“Epic Mickey 2” trailer “Epic Mickey 2” trailer

“Epic Mickey 2” trailer

Mickey Mouse re-teams with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in the video game sequel Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Game creator Warren Spector talks about the new game in this video, saying the sequel is more of a musical. I never played the first game, but anything involving Oswald Rabbit has my interest. Here’s the trailer:

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • Confusion

    I didn’t think the first game was particularly good. Too few ‘forgotten’ characters (or hell, characters in general), locales that, although inspired by Disney history, weren’t especially fun or exciting to explore, and gameplay-wise, it was just a mundane slog rife with boring combat, dull platforming and painfully tedious side-quests. So as a GAME, I’m very sceptical of any additional installments.

    That said, the cutscene animations were brilliant, and did an excellent job of making me stick around until the very end. The musical elements in the sequel sounds like a really fun concept, so I’m quite looking forward to that, and the voice acting is a big plus too.

  • Purin

    Well, this particular teaser doesn’t excite me, except for the fact that EPIC MICKEY 2!!!

    Effin’ Sweet. Epic Mickey had issues (camera troubles, worlds that begged re-exploring but couldn’t be, not enough forgotten characters, morality that was a little too obvious at times), but it was an obvious act of love and nerdiness on a level I’d only expect from fans. I wonder how the morality bit will come into play in this game (I hope there are more nebulous choices than paint=good, thinner=bad).

  • FigmentJedi

    Spector’s also revealed that Hungry Hobos was indeed acquired by Disney and currently planned for restoration. May or may not end up being an extra with the game.

  • I’m really hoping they take what they learned from the first Epic Mickey game and use it to polish the sequel into something great.

    I quite enjoyed the original overall, but some of the flaws really held it back. The plot was fun, the Mary Blair-style cutscenes and details from the past were lovely, and I REALLY like how they handled Oswald. But too many repeat characters, fetch-quests, and backtracking made things a bit samey at times. The camera was a major issue at points. And the big ‘morality choice’ system that was hyped up pretty much came down to “USE PAINT” or “USE THINNER.”

    If they can fix the wonky camera, add a little more variety to the gameplay, and maybe spice up what actions Mickey can take with the story, this could be a real treat.

  • TempleDog

    One new feature of note…voiced characters, with Frank Welker getting the nod to play Oswald. Quoth my fave vidyagame site Destructoid in their preview article:

    “What’s more exciting to me is that the game will have a full voice cast. No longer will characters’ words be paired with N64-era sound loops. Now, each character — even those who never had a voice in Disney’s history — will speak their dialog. The full voice cast hasn’t been announced at this time, but we do know that Frank Welker (Transformers) will be playing the role of Oswald.”

  • Scarabim

    Disney seriously seriously seriously should make the Epic Mickey game into a movie. Mixing 3D with 2D. Epic indeed. I’d rather watch a movie like that than Wreck-It Ralph.

  • KyleB

    Everything I’ve seen of it looks way too similar to the first game for me to be really excited. I loved Epic Mickey, but Im not too keen on expansion pack sequels that do very little to change up how its played.
    Hopefully that sentiment changes closer to release!

    So far the best parts out of the released footage I find are the fun animations for Oswald

  • First one was okay, but Kingdom Hearts still holds spot for best Disney game for me. Of course if the plot isn’t just a rehash of the last game and the homicidal camera gets tamed…

    I’m sorry, but I gotta ask, is there a reason that absolutely no Kingdom Hearts trailers get posted on here? It’s Disney too, after a fashion. I know that videogame stuff isn’t really posted of the brew but there’s a new game coming out in Japan next week while we’ll be waiting a while for Epic Mickey 2…

    …And now I’m whining, sorry! I’ll shut up now.

    • DonaldC

      Because Kingdom Hearts has about as much to do with Disney lore as a Florida scrapbook.

      • Alissa

        Yes, and Epic Mickey was a veritable showcase of lost Disney history. There was the Phantom blo- I thought he was already fairly popular thanks to the comics and House of Mouse.

        Robotic Capt. Hook?

        Pete in a Tron outfit?

        Even Oswald’s personality was practically made out of whole cloth, all things considered.

        Sorry it I wasn’t very clear in my original post, I meant that why other games with fantastic animation are ignored. But hey, what do I know.

    • Elena

      I was never big on the Kingdom Hearts handheld games, but 1 and 2 I loved.

      Two was a good improvement but they kept adding these, God if I knew who they were, Final Fantasy characters? These original characters?

      Who knows, a bunch of anime characters who all felt the same and “WANTED POWER AND WAS SUPER SERIOUS IN PERSONALITY”. Everytime they showed up and not a Disney character, I got disappointed.

      I feel as if they might not be shown here because the heavy mix of anime elements might upset people here, I’m not sure how often this site includes Japan-related content.

  • Isaac

    I wish they’d put more effort into the animation. I remember the director saying the first Epic Mickey was the most expensive project he’s ever worked on, so it can’t be lack of funds that’s keeping them from creating the Pixar-film equivalent of a videogame.

  • Menh… the first one had a scope that was epic and was on target to hit it until Execs cut their budget 2/3 of the way through.

    This looks like they took animations classic figures and took out…animation. so sad when creative work sold short.

  • Brad

    Anyone know if they’ll ever release a print version of the Digicomics?

  • Royce

    Meh. I’d be more excited if the first game hadn’t been such a disappointment. The Wii just didn’t have the processing power to render the graphics as cleanly as they needed to be, and the platforming sections were a PITA.