First clip from Disney’s “Winnie The Pooh” First clip from Disney’s “Winnie The Pooh”

First clip from Disney’s “Winnie The Pooh”

Disney released this 60 second excerpt from the forthcoming Winnie The Pooh feature, set for release on July 15th:

(Thanks, Edward Himel)

  • Gotta say, animation looks nice and fluid.

  • Rashida

    YES finally.

    Only things that urks me is the voice of Piglet and the Rabbit. Pooh sounds the same thank goodness.

  • tgentry

    Looks great, and made me laugh. Might take my four year old to see it, hopefully today’s cartoons haven’t conditioned him to be bored senseless by this.

  • John A

    Ahh, Rabbit’s such a bitchy old queen.

    • I think the episode of the old WTP animated series where he adopts the little bird girl is the best example of this.

  • and how much that movie cost?

  • Is that Eric Goldberg’s animation on Rabbit?

    • snipp245


      I think the mouth animation is too rubbery, but eh.

      • It’s nice fluid movement, and I recognized his style of posing and facial expressions. It almost seems out of character to cast such a wild and dynamic animator as the contained and neurotic Rabbit. A quick intuitive thought would be to put him on Tigger.

      • 2011 Adult

        Switch the two lead animators, and you’re set.

  • snipp245

    Spongebob’s doin’ better than I thought! Great! Still isn’t a perfect match though.

  • Jim

    I really hate when people mindlessly bitch on the internet, so I’m going to phrase this observation as a legitimate question:

    Does Rabbit’s personality lend itself to using the W-pose over and over? I don’t really recall that from the stuff I watched as a kid, but it’s been a long time. It just seems weird that the same twinned gesture is used over and over again in a sixty second clip.

    And yes, of course this is nitpicky, but this is Disney, not Joe Bob’s animation shack. In any case I’m obviously not judging the movie based on this preview… just genuinely curious.

    • Teafly

      As an employee of Joe Bob’s Animation Shack, Ltd. I find your comment very offensive.

      And don’t forget Joe Bob’s Animation Shack for all of your animation needs !

    • Peter H

      I’m with Jim here – and the mid-action still that idents the clip points up everything that’s wrong with it. Despite a three-quarter angle on the body and drag on the hands, the arms are caught in a perfect W, flat and parallel with the screen plane as is the face. I know it’s an inbetween in transition, but it has lost all dimension at this point and is a really poor drawing. (Not only are the arms working in 2 dimensions like cutouts, but they lack a sense of mutual balance – the kind of connected line of action feeling that the old animators seemed to get so easily.)

      I think that the problem may be in the inbetweening – that the inbetweener is doing very flat breakdowns, and losing the 3-D positioning of the keys. A more experienced person would have avoided the rigid W by differing the angles of the arms and foreshortening the nearer elbow angle, making the gesture flow more naturally.

    • J.M

      sorry could you explain to me what is the W-POSE.

      I studied animation and I don’t know it

      • Lanigan

        Similar to the ” i dunno lol” pose.


  • I like it! And I will probably see it in the theater.

    Except… Rabbit’s over-acting doesn’t really fit the reading of the lines…


  • D

    Really really nice. The character animation is super fluid and I loved the backgrounds and colour palette. I was really hoping Disney would do a good job on this as its their first hand drawn feature in quite a while and the results are very promising. If only they would do more stuff like this instead of letting pixar make everything.

    • Matt

      Did you completely blank out for a couple years and totally miss Princess and the Frog?

      • D

        Thats right I forgot about that one. Still that was what 2008, 2009. All I was saying is its been a while since the last hand drawn feature and lets be honest 2 hand drawn Disney films in about a decade that has been dominated by Pixar is still pretty sad. We need Disney to do more stuff like this.

  • Killskerry

    Is Tom Kenny voicing rabbit? It sounds like him…its kinda weird but that is the smallest of nitpicks. I actually laughed our loud at this. Looking SO forward to this movie. It captures some of that old magic I think we’ve all been missing.

  • Tom Kenny’s voice acting on Rabbit wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. But you can hear a bit of Spoungebob in there though.

  • Oh, this is cute, and I think the characters are quite well-done, but I keep getting distracted by the not-quite-rightness of the voices. I know, I know, I’m sure this is as close as possible.

    Um, was anyone else a little bit shocked to hear Rabbit say “Good God”? Maybe I’ve been reading too much Victorian literature lately, but I gotta admit I clutched my pearls for a moment there.

