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Glen Keane tribute at The Egyptian

Jot this down on the calendar. The American Cinematheque has scheduled a tribute to Glen Keane for Saturday December 11th at 5pm, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. This event is open to the public, ticket information is located here. The tribute will include a 35mm screening of The Little Mermaid (1989) and a visual presentation detailing Keane’s 35 years as an animator. Charles Solomon will lead a discussion with Glen and a Q&A will follow. Be there or be Tangled.

  • This would be so amazing to go to, Glen Keane is definitely on my list of people I’d like to shake hands with one day, his work is always so full of life.

    I think I’ve asked this before on other posts, but has there ever been a book put together of Glen’s art from the various films he’s worked on? I imagine you’d be able to find his drawings in the Art books for specific movies (Such as Tangled), but has anyone collected his drawings in a publication just about him? If not I’d love to see one.

  • Seeing that drawing reminds me of a few posts back where we were discussing forgeries.

    An interesting thing to do would be to get five genuine drawings from people like Keane and Deja and five good fakes and set up a challenge with some of the experts who are saying it’s easy to tell the difference.

    Could they? Would they?

  • Can they at least do a sing-along to the “Burger ‘n’ Bones” commericial he animated?

    Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say watching an all- Looney Tunes matinee today (because Paramount’s ‘Screen Songs’ revoultionized sing-alongs in the post-“Steamboat Willie” sound era), but that jingle is what scaring first comes to mind whenever I see “Glen Keane”.

  • John

    I think James Baxter is up there too with Glen!