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Epic Misney

When Disney’s acquisition of Marvel first became news we did a post inviting artists to show off their best visions of the merger. Now, courtesy of artist John Waltrip, by way of T Campbell, comes this materpiece: Click Here to see the ultimate Disney-Marvel crossover!

(Thanks, Alex Rannie)

  • Slash Halen

    Cool pic, but I gotta ask. Why is Scrooge McDuck staring at Spider-man’s butt and seeing dollar signs?

  • chipper

    Chip n’ Dale playing with Squirrel girl is so cute!

  • Iritscen

    Oh man. This is amazing, although only a comic geek can fully appreciate the choice of characters here. I’m very tempted to buy a print, the price is right.

  • George

    Dazzler and Hanna Montana!? Hilarious!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Slash Halen,

    Scrooge is checking out Spidey’s … assets, of course!

  • Love the dirty looks the gaggle of Princesses are giving to Emma Frost!

  • Tedzey

    Lovin how Jasmine is the only princess manning up to Emma Stone’s presence! Goofy in the venom suit and the two Hercules… classic!

  • One of, if not THE best yet of the Disney/MARVEL gag cartoons I’ve seen so far. Well planned and illustrated. Love the Spidey & Mickey bit.

  • Scarabim

    It’s still kinda sad to see Mickey mixed with Marvel…to see Disney purchasing characters instead of creating them…well, it’s more than sad, it’s…lame. And you know, this kind of thing dilutes my affection for Disney in general. It’s losing its identity because it’s getting buried under its various character purchases. I refuse to accept that Kermit the Frog or Spiderman represents Disney as much as Mickey does. Used to be, if it said “Disney” on it, I’d give it a look. But I’m rapidly losing interest now. Bummer.

  • Mike Russo

    This would work as a piece of official art if the Goofy/Venom image wasn’t so creepy.

    Gizmoduck is a bit random, though. But welcome. Surprised Darkwing Duck isn’t here though.

  • Adam VM

    At long last, our dreams of an official Donald Duck/Howard the Duck crossover can be realized.

  • Swindy

    My favorite is Belle with The Beast :)

  • Alex

    Tinkerbell can’t get involved with Hank Pym! No Tinkerbell no!

    Because he will beat her.

  • Stitch and the Silver Surfer: Inspired.

  • Hannah

    Ha ha i didnt even notice Dr Doom in the background there

  • I love how much is going on in this picture. And not only is it a true Disney/Marvel/cartoon/comic geek piece of art in general; it was drawn perfectly to blend the two worlds. Most fan art is just blah, but this screams professional draftsmanship. I may have to get a print (or two) myself!

  • Brian D. Scott

    I am loving this! Most of the subtlety may be lost on non-fans, but I love this attempt!

  • Brendan Spillane

    NICE! Epic Misney: Not to be confused with Darvel Comics.

  • Robert Barker

    Great piece of artwork. I’ll have to see what Disney does with a Marvel character before a wholesale denunciation. Both Hulk movies, and most of the two Fantastic Four films have been failures. And let’s not forget Daredevil.

  • Oh, and what exactly were Elastigirl and Mr. Fantastic up to back there behind Doom’s newly-christened castle? Their respective spouses seem a little preoccupied to notice!

  • Mac

    Great pic. I do agree with Scarabim’s comment about how lame it is that Disney is buying libraries of characters. Perhaps that’s why my favourite gag in the picture is Scrooge eyeing Spiderman with greedy delight – it says it all!

  • The truth ruth

    Great peice of work! Also, Is uncle scrooge an allegorical representation of bob iger in this picture? Makes sense if he is.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I felt the same way Scarabim is on the matter too. It’s sad thinking how far less and less the Disney namesake has been given the amount of mergers and other acquisitions have taken place over the past few decades. I can’t fully accept the Muppets and Marvel characters as part of the Disney family entirely, but I love what was done here none the less. I would also agree Darkwing Duck would’ve been perfect over GizmoDuck here. Also Uncle Scrooge’s look was ‘pricele$$!’ :-)

  • Heh, Fin Fang Foom and Maleficent fighting.

    As for people bringing up Darkwing Duck, you’d have to wait for Disney Buys DC…if Waltrip and T Campbell make that a reality. Darkwing’s a rather blatant Batman wannabe.

  • Tommy

    Scarabim, Warner has done that for years, buying Hanna-Barbara, MGM, DC etc.

  • Marc Baker

    You bring up a good point, Scarabim. Disney just seems to buy up random characters, and properties so much that their main ones tend to get swept under the rug, and i’m just as bothered by it as you are. Sure, (‘Power Rangers’? i still won’t get over the fact that Disney bought that garbage!) i’d like to be optimistic, and see what comes out of it, but at the same time, the cynic in me things that it’s only gonna get worse. Maybe Disney just doesn’t know how to market it’s own characters properly since they’ve gotten so big over the years. Like they’ve lost sight of what they’re all about, and try different things to stay ‘relevant’ in the public eye. Anyway, that’s still a neat drawing, though. As much as i despise Hanna Montana, pairing her up with Dazzler seems to work some how. I liked seeing Sub Mariner holding Ariel in an awkward way, Donald Duck together with Howard The Duck, and Scrooge getting ‘dollar sign’ eyes over Spidey’s net worth. Bonus points for Gizmo Duck flying with Iron Man, but i agree that Darkwing Duck should’ve made an appearance.

  • Garrett

    Unfortunately, Steve Gerber has no grave to spin in in response to that Howard/Donald crossover image since he was cremated. (Gerber was no fan of the Disney-mandated redesign of Howard that is thankfully not represented in that illustration.)

  • Poor Quicksilver! Can’t catch a break.