    • I think he said “Good thought”. But I defintely thought he said “Good God” the first time I heard it.

    • Skeezix

      I think you can give you pearls a rest; he says “Good thought, Piglet.”

      • Whew!!! I thought it was kind of a weird thing for him to say anyway.

        Guess this still means I’ve been reading too many classics.

      • Jeffers

        There was an animated disney movie a few years back that used the term “cotton picking minute” in it. I can’t recall which movie it was, but it was definitley there and I was surprised it wasn’t controversial.

  • I’m loving Piglet’s animation and the jokes are nice.

    I’m not a huge fan of Pooh but I’m going to see this one in theaters. I miss 2D and for once they are making a new movie that is not ruining the characters they’re basing on. I like Zooey Deschanel’s soundtrack so far too.


    Clever writing. Good animation. This will make bank and put 2D back on the map where it belongs.

  • Conor

    I like what I see. I wasn’t sure about Tom Kenny as rabbit at first, but it works, and Eric Goldberg’s animation of the character looks fantastic. Still not sure about Craig Ferguson as Owl, but I’ll withhold judgement for now.

  • Great Animation! I’m excited for this movie!

  • Baron Lego

    Does anyone else find Rabbit’s animation acting a little… excessive?

    • Well, this IS Eric Goldberg we’re talking about…

    • A mild case of the Bluths perhaps? Otherwise, this clip looks great.

    • Bud

      Waoit ’til you se the tigger animation–sadly the weak link in the whole show. Other than that, it’s an OK cartoon.

      • Patch

        Bluth DID animate Rabbit in the original so I think it’s in keeping. Just saddened that aside from Piglet I’m seeing a lot of 80’s Bag O’ tricks animation – especially since the likes of Pixar have upped the acting game quite considerably in main stream animation over the past decade. And before anyone gets mad at me for saying that, I’m not saying the nine old men were anything other than brilliant, or that the likes of Baxter or Salazar do anything other than superlative work, merely stating that the acting on rabbit and pooh could be any character from any movie where the budget allows full animation. Nothing really of note here in my eyes.

    • Yes, I think the excellent animation of the rabbit is out of place here; it calls attention to itself with what appears to be over-animating & is not necessary. The other animals seem like Winnie-the-Pooh characters. The rabbit seems like a character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? No one caught this at Disney?? Hhhmmmmm.
      Anyway, this is refreshing, hand-drawn animation which is wonderful to see again. I’ll leave my nit-picking for Cartoon Brew and of course go see the film.

  • So good to see “real” animals again. I hate that creepy rendered fur on CGI cartoon characters. They look like zombie plush toys.

    This film makes the best argument for traditional animation — not that anybody cares anymore.

    • Shawn’s Bro

      Personally, I’m starved for some really good traditional animation.

    • Ironic, given the original illustrations for the Pooh characters were essentially stuffed toys.

      The difference of course was they were appealing stuffed toys.

  • Smareng

    I think he actually said “good thought”

  • This looks great and should do very well this summer!

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Looks fantastic. I enjoyed this excerpt immensely.

  • Mike!

    Tom Kenny’s almost doing a less manic Ice King as Rabbit. It works, though. He and whoever’s doing Piglet now aren’t exact match-ups but seem to have the same spirit as the characters need. I’m really looking forward to this.

  • Matt M

    Oh my, and I thought I couldn’t look forward to this anymore than I already did! I love Rabbit’s acting, he was perpetually making me grin and laugh.

  • Kate Burck

    Absolutely charming! I definitely see how they’re trying to take the idea of being current yet stay classic. It seems like they’re succeeding but I guess only July will really tell.
    Does Piglet seem overtly small to anyone though? Or do I just remember him larger in my childhood for some reason? When he pulled up the flower all I could think about was how tiny he seemed, it really threw me off for a minute.

  • I liked it a lot. I laughed twice in sixty seconds!

    I did notice that the scale of the book and flower petal seemed to change drastically between the Piglet shots and the Pooh/Rabbit shots, but I guess that’s just because Piglet’s a little fella, right?

  • Rabbit’s facial reaction after Piglet mentions the rope cracks me up every time.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    This looks awesome!!!! The animation is ridiculous, it was pretty funny and man those characters haven’t changed a bit! I love it!

  • I agree with most on here…I think the animation is beautiful and loose. My only deal really Rabbit’s acting…to me, it’s a bit broad for the character – especially in the choice for some of the mouth shapes.

