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Goofy’s Balls

Forget Mel Blanc’s vocal cords; Just spotted at Disneyland’s Candy Palace: Goofy’s balls – sour balls, that is. And they come in a large sac. Family-size! Gawrsh!

  • Matt

    These have literally been around for years and years. And they’re delicious.

  • AC

    I remember seeing these at Epcot. Expensive as heck in typical theme park fashion.

  • Dino


    This seems as good a place as any to mention that I miss the blogroll that used to sit in the sidebar. It was nice having a regular list of worthwhile sites signposted on the Brew.

    • Bruce Watkinson

      Off-Topic: I, too, miss the links to the recommended blogs that had once existed on the sidebar. And yet, there seemed to be little reason to get rid of it in the first place.

      So, my question is, why?

      On-Topic: Well, that’s… “informative.”

    • Hear, hear! Please give us back the “Sites We Like” list! (Or whatever it was called…)

  • [insert Goofy Holler here]

  • Edwin Austin

    More than two in the sac, Wolverines not the only mutant running around.

  • Tredlow

    Haha playing with balls.

  • uncle wayne

    double-haha to Valentin. I just let mine OUT!!! lol

  • Dario

    “Goofy’s balls”… what a title.

    • Jon H

      Too bad it says “Goofy’s Candy Co.” I mean, it’s some confusing design, it could read easily as “Goofy’s Sour.” The problem is that it doesn’t say Goofy’s Balls anywhere I can see.

      I mean I’ve got as dirty a mind as any but this is just stretching it.

  • droosan

    so -that’s- what they mean by “hopped-up on Goof balls” ..

    • Snagglepuss


  • I saw a poorly-drawn web comic about this very topic. Mickey was involved!

  • This is one of THOSE days on Cartoon Brew, isn’t it?

  • It’s fun to see a professional like Jerry get in touch with that side.

  • Robert Fiore

    Goofy can lick them, too.

  • Jon

    What are you people, twelve years old? Yeesh

    • Gerard de Souza

      Short answer: yes!
      As with their movies, Disney does not make candy for children, but for the children in all of us. ;)

  • Toonio

    Guess this won’t do well in the market as Chef’s chocolate salty balls never took off.

  • Jody Morgan

    Does anyone else just like the drawing of Goofy on the package?

  • EHH

    Am I missing something? Why is this under “Bad Ideas”? This looks like typical theme park merchandise. I have seen worse.

  • Glowworm

    Goofy better see a doctor. I don’t think balls are supposed to be those colors.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I tried them last time I was at Disneyland. They are awesome!

  • FookU

    To the guy who can’t read, its says assorted sour balls, goofy’s candy co, sour. FAIL.

  • It’s Goofy time!

    …Did I get that reference right?

  • Goofy’s expression indicates someone’s licking at them balls right now :P