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Ham shaped like Mickey’s head

Only on Cartoon Brew do you get scoops like this:

Just in time for Passover: Brew reader Afonso Bruno snapped this pic of the new rodent-head shaped ham slices now available in Paris supermarkets. It’s right up there with our previous posts on Disney food tie-ins like Aristo-Cats Cat Food, Old Yeller Dog Food and Mickey Mouse Liver Paste.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I still can’t wrap my head around the Old Yeller Dog Food bit, it’s just wrong!

  • This is so wrong.

  • If Disney spent less time on stupid food products and less time snatching up smaller companies like an octopus, they could make better films WITHOUT Pixar or Tim Burton’s help.

  • Porky Pig shaped ones would be amazing.

  • Choice cut Grade A Mickey head. Sad they throw out the other 90% of the head meat where the slices don’t include the ears.

  • One MORE reason to be a vegetarian.

  • May contain 2% of assorted Mice Meat for that extra bit of Disney magic.

  • CMB

    I want a mickey sandwich, with extra mickey.

  • Could liven up a Hawaiian pizza…then again wouldn’t Stitch-shaped ham be more apropos for that?

  • John van Bruggen

    Giving new meaning to the term, ‘ham-handed.’

  • Don’t forget Disney Eggs.

  • Disney presents the magic of nausea.

  • That “Journey to the Disney Vault” TV Funhouse sketch becomes more truthful by the day.

  • Alberto

    hmmm, hantavira-licious!

  • Yellowkat

    Can tubes of Donald Duck brand fois gras be far behind?

  • Scarabim

    Surprised Disney isn’t using Miss Piggy for that kind of thing.

  • mrscriblam

    oh good god

    this sounds worse than that nasty watered down donald duck orange juice

  • C. Stulz

    Anyone else notice that Mickey’s left ear is the basically the Disney Logo? WOW…… subtle……….

  • ………kiding me LOL ham????!!!! Who wanna try it? children??

  • John

    Andy Mooney needs to go back to selling tennis shoes.