    But honestly, that’s being super nit picky, and overall it looks fantastic to me. I think Piglet’s animation is spot on…timing, gestures…expressions.

  • Pooh’s voice is great! I think Rabbit kind of overacts, but perhaps this is seen out of context. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and say it looks cooooooooooooool. And hey, Piglet and Pooh aren’t rapping and kung-fu’ing each other to stay current – niiice.

  • Glowworm

    Now this is fantastic. The animation is wonderful and I laughed when Piglet mentioned that the book was really long because owl read it to him!

    This is adorable!

    • Everything is longer when Owl reads it.

  • anonymous

    HMM….Rabbit seems way over acted,no holds thats for sure! His expressions/personality seem so out of context from the early films. His hands look too humanlike and the cleaned up linework has lost some of the lovely livelyness found in the originals. That being said I do wish this film well and can’t wait to see it!

  • Rabbit always seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and has succumbed to it a few times. I think his mania here might be due to the fact that he is approaching the breaking point where he starts panicking.
    Also the colors in this were beautiful. My eyeballs are dancing the dougie all over the desk.

    • Jamie

      I’m unaffiliated with the movie, but got to see a public preview in London last month. I found Rabbit to be a lot more measured throughout the rest of the movie – this scene is at a height of his anxiousness and comic exaggeration, narrative wise. The more extreme performance that’s standing out here makes a lot more sense in context, I promise (the scene continues on to be hilarious and probably the best scene in the film). Don’t worry, Eric’s rabbit has a lot more subtlety through the rest of the story!

  • Most anticapted film of the summer. Big smile :)

    • 2011 Adult

      But I am not seeing it listed in any press releases where they cover the summer releases! Someone please spread the awareness of POO!

  • Steve Cooper

    Acting on Rabbit is overdone and poor in places- especially the head rub! Poses aren’t held long enough to read properly and result in characters that float constantly. Silhouettes are weak overall.
    For a better example of WTP animation get a look at The Tigger Movie or an old episode of WTP TV series done in the early 90’s by Walt Disney TV Animation Australia (for about 1 fifth the cost of this crud).
    Not gonna see it!

    • Matt

      Jesus. I think you’re pulling a Rabbit here yourself and completely overreacting.

  • John

    Anyone else feel that Goldberg’s animation is to formulaic, it’s like he has a a few theories and he does them over and over again the same.

    • KC

      Yep.Wait’ll you see all the Genie faces rabbit makes! He goes balls-out kerrrrrrrraazeeeee. Rabbit animated great otherwise.

      Piglet is beautifully animated by Bruce Smith.

      • Wow! Bruce did a good job! Love love love the timing on Piglet! Spot on!

  • AdrianC.

    Thank goodness for Jim Cummings. He sounds fantastic in just these few lines.

    The Piglet voice is pretty good too. It sounds a bit younger than I’m used but it’s not a deal breaker. So far, I’m pleased with it.

  • Victor

    I’m still wondering why they didn’t just get Ken Sansom to continue to do the voice of Rabbit. Not that I have a grudge against Tom Kenny or anything, but Ken’s been voicing Rabbit for more than 20 years.

  • showplease

    Aw come on, guys. Couldn’t you have picked a much shorter 5 second clip of the worst part of the movie you could find, in order to misrepresent the entire film, instead of this good 1 minute clip?

    After all, it worked for your Looney Tunes show clips. Why not here? You havn’t tried nearly hard enough to bury this film, and convince people not to see it.

    For shame.

  • Adam

    Piglet’s smaller than a flower? I guess I better watch the originals again.

    • eeteed

      and look at piglet’s size compared to the book. when the book lands in the hole it is quite small.

      piglet must be tiny in this cartoon.

  • Anthony D.

    I’m not a fan of Winnie The Pooh, but I’m cofident this movie will do very well. Count on it. :)

  • Can’t Owl fly?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I was thinking that too, but afraid to ask!

  • Mike

    Aaaahhh, now this is more like it. After seeing those awful Bugs and Daffy Show clips, I was needing something to soothe my nerves. No rapping, no disco, no edgy one-liners.

    Just right.

  • Chelsea

    Am I the only one who DIDN’T worry about Tom Kenny’s performance as Rabbit? I’m so glad we’re finally getting to see some of it and I’m loving his work and everyone else’s voice-overs.

