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Ham shaped like Mickey’s head

Only on Cartoon Brew do you get scoops like this:

Just in time for Passover: Brew reader Afonso Bruno snapped this pic of the new rodent-head shaped ham slices now available in Paris supermarkets. It’s right up there with our previous posts on Disney food tie-ins like Aristo-Cats Cat Food, Old Yeller Dog Food and Mickey Mouse Liver Paste.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I still can’t wrap my head around the Old Yeller Dog Food bit, it’s just wrong!

  • http://Mr.FunsBlog Floyd Norman

    This is so wrong.

  • http://yeldarb86.deviantart.com Mr. Semaj

    If Disney spent less time on stupid food products and less time snatching up smaller companies like an octopus, they could make better films WITHOUT Pixar or Tim Burton’s help.

  • http://tetecarree.blogspot.com David Gale

    Porky Pig shaped ones would be amazing.

  • http://trevour.blogspot.com Trevour

    Choice cut Grade A Mickey head. Sad they throw out the other 90% of the head meat where the slices don’t include the ears.

  • http://www.miehana.bolgspot.com Kevin Kidney

    One MORE reason to be a vegetarian.

  • http://www.Heibies.deviantart.com Phil

    May contain 2% of assorted Mice Meat for that extra bit of Disney magic.

  • CMB

    I want a mickey sandwich, with extra mickey.

  • http://cartoongeeks.com Michelle “Ms. Geek” Klein-Hass

    Could liven up a Hawaiian pizza…then again wouldn’t Stitch-shaped ham be more apropos for that?

  • John van Bruggen

    Giving new meaning to the term, ‘ham-handed.’

  • http://www.toonhalloffame.com John Chadwick

    Don’t forget Disney Eggs.

  • http://textwrap.wordpress.com/ Joel Mielke

    Disney presents the magic of nausea.

  • http://www.sweetposer.tk/urbmn/ Cameron A.

    That “Journey to the Disney Vault” TV Funhouse sketch becomes more truthful by the day.

  • Alberto

    hmmm, hantavira-licious!

  • Yellowkat

    Can tubes of Donald Duck brand fois gras be far behind?

  • Scarabim

    Surprised Disney isn’t using Miss Piggy for that kind of thing.

  • mrscriblam

    oh good god

    this sounds worse than that nasty watered down donald duck orange juice

  • C. Stulz

    Anyone else notice that Mickey’s left ear is the basically the Disney Logo? WOW…… subtle……….

  • http://www.thepersonalinjurylawyers.com.au/ Alice

    ………kiding me LOL ham????!!!! Who wanna try it? children??

  • John

    Andy Mooney needs to go back to selling tennis shoes.