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For the Disney Fan Who Has Everything…

What do you give the Disney fan who has everything? How about Walt’s head. Many more creepy pics in the eBay listing.
(via Harry McCracken)

Walt Disney

UPDATE: Wilson Swain writes to us, “I thought you might appreciate seeing this sculpture I made back in school.”
Walt Disney

  • Pedro Nakama

    That looks nothing like Walt Disney. It looks more like the guy selling oranges at the 101 exit I take.

  • That’s not Disney. He’s not smoking a cigarette.

  • LK

    Walt sure had long, luxurious lashes!

  • I thought it was Rene from the BBC sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo!

  • Who defrosted him down in the vault? Goofy or Donald?

  • this is the scariest thing i have ever seen

  • is he wearing eye shadow?
    he’s a dandy alright

  • fishmorg

    If anyone buys this, they’d better hope it doesn’t float around at night, winking and blinking!

  • buck cheeser

    so THAT’S what brad pitt saw in the box…

  • Autumn

    The lashes disturb me.

  • greg m

    I can almost smell the formaladehyde! IT’S HIM!!

  • Jesse H.

    That’d go great with my train set.


    This is so wrong…(don’t have to say that it looks nothing like WED)

    But if there is some nut willing to pay real money for this useless bit of ….. Why am I even bothering to comment?

  • To use an internet term…


    Seriously though that looks nothing like the man himself. And his eyelashes are purdy.

  • Adam

    Its chock full of heady goodness.

  • His beak doesn’t look……….wait…………that’s Donald Duck, right?

  • Brian O.

    I hope this is what Eisner sees every night just before he wets the bed.

    If I won this I’d put it in one of those Futurama living head boxes and set it out at Halloween. Then I’d have a looped recording of Walt speaking, “You should have seen my idea of EPCOT.”

  • Does it come with a pair of Gary Coleman’s pants?

  • that is about as grotesque as grotesque can be.

  • To be fair, the eBay listing says that the box it was found in just said “Walt”, and that the seller has assumed it to be Walt Disney. It possibly is supposed to be somebody else, though I admit the hairstyle and moustache certainly suggest it’s meant to be our beloved Unca’ Walt. Pretty bad likeness if it is.

    On the other hand, Wilson Swain’s rather unsettling depiction of Disney on ice is quite a good likeness despite its creepiness!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Apart from the above pic looking as grotesque as it is, I sorta digged the second one that one guy submitted! I wish I did that back in school too!

  • red pill junkie

    Wilson, you’re a great artist, but your Walt’s head will probably haunt my sleep for months to come!

  • Zep

    It must be strange to be transformed from an actual human being into an “icon” so that your corporeal substance ceases to mean anything or deserve respect.

    Me, I don’t know-Walt Disney is a famous name, but he was also a real person who lived and died in my lifetime, so he’s not entirely abstracted to me to the point where I can feel amusement or anything but repulsion at a depiction of his severed head looking mottled and, well, dead(not forgetting the little Mickey ears behind him). Maybe I’m too stuffy, maybe I don’t have a sense of humor-or maybe the guy who did this not terribly original project for class hasn’t *yet* experienced a death of anyone he cares about-say, a parent. Disney’s daughter is still alive. I wonder what she’d think of this thing? But who cares, right? After all, no one’s ever taken Dsiney down off his pedestal before, have they? Oh, right–they have. Over and over and over, ad nauseum. No, not original. More like pointless.
    Just another artist’s opion.

  • Don’t bid on it. I really want this one.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I like Wilson’s sculpture! A+++

  • with those eyes rolling up….it may have been made AFTER his death….upon looking at his death bed!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Well, I WAS hungry…

  • Matthew Sharp

    See, that’s what I like about Cartoon Brew – it’s a great site to visit if you want to get a head in the animation business.

    The likeness is a bit iffy, isn’t it? It’s almost like they made their wax Walt out of a disused Jerry Colonna.

  • Emily

    Yeah, that first one looks nothing like the guy. Disappointing for a wax museum product!

  • Most wax museums seem to miss the mark and turn out only creepy likenesses. The one on Hollywood Blvd. is largely a waste of time in that regard. On the other hand, many living celebrities also look waxen in real life, so the gap is ever narrowing.

    Death is the great equalizer, so those who take umbrage at the desecration of the hallowed likeness of Walt, you can take heart that the makers of these disembodied heads may have the same done to them post mortem .