    Maybe I’m naive but I find Rabbit’s ‘over-acting’ to be kind of cute here. After all this is a short clip and… there’s a lot more to see in order to judge how ‘formulaic’ the animation is on this.

    I’m excited! This preview is a way better taste than the official teaser in my opinion.

  • hmmmmm

    eek…i love love love eric goldberg’s work…..but that rabbit animation seems really overacted and sooooo literal in some cases…..its like rabbit is speak with A.S.L. in some cases and some of those face shapes are a bit out of character for me…….hmmmmm…..wanting to like it sooooo badly because i crave the hand-drawn wonder but that did not feel like rabbit…..i could see the looney tunes influence in there big time….not subtle pooh-ness …hmmmmm….this leaves me perplexed…..hmmmmmm…..he’s still the man though….just a little disappointed because i really want hand-drawn to make a comeback and this to me takes a step backward :(……..this leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling…hmmm

  • TsimoneTseTse

    I’m taking my 3 year old, my 8 year old & I’m sure my teens will want to go. I hope the place is packed for weeks & breathes the life back into hand drawn for big D. It is great to see the work of Goldberg, Deja & others in theaters…….

    The only thing that I wonder is can Disney (’11) convey the gentleness and strolling pace that the original (60’s) had? (or are we sooo way beyond that)

    This can’t be judged on the slightly odd choice of clip that was provided

    • Justin

      The answer to your question is “yes”. However a better question is can modern audiences handle the gentleness and strolling pace that the original had? Based on some of the reviews I’ve read so far the answer is “no”.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks great.

  • Uli Meyer

    Piglet looks good but the rabbit is a little off, animation and drawing-wise. Awkward poses, flat and weak interpretation of the old design. Is this really Eric’s work?

  • Dave O.

    Who can blame Eric Goldberg if he’s exaggerating Rabbit’s animation? When’s the last time he had a chance to animate?!?

    Looks promising. I’ll go see it.

    • snipp245

      Not too long ago actually (The Princess and the Frog). He’s been working pretty consistently for years. Too bad those Coco Pebbles commercials went stop-motion though.

      • TsimoneTseTse

        2007’s Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros at EPCOT is pure manic Eric Goldberg.

  • Gobo

    Listening to this, I had the thought that Kevin McDonald would make a great Piglet if they ever needed to fill the role.

    • That’s actually a genius idea. Kevin would be perfect.

  • Steven M.

    Pretty good overall, thugh Rabbit’s voice sounds really odd.

  • Scarabim

    I don’t care for the animation of Rabbit at all. Too loose and off-model.

    But Piglet’s good, and Pooh is great. The Silly Old Bear has the slow, deliberate movements and sweet, calm manner I always loved about the original animation in the very first film.

    I sure hope Owl does figure out that he can fly out of that hole. Because the audience is going to figure it out, count on it, and wonder “WTF? Why doesn’t he just fly out?” Slip-ups like that can pull an audience right out of a film. Hope it doesn’t happen here, because I’d love for this movie to succeed. Then maybe the suits at Disney will find the intestinal fortitude to try a more ambitious 2-D film next, such as the shelved “Snow Queen” project.

  • i’m likin’ rabbits over-exaggerated acting. color me charmed

  • I enjoyed this a lot.

  • Dave

    I’m sorry to say that the more I see of this the more underwhelmed I am.

    I really wanted to like this film , and out of a sense of duty I’ll probably still go see it in the theater (if only to see the Nessie short) , but nothing I’ve seen about Pooh so far makes me want to go see it. *Full disclosure: I’ve never been a big fan of the Disney version of Pooh anyway, so this latest rebooting of the Disney Pooh franchise isn’t something I’m that interested in from the get go.

    The thing that really bugs me is that just a few years ago this would have been considered a Disney Toons direct-to-video project. Why is Disney Feature Animation doing trifling work like this ? They have some of the best animators in the business and could be doing so much more. Don’t blame the animators , they’re doing the best they can with the material they’re given. But direct-to-video material begets direct-to-video end product.

