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Harald Siepermann Designs Galore

Character designer Harald Siepermann has posted a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of his artwork onto this blog entry. These include designs from Disney features like Tarzan, Treasure Planet, Mulan, The Emperor’s New Groove and Brother Bear.

  • Chuck R.

    Love it! He’s an amazing and versatile artist. This whets my appetite for a coffeetable book with lots of commentary.
    Kudos, Harald, and thanks for this herculean effort!

    and thanks, Amid, for the link.

  • Harald’s work is truly awesome–thanks for posting the link, Amid.

    I’m on my way back to explore his blog further!!!

  • Katella Gate

    What beautiful work. I wish I had the talent to fill just one sheet.

  • Stephan A. Vogelskamp

    What an outstanding work! Wonderful, thank you!

  • acetate

    Gorgeous stuff. Sad to think that just a few years ago I could look forward to entire animated features made with nothing but….drawings!

  • Dan

    Nice drawings. It’s a little confusing because I’ve seen various people’s versions of many of those designs. And, it’s unclear who should get credit for the design. In my case, I often have to retool someone else’s work to the point that I feel I can claim it.

  • Harald

    Of course it’s teamwork and many people work on one and the same character. I also sometimes work over other poples work, as in Space Chimps for example. But usually I get hired very early in the process, most of the times, esp. with Disney, it’s mostly the directors, AD and me, and I do my first rough impressions of what I think the characters might look like.
    BTW thanks to everybody for you interest and attention, it’s appreciated.

  • jeezz…what a slacker!..

  • Hahaha, how about the magic word “share-credit”? Anyway, Harald’s work is amazingly unique, inspiring and a wonderful base to work from.

  • Dan

    Hey Harald, regardless of the process, your work is very strong and inspiring. I especially wish they had stayed truer to your versions of “Jane’s” father, and “Porter”. Your designs are more interesting than how they ended up. Many of the others almost look like the final models. I wish I could draw apes as well as you do.