Eyvind Earle Narrates His Life Story

It’s been an Eyvind Earle kind of week. A couple days ago I stumbled onto an obscure post-Sleeping Beauty Chevrolet commercial that he directed and animated. And tonight I found this half-hour documentary that was written and narrated by him shortly before he died in 2000. The film contains lots of personal history, more of his rarely seen commercial and abstract animation, and a generous serving of his personal philosophies about life. Watch the entire program in three parts:

  • Amazing!! Thank you for the find and post…

  • A fascinating insight!

  • Probably the most inspiring video of any kind that I’ve seen on your site…or anywhere else, for that matter. What a great artist, poet, & seeker. Wonderful; thank you.

  • Optimist

    Haven’t watched the videos yet as I’m unable to at the moment, but I’m betting this is the same material I saw during a cable TV “show” selling his prints a la The Shopping Channel. Those excerpts were long, comprehensive and fascinating.

  • Great find.
    thank you for posting :-)

  • Nik

    Amazing artist and a fascinating life story. Thanks for posting the video links.

  • Obviously informative and excellent, but the romantic music is enough to drive you crazy. Phillip Glass where are you when we need you!

  • Jason

    Astounding. I am moved, convicted, and amazed at the story of this great life. Thank you. This made my day.

  • Wow, there was so much fascinating history that I had no idea about. Also its pretty special to hear his voice and see him work as he tell his history. Very inspiring stuff, thank you for sharing. And thank you Eyvind Earle for explaining god.