Epic Mickey – Part 2 Epic Mickey – Part 2

Epic Mickey – Part 2

Part two of the opening cinematic from the forthcoming Epic Mickey video game (Part One we posted here) – this time with 30% more Oswald!

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • uncle wayne

    Wow! Coming from one who wouldn’t “play video games”…that is QUITE a Treat, thank you!! And a real treat to see Oswald CGI-ed. (P.S.: Is that the first time, in history, that they 2 get to meet!?)

  • So will we get the opportunity to torture and disembowel Mickey?

    • Ron

      I like how Oswald looks angry at Mickey’s arrival in that pic. It’s like Walt was rubbing Laemmle’s nose in Mickey’s success.

  • Funny. Wasn’t impressed with the first cinematic but this actually looked like a lot of fun! At least there’s a lot of good energy in the animation.

  • JTEE

    none of that story made ANY sense.

    • DonaldC

      Sure it does.

      Wizard makes World.
      Mouse makes blob.
      Blob takes Mickey to World.
      Evil Scientist tries to take his Heart.
      Mouse frees himself.
      Evil Scientist escapes.
      Rabbit tries to escape.
      Accidentally causes Machine to go haywire.

      What’s not to get?

      • Yensid creates a world for characters that have been forgotten (like Oswald) using a magic paintbrush. Mickey, being his mischievous self, sneaks in and using the magic paintbrush, accidentally creates the Phantom Blot, as well as destroying that world that Oswald inhabits. The Blot drags Mickey into the dystopian world, where the Mad Doctor (who’s in cahoots with the Blot) tries to take Mickey’s heart. Now Mickey, using the brush as his tool, has to paint his way home.

        How hard is THAT to explain?

      • autisticanimator

        It isn’t all that obvious that the Mad Doctor was just aiming for Mickey’s heart right from the get-go, and was trying to pick the best method for extracting it. It looks like he’s being capricious about the various ways to do away with Mickey altogether.

    • it’s a videogame

      the rest of the narrative is filled in when you play the game

  • Rooniman

    This game keeps getting better.

  • Charlie

    The Mad Doctor reminds me of The Tasmanian Devil.

    • jic

      In what way? I can’t see it myself.

  • Gepinniw

    I hate the design of the mad scientist. His facial expressions are lame, and his various parts don’t fit together at all. He looks like a demented hobo.

    • The scientist is the same scientist from the classic “The Mad Doctor” If you don’t like his design, blame Walt. He would have approved it in 1932 or so.

    • Better hop on your time machine and go back a few decades to let the animation studio know that! This is important!

    • The design goes back to 1933’s “The Mad Doctor”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywukfQqKX-g
      There’s some cool 3D tunnel elements in that cartoon, too. Very cool.

  • Scarabim

    OH MY GOD.

    MUST HAVE!!!!

    *ahem* I rather liked this.

  • Some of Mickey’s exclamation noises in this clip are getting on my nerves. I understand that he’s frightened and all that, but seriously, I don’t need those distracting “HUH”? “AH!” noises every second. In the old cartoons, Mickey could go about silently for long stretches when the story didn’t require that he talked… usually with his actions and mood (as well as the story mood) accompanied by music. I wish the game makers, too, could rely a bit more on the music and pantomime, rather than throwing in a “UH! AH!” at every possible moment.

    (Otherwise, quite an intriguing clip!… even though Mickey’s frontal face still looks weird. As others have pointed out, severel story details don’t make that much sense, but hopefully there will be some explanations later on in the game.)

  • Pez

    It really is a shame these models suck so bad. the animation is nice. I have seen some of the original character designs. that was the problem. bad turns. very sad. Also I have no clue what happened in that video. maybe there is some game play between the movies. I will buy this game.

    • doozer

      With the exception of the Phantom Blot, aren’t all the character models based on Walt Disney’s original designs?

  • Alissa

    Wow, just wow. Zany craziness to ratchet up the nerves before the first real tutorial is a very good idea. The animation was top notch considering it’s being made for the Wii. This may help ease me off of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep once I’ve played that to oblivion. :)

  • papashango

    models suck….deformations suck…and animation sucks..
    Quite unbelievably below par for a disney production..
    and the voice track from a hentai movie???
    ohh …ahhh…muahahahahah!!!