings dangling in front of me like this.

  • Bryan K

    Way to put those after the jump for people who are actually playing the game.

    • Justin

      Because you were forced into clicking play weren’t you?

      • Bryan K

        The second thumbnail revealed quite a bit.

  • Darkblader

    I thought the bad ending would end up Oswald taking Mickey’s heart and getting out of the wasteland. But Oswald giving back Mickey’s heart shows that Oswald may hate mickey, but has a heart for giving back Mickey’s heart.

  • Was My Face Red

    Woah, it’s really trippy if you watch the bad ending with the sound off and no idea of what is going on.

  • AaronSch

    I sure hope the folks a Disney consider an “Epic Mickey” film. It would be terrific to see all of these characters resurrected in a well-executed story and animated film.

    • Stephan

      They stopped production on the Kingdom Hearts Animated series! Now that would have been something. If Video Games got more respect in our culture, Kingdom Hearts would be Disney’s flagship property right now. Its the only one that everyone, kids, adults, teens, don’t just enjoy or distract themselves with but love and follow!

      And I agree about the Epic Mickey film! The problem with Disney movies is that they’re not really allowed to experiment story wise. Adapting a game like this would be both safe (you know, pre existing fans) and create something bizzare and interesting….

      Paintbrush swoosh!

      • Isaac

        After playing one of the games briefly, and following the series’ plot, I can’t say it’s any different than the usual videogame plot fare. It’s always like watching a soap opera.

    • Justin

      I’d like to see that happen too only because Oswald hasn’t had any action since the Walter Lantz days. Disney knows how important Oswald is and thankfully with this game he has been redesigned to his original look. He could now be licensed with Mickey (and not with Woody Woodpecker anymore). My family loves the story of how Disney traded Al Michaels for the rights to not only the Disney Oswalds, but the character himself. Long live Oswald!

  • Scarabim

    YES!!!! I agree with Aaron! The game, even with its wonky camera, is fantastic, and the storyline beats anything that’s come out of Disney studios in a long time…yes, including Tangled. Disney should make an Epic Mickey film. Maybe WDAS and Pixar could partner in its production – with WDAS doing the 2D and Pixar the 3D. That would be truly Epic!

    • Austen Davis

      I always liked the idea of hand drawn animation and CGI interacting together in the same movie.

  • Wow, nice to see a bit of a rewarding ending. I remember playing games for months only to be cheated with a few seconds of conclusion and a big, “Congrats, you won!”

    • Chris Sobieniak

      The whole “Bad ending” deal in video games can also turn some people off if they didn’t complete every objective possible yet they finished the game anyway.

  • Gobo

    The cut-scenes in this game are fantastic — done in a 2D style that’s a real winner. I’m glad “Epic Mickey” is doing well, or seems to be. Even if you don’t play video games, it expands the Mickey storyline brilliantly to bring Oswald into the Disneyverse.

  • Michael

    Every character should get laid off in the final scene.

  • Brad Constantine

    In the bigger picture, Games are definitely turning a corner as far as animation and technology go. There are many nice things happening in these games that will pave the way for bigger and better things in the future.As a game animator, I’m proud to see hand keyed animation making a strong comeback with more of an emphasis on acting and believability.With the development of web based TV, the future should be bright for animators in gaming for many years to come. I’m just glad that you have the good judgement to acknowledge the achievments, and document the progression for future generations to appreciate.Thanks Jerry!

  • Alissa

    Fun game definitely. Between this and the Kingdom Hearts series it seems like Disney’s last bright spot is videogames.

  • Mark

    So ugly and unappealing. Too bad they didn’t even try to make it look like the original cartoons. And thsy incessant and annoying music!!Just awful. I know it was made for small children–but I think even they deserve better.

  • Lib

    I’d love to play this when it gets cheaper, although as far as I know, it didn’t turn out to be the great game everybody expected from Warren Spector.

    So I went for Donkey Kong Country Returns instead and, boy, that was a fantastic game.

  • It’s kind of curious…but I’m not sold on it. The computer look is not really appealing, I miss more squash and stretch, and the storyline seems to lack gags and joy.

    However I’d be interested in an animated movie based on this. I’d be interested in any animated movie concerning Mickey Mouse.

    Also, Horace Horsecollar. Most underrated character ever.

    • 2011 Baby

      Wasn’t their goal to have MORE squash and stretch than the typical game performance and animation that usual, and that they have achieved just that?! It makes sense, given all these cartoons it’s based on!

    • Kip W

      Horace was so dead perfect in THE BAND CONCERT. Who knew that would be his greatest moment, and it would be downhill from there? Just give him a chance.

  • chelsea

    I’m playing the game right now (so refuse to watch these)- but I have to say, the game is a lot of fun. It has so many references to old disney shorts, and the disney parks… I love it. Also, there are cuts scenes that are completely animated (2D) that are really fun to watch. I recommend it.

  • BVG Mystery Intern

    If I remember correctly when I was part of the tail end of the blue sky intern group/think tank and we were working on the last remaining bits and fumes of what became Epic Mickey, Tim Allen was “supposedly attached” to “the film”. I’m not sure whatever became of that. But don’t quote me on it. Bobby Iger was all over it, and it was a grand day when they brought good ol’ Oswald back to his rightful home. But then again, I don’t know what I’m talking about… I was just a lowly intern.

    • Stephan

      Were you the guy who came up with this shebang?

  • Ama

    Video games are a favorite pastime of mine and I’ve beaten Epic Mickey. There was some really brilliant storytelling and animation moments throughout the game and compared to any other video game I’ve played it probably pays the most respect to art out of all of them. Most of the cutscenes are actually done in stylized 2D based on Mary Blaire’s artwork: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TeZkFu7vd0 Finding all the secrets in the game doesn’t get you powers or different outfits like they do in most games, but rather you unlock concept art, and even a full Oswald and a full Mickey short (‘Oh What A Knight’ and ‘The Mad Doctor’).

    The animation in the game is actually on par with some of the best video game animation I’ve seen, though admittedly that’s not saying a whole lot. Most video games don’t seem to really care all that much animation or rely almost entirely on mo-cap, and it shows.

    The problem is that the game itself is not actually that great to play. The camera is broken and it’s rather linear. I wasn’t sure it was going to be good in the first place since it was coming out of a new studio and all, but ultimately decided I’d get it because I’m something of a Disney buff and from what I’d heard that seems like it would be enough to enjoy it. And it was. Personally though, I kind of wonder if this was a missed opportunity to create a great movie or graphic novel.

    • Scarabim

      I’d read that a graphic novel prequel to “Epic Mickey” called “Tales from the Wasteland” is supposed to be available on iTunes. I saw some sample pages from it some time back, and it looked amazing. I wish it’d come on in paperback, though. I still prefer paper to pixels when it comes to comics.

  • I have just finished Epic Mickey and would like to say that have never had a more strong reaction to a games ending. Now I should say that I’m not very good at video games at all and even though I tried to make the good decisions all the way through the games and complete all the side quests there were some I just couldn’t do. And in most games not completing the side quests means no problem, but not in this one. It meant I mostly got all the bad endings at it made me feel really guilty. It’s like the game was saying look what you’ve done, you’ve let everyone down all because you’re rubbish.