  • DBC

    Looks ok, but Rabbit seems a little off, like he is out of sync, and he’s over acting, sometimes less is more. piglet’s cute

  • Clint

    I think it looks great! The voice of Piglet sounds acceptable, and Tom Kenny as Rabbit wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Though I miss Ken Sansom…

  • Ed
  • Rebecca4th

    For some reason I really can’t get past Tom Kenny as Rabbit. I just doesn’t quite fit. The animation on Rabbit does seem to be a little exaggerated, Eric Goldberg doesn’t seem like the absolute right fit for him, but I think it is good that he’s not just sticking to the spontaneous and goofy character. I know Tigger seems more up his alley, but I hear Andreas Deja really wanted to be the one who suped on Tigger… I can’t wait for Eeyore! He’s my favorite! Plus, Randy Haycock is supervising on him, so I have high expectations! All in all, I’m excited for this movie!!

  • tamera

    i liked it. it was funny, and the animation was nice. glad to see everyone nitpicking. ;)

  • The idea from this hole sequence came from the books?

  • John

    It seems like the drawing work is really lacking in this film.

    • snipp245

      The drawings in the original featurettes weren’t particularly fine craftsmanship either.

  • Jeffers

    Tom Kenny certainly is an amazingly talented voice actor. Hard to believe that he also did the Mayor on Powerpuff Girls, Spongebob, and Heffer on Rocko’s Modern Life among others.

  • cbat628

    This is great! What I like the most is the little touches they put in the situation and artistry (i.e. the minor gag of flower pedal that falling on Pooh’s nose and the – for lack of a better word – “scratchy” lines on Rabbit that calls back to the original shorts). A lot of effort seems to have been put into this and I for one can’t wait to see the results.

  • Dirk

    I actually wish Bluth would direct a movie for Disney. Something like Nimh, a little on the dark side. Its still an all time favorite of mine…

  • Cody

    Does anyone know if there is a particular reason why they went for Tom Kenny when Ken Sansom is still alive, kicking and (apparently) under contract?? He’s been the voice of Rabbit in everything since the 80’s, why switch now?

    • snipp245

      Ken reportedly had NO IDEA this was being made. Disney never told him. Without further information, this seems like an insult. Same with Peter Cullum, but I hear he was busy on another voice over project.

  • My God, this animation is gorgeous, and the humor is quite enjoyable. I wanna take my niece to see this!

  • Lily

    I like the background a lot, and I think Piglet is cute. But for the other characters.. I felt like I would prefer the TV series’ version ( way more… Man they just do NOT make cartoons like they used to. And watching this makes me feel like they can’t. And perhaps, shouldn’t if they can’t find the right people to do the job.

    I think they would have been better off using the ideas they have for Rabbit and Piglet on a new set of characters instead in a different movie and stuff. Rabbit feels weird to me here. Without reading everyone’s response, my initial reaction was that the Disney animators are kind of trying too hard (much like Princess and the Frog) going wild here. I like cartoon crazy stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it has to be done right, not for the purpose to just ‘show off’. Here it felt like show off to me, trying to be impressive in every single ‘unique’ pose and gesture they can hit. It’s a little much.

    Regardless, I hope Disney would do well so in no way I am trying to talk them down. Just my personal humble 2 cent.

  • Mike Russo

    Enjoyed it.

    What I don’t enjoy is the constant nitpicking that happens whenever trailers, posters or film clips are shown here, no matter what the medium, character or franchise. I see nothing wrong with this and the expressive 2D animation is very refreshing. But the strange complaints persist.

  • Congratulations Disney management! You’ve managed to make something that looks exactly like it came from the mid sixties.

    PLEASE let your artists and creatives do something new. Artists and animators only have so many projects they can work on during their careers, and you have them revisiting projects from over forty years ago. I hope they get to do some cool projects at Disney again, or move on to someplace where that is possible.

    The direct to video sequels done out of house were bad enough, but closing those down only to bring projects like that in house is not a step in the right direction. The house that Walt built is now the house of sequels.

    • The Gee

      Yes, the company spent years in court fighting to maintain the rights to do things with the characters and you expect them to do nothing except license out blankets and clothing lines featuring them?

      You know how much money those Milne adaptations bring in for Disney.
      While it would be cool if some of that money were spent on new productions featuring new characters, you know it isn’t likely unless hand-drawn profits like a trendsetter.

      I get where you are coming from but you know this flick will do well enough to make it worth it for Disney. In the beginning and the end that is all that matters. If the artists don’t want to work with Disney characters or at the Mouse House then they should just bail.

      Now, why aren’t you also complaining about the dearth of other bleeding edge traditional opportunities at other studios?

  • Ryan

    Wow, after all these years of “Pooh” spinoffs, it’s weird to see one with actual, quality